Inexpensive Things that Make Me Feel RICH – How To Fight Lifestyle Creep

Inexpensive Things that Make Me Feel RICH – How To Fight Lifestyle Creep

Today we are going to talk inexpensive things
that make you feel rich mmm-hmm okay can I be anywhere extra oh
hey friends we’re gonna freedom in a budget I’m Kelly and if you are new to
my channel welcome my channel is all about living life well on a budget and a
budget doesn’t have to be constricting let you don’t do anything no it gives
you freedom and that my channel is just all about sharing my journey how I paid
up all of my debt cash flow my wedding cash my car and we just bought our first
home a few months ago so I love sharing my journey with you as well as just
personal finance tips how to manage your money how to grow your money how to
invest all of that fun stuff so if that is something that interests you I would
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budget family and I’m so excited I am doing a video with my sweet friend at
Lydia Sun oh I just love her so if you guys didn’t see budget girl put out a
video a few weeks ago on luxuries that are small but make you feel rich and
Lydia network will talk more like holy crap Sara that is an amazing video that
is such a good idea why don’t we do it so Lydia nightís had team out together
and we are doing this as a collab together and I would like for you to go
check out her channel if you haven’t checked her out go check out she’s
amazing let her know that Kelly sent you also go
check out Sara’s channel check out her video it’ll all be linked it down below
in the description so go check out my girls I love them to pieces they’re
amazing so if you don’t know too much about me or my journey I lived a rough
life quite a few years ago and I lived very paycheck to paycheck my car
repossessed I did not manage my money well I had my power turned off many
times I just did it was a stripper it was hard guys and I lived a very
constricted life and then I decided enough was enough and I turned my life
around and in that process I kind of learned how to manage money better how
to have a really great life I’m not a you know a strict budget and how you can
have things that you love and do things that you love and for so many years I
just yes yes yes yes yes and interactive all
this dead and then I took the complete 180 and said no to everything and it was
really hard and it was really just tough and so I really have learned in these
past few years of how to have a balance and how do you still have a very full
life without spending a lot of money or cutting back on things that you that
don’t mean a lot to you so that you can say yes to the things that do so today
I’m going to talk about some of the things that make me just feel rich and
feel just full and just really enjoy life and enjoy my day to day process
enjoy my day to day activities and whatnot we’re gonna dig into some of
those things some of them cost very little bit of money some of them cost a
little bit more money but we’re just gonna kind of fully break it down and
also I do have a blog post on this if you guys don’t know I do have a blog or
freedom in a budget comm where I have a lot of fun blog posts and articles and
different things that so I actually have a blog post on this as well so this
topic so go check it out it’ll be down below in the description box I would
love for you to check it out and read my blog I love doing it it’s fun so the
first one it is a really good showerhead and this may sound weird but I really
realized this was a big one for me but a year so go I used to be in the gym a lie
and yeah not really much anymore but I used to take showers at my work gym we
have a full or not a full we have a small gym at work and a flogger room and
all that stuff and I would take showers there on my lunch break and it was just
you know like quick 92nd shower not really you know getting to enjoy
anything cuz I gotta get back to work well then in during that time I went up
to Massachusetts to visit my aunt and I took a shower in her shower and it just
I don’t know what it was it was just a standard shower but Oh guys it felt like
heaven especially compared to the locker room showers that I was used to and at
that point I was showering pretty much 99% of the time at work and not at home
because I was in the gym everyday and so I was like wow y’all this is amazing and
I probably used a little bit too much for water than I should have but
I was just in heaven it was just it was amazing and so at that point I really
realized the importance of just to having a really good showerhead and just
really enjoying your shower and now we have this new house and our shower is
amazing at the new house we have our my in-laws hooked us up with a really great
shower ahead it has the seat in the shower at which my husband was like why
is there C in the show that’s stupid I was like ah ah us ladies now that is for
your leg when you’re shaving your legs mm-hmm it’s amazing but just having that
luxury shower and oh it just feels so good I love I love showers but it’s just
it’s game changer y’all so that is number one number two is YouTube premium
and we all know that we watch the ads right because when we watch the ads
that’s how we help but YouTube creators ants that’s how you know us creators get
paid is on the ads and not skipping the ads watching them all the way through
all of that so YouTube premium allows us to not have
to watch ads and just having you know clicking playing a video and having go
all the way through without any ads and he has the beginning the end in the
middle anything like that it’s just I don’t know y’all it is just nice I don’t
watch much TV so I don’t really have ads from like Hulu or anything like that or
normal TV so the only ads that I would see would be on YouTube and so just not
having to see those it’s just really really nice and I have Piper at my legs
here next is smart lights and smart home stuff so I was kind of against this in
the beginning just because LED lights are expensive let’s be honest they are a
lot more expensive than the normal lights but yes I have learned it is a
good investment it is worth the money and we have philips hue light bulbs
about all whole house and we can work them all through our phone and then we
have even take it a step further we have the rain doorbell so having that it’s
just amazing just a peace of mind of being able to see or our front door
enter the the doorbell we have floodlights we have cameras in the back
and the garage and all of that that’s just amazing we have a smart home lock
which a lot of people haven’t transitioned over to yet but we have
smart home where we can see from our phone
if the doors unlocked if it’s not how many times have you left your house and
be like did I left the front door I never know if I want to find or well
ours out of automatically locks as soon as we close the door that can also see
from my phone if it’s locked or not locked which is really cool
I can even unlock it I can give people codes we just have the keypad so I can
go out for a walk and just take my phone and a water bottle and I had to worry
about keys and just come back home use the little keypad get back into our
house which is so nice not having to worry about that not having to worry
about you know leaving someone icky or anything like that you just give them a
keep a little thing but and also when you’re laying in bed and you don’t want
to you forgot to shot so let you interrupt me your phone
we can even turn on our fan turn off our fan all in the home app and our phone
through our Apple TV it’s amazing it’s so cool I didn’t think I would like it
as much as I did but and so what you can change the color temperature the
brightness it’s it’s so cool and just having that it just makes it so much
easier it’s just life so much easier like that all right next is audible I
love listening to audiobooks I have a very very long commute now with this new
house and it sucks but having audiobooks and audible it just makes it a
game-changer of being able to listen to audiobooks and the commute and now I am
learning and that way I’m growing myself as I’m sitting in bumper-to-bumper
traffic on 95 going really slow and then you know it’s really bad traffic when
you hit like 30 miles per hour and you get really excited to hit 30 miles per
hour yeah that’s my life so audible that’s a really really great one of just
going to audiobooks I do have a link for you guys down below for audible and
Kindle unlimited if you do want to sign up for those and is affiliate so I do
get a couple dollars but it’s not sure cost to you and it helps me out a little
bit so I’ll have those for you guys in the description next time but this one
is very inexpensive and that is all the face cream all day night group I don’t
know what it is about this thing it’s for 95 at Aldi it is amazing it’s the
luckier night cream I’m sure you guys can see this time really far away from
the camera but it is just heaven this is a brand new one that is got oh it smell
so good I don’t know what a day but it’s just thick it feels amazing on
my skin it feels so good it smells amazing and just having this neck room I
just love it so much so this is very inexpensive it makes me feel rich but I
will say that I have and now that I’m 30 I’m gonna be 31 I have invested it in
more high quality skin care and I’ve really learned my lesson Wendy Valencia
has yelled at me enough for using cheap makeup and cheap skincare and everything
I’m trying to switch over to better makeup but using up what I have before I
buy new just not be wasteful but skincare I have upgraded so this is the
dr. Dennis gross this is the it’s like a chemical peel that’s in a wipe form
that’s amazing about an Amazon it’s from Sephora but they sell it on Amazon these
are amazing they really help with your skin this one y’all know I love t me and
this is the Repair Serum this o I put this on at night as well with this cream
and it just is amazing it really helps with any blemishes anything I do still
get acne and so this really helps a lot and this is just it’s amazing it’s a
little pricey I have a coat for you guys down below but this stuff is so good and
I just I love it so investing and good quality skincare
even sometimes all the creams it’s amazing and sometimes expensive not but
it really just makes me feel so good and confident and taking care of your skin
is so important I’ve learned that the hard way and I’m trying to get better as
I get older next is felt hanger so and these hangers you guys have seen them
they’re more and more popular now but when we moved into our house we decided
to move into getting new all new hangers and we got those Feltz hangers guys
they’re amazing I will okay the only downfall is that they are sometimes hard
to get your clothes off of like if you have like a polo shirt or something
that’s a little bit like tighter neck like this one that obviously isn’t it’s
an open neck but those are kind of hard but it is amazing of how compact your
clothes are when you have them and just it just feel so much better it’s so much
smoother and it’s amazing it looks amazing
I love these hangers from Amazon they’re the best hangers I
will never go back to the old hangers they are just they’re just such an
upgrade you walk in your stuff this feels nice I love them they’re so
awesome next up is good at towels guys good towels it’s amazing how much of a
change these make in your shower experience it’s just it’s so different
we upgraded these when we got married and I’m so glad we did they’re so soft
so they are just amazing just having good quality fluffy warm cozy towels
when you get out of your shower like I talked about before your shower your
sanctuary you’re just like it’s amazing and then you want to ruin that
experience with having like gross crummy shower towels no you want nice clean
fluffy back nothing tell us before it be dirty but just having nice fluffy towels
it’s a game changer next is a coffee frother this one it is
so much fun I got on the coffee frother bandwagon when I started keto and you
know just using it to rip creamy heavy whipping cream or different things like
that but even if you just use like almond milk or half and half in your
coffee and just frothing it and the little bubbles it makes your coffee
experience is so nice you feel like you’re in a coffee shop it is just just
such a great way to start your day I actually have a coffee frother at work
and at home and all of my co-workers make fun of me and they’re like Ocoee
what are you doing frothing your coffee again mm-hmm I hear you over there and
I’m like mm-hmm you want to use it and some of those
they’re like yeah what can I use it and it’s just amazing I love it really
just picks up the Copic spheres and it’s not expensive it’s like $12 on Amazon
it’s it’s a game changer how many times have I said game changer and I think
like 30 times in here all right in this next one let me get an amen
is good at toilet paper y’all good toilet paper yeah it’s it’s it’s amazing
it’s it’s so good I don’t buy cheap toilet paper that is like number one is
I buy good at quality toilet paper just no ifs ands and buts it’s all I’m gonna
say about it naked any men yeah all right now
is how to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck I’m gonna break
down exactly what I did to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck how I broke that
cycle how I just just said no enough is enough
what steps I took to just get ahead go from a negative net worth to positive
net worth what exactly I did so I’m gonna break it all down for you I’ll see
you in that video

30 thoughts on “Inexpensive Things that Make Me Feel RICH – How To Fight Lifestyle Creep

  1. For me having people service me when I eat out or get my nails and toes done. As well as taking my daughter on a family vacation twice a year and going on a vacay with just me and my spouse twice a year all make me feel rich.

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  3. I understand that you arrive at a point when you are able to use the wealth that you have accumulated but, this video is completely contra indicative of your channel.

  4. I agree with the youtube subscription. I don't know what I would do without it. 99% of what I watch is on youtube, so it is so worth it. It is definitely money not wasted cause it gets used. Everytime I see an add I get so irritated, I can't stand them, which is one of the reasons I stopped watching TV years ago. Too many adds, not enough of the show I was watching. But clicking on a video I want to see and not have to watch an add or wait the 5 seconds before I can skip it is a game changer for me.

  5. Kelly first of all, can I borrow that fan. LOL I love Lydia's channel & always look forward to her videos…so I'm loving this colab. The shower is EVERYTHING! I never realized that until my bathroom was being remodeled and I was 3 months pregnant with my little one…UGH We invested $30 extra for a really nice shower head….and I swear that was the best $30 I ever spent! Nice job.

  6. Amazing video!!! Just picked up a new shower curtain, liner and felt hangers. Four things that make me feel rich. 1) Waking up in the morning 2) Winter accessories (a nice thick scarf and gloves) and 3) winter/rain boots to keep my feet nice and toasty and 4) good sleep/breakfast to start my morning right.

  7. Great video, sometimes we can get hung on always spending the bare minimum and having the least expensive. Too much of that habit itself affects you psychologically. Who doesn’t want something nicer from time to time. On another note, I miss you monthly budget reports. Hopefully, you will start making them again.

  8. I switched to the felt hangers a couple years ago and love them!! Also, agree about the toilet paper. My water pressure is pretty low so I'm not sure if a new shower head would help. I have also fell in love with nice, soft flannel sheets.

  9. Came from Lydias channel and I’m totally disappointed!!!

    This is the longest infomercial I have ever seen. Selling all these products is ridiculous !

  10. Total cost $1724.42 :
    Good shower head: Roughly $100

    YouTube Premium $144/ yr

    Smart home products (from blog):

    Philips Hue LED bulb: $49.99
    per 4 pack
    Ring Doorbell: $99.99

    Ring Floodlight cameras: $249.00

    Ecobee Thermostat: 228.99

    August Smart Lock: $161.16

    August Key Pad: $47.10 on sale from $79.99

    Audibles: $149.50 – $229.50 per year (depending on plan)

    Kindle: $119.88 per year

    Aldi face cream: $4.99 – my price range!

    Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Peel: $88.00

    Felt Hangers: 24.22 for a pack

    Set of Good Towels: bath towels $20 x 8 bath towels = $160, $15 x 8 hand towels =$120; $8 x 8 washcloths = $64…around $344 total

    Coffee frother: $12.99

    Good toilet paper: ? how to compare this one, figure an extra $50- 100 per year?

    And that is why I don't have any of these things 🙁
    I'm totally looking forward to getting out of debt to be able to afford some better stuff. I really want Audibles! New towels is on the list, as is a new bathroom set (toothbrush holder, soap holder), and my dream is a refrigerator with a crushed ice dispenser …Oh, and a house! LOL 🙂

  11. OMG! I love my frother. My husband got it for me for Christmas and I feel like I'm getting a gourmet cup of coffee every time without the price.

  12. Great video Kelly. Some of these are things I'd love to have but will be waiting to consider until I'm out of debt. I love my Philips Hue though – I used gift cards to cover the cost of the bridge and a bulb, and it's such a help on high pain days. I intend to use gift cards to cover picking up more bulbs – likely one at a time. These are gift cards that I get for taking surveys where there isn't an option to get the payment as Paypal cash

  13. Hangers should be put on and removed through the bottom of the shirt to avoid permanently stretching out the collar.

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