Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch

Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch

100 thoughts on “Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch

  1. I wonder how the rock would have done early in his wrestling career had he worked for czw  when they were starting up

  2. CZW's Tournament of Death is DeathMatch Wrestlemania and it deserves a lot more recognition within the Wrestling Industry.

  3. These guys area bunch of fuckin idiots, a total disgrace to the professional wrestling industry!! jim cornette would surely have a hell of a laugh over these fuckin jerkoffs!!

  4. This guy is your classic shit talker…

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen someone bring to the ring?:

    Kyle: a gun

    Me: 😳

  5. I don’t know why you would get tortured for entertainment jumping on ropes and slamming people in the ring okay but using barb wire and pins/ needles and all this equipment nah I ain’t with that 😂😂

  6. Omg….. I'm scarred for life. They act like it's nothing. Owen harts death in wwe made me sick. You should see my room

  7. this is not a sport or art, its sadism where all the audience and performers have a combined I.Q. od 22. america is finished if these idiots are our future

  8. 28:46 (laughs) What was I gonna do?

    Well, not getting that object forcefully implanted into your fucking skull to begin with.

  9. I am never going to get it how he fucks him up in the match, burries him up and after the match goes and drinks a beer with him

  10. how come videos like this labeled "entertainment" are acceptable, but a video of sexual intercourse for health class labled "education" gets a barbed wire wrapped cock slap

  11. if anyone ever tells me that birth is the most painful thing in the world…
    1) deathmatch
    2) barbed wire wrapped birth

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