20 thoughts on “Incredible Social Network Opening (Running Home) S

  1. I watched this movie just before the first time I visited Cambridge and this scene truly captures the atmosphere at Harvard (even though it was filmed on Johns Hopkins’ campus). I was there to do some research and came armed with a degree from an above average school on the West Coast but man did I feel intimidated, indeed, like a fish out of water. Everything about that place just exuded elitism and it took some time to adjust to it during my visit.

  2. Sorkin originally imagined this sequence to be cut to an up-tempo 80's rock song like "Walking on Sunshine." Fincher actually cut it to "Beyond Belief" by Elvis Costello. Then I think Trent Reznor came to him with this music and Fincher decided to embrace and use the melancholy. Good choice.

  3. I really like the musical score in the background the dark lighting at night some ivy league college the beat was so sadly intriguing such a genius idea I feel like running with a gap hoody an book bag so bad I'm hyped I may buy this movie

  4. You're gonna go through your life thinking that girls don't like you because you're a nerd, and I want you to know from that bottom of my heart that that's not true. It'll be because you're Lex Luther.

  5. 1:36–2:11 I’ve been at those sites pretty exciting if u just think that David Fincher and Jesse Eisenberg were at a place You’ve been to

  6. Amazing how the mood can shift so quickly from a lively bar to an eerie run home, setting the tone for the rest of movie. Hes running in the opposite direction to everyone, struggling to connect on a social level and he wants to fill a void. We know that he attempted to fill that void with the creation of Facebook and based on the shot at the end of the movie, where he is waiting for Erika to respond to his friend request, he is still alienated, even in a world he created. The music parallels with this too, with almost child like and innocent piano notes with an underlying sinister friction scratching beneath the surface. Fincher is genius.

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