21 thoughts on “Information Society – Walking Away Live on MTV 1988 Plus Interview

  1. It's so weird that they were being mean to the host. I mean, in the context of the age this was recorded, it was a pretty big deal to be on MTV, but they treated the host like dirt and Kurt was posturing like he was angry and bored. Why would you try to act like Johnny Rotten when you are doing soft synth covers of Abba?

  2. Engraçado ver que o Kurt sempre caga para o entrevistador desde sempre. É um traço dele que não mudou. Ele deixa claro que se sente visivelmente incomodado com o simples fato de ter que falar. Aí começa a falar coisas curtas, sem sentido, apenas para gastar o tempo. É muito engraçado.

  3. If they're from Minneapolis, why do they sound like a British band while signing?? Were they trying to emulate the British 80s sound? It's just strange.

  4. What happened to the microphone at 4:02 ? Other than that great show! I love Kurt and James' outfits in this! 🙂

  5. Why The Quality Is So Bad? Maybe Most Videos Of Information Society Classic From Mtv Never See, You should uploaded Man.😎

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