Improve your Vocabulary: Learn 16 new social, political, and internet words

Improve your Vocabulary: Learn 16 new social, political, and internet words

47 thoughts on “Improve your Vocabulary: Learn 16 new social, political, and internet words

  1. You know you're a millennial lol! You are in the age range 🙂
    By the way, thanks for all your lectures, they're very informative and fun.

  2. I'm not sure if it's different in the British English, I just can't find anything on the web to say otherwise, but a millennial is someone that was born after the early 80's to around 2000. One source said from 1981-1996, so whatever generation you are, you will always be that generation. Thanks though for your video.

  3. Amazing subject! Thanks a lot Jade! Very interesting and find out I am one a bit of this stuff or term in our world.

  4. Yay! I've also escaped being a millennial!! 🤣 I've just turned 32, and I would HATE to be a millennial just because all this new bullshit like "safe spaces", "social justice warriors", triggered whiney brats, and needing to understand 728 different genders bullshit!…and so many more reasons I'm happy to NOT be a millennial.

  5. All mainstream media are totally fake run by the globalists, ppl like Soros. Every sober-minded person doesn't believe those lying bstrds.

  6. Thanks for the vocabulary. You need to be more specific though and keep it a bit more interesting. I almost slept in the 9th word.

  7. Thanks for the effort, however, I did not like examples, I think that the teacher did not prepare the class material well. This video is not at the level of the rest of the professors.

  8. Jade,why you so beautiful?? What's happening ? By the way, thanks a lot! You really help me improve my English ! Nice channel, I like it. Very useful information for me.

  9. hello jade i come from India .. i am so addicted with this channel …….. i want to meet you in future, thank you so much for making videos

  10. jade I am from India and when foreigners from london came to india to go for a walk she didnt call anyone and at last she didnt speak with me

  11. What is Complement in English Grammar?

    How many type of Complement in English Grammar?

    Degree complement

    Direction complement

    Potential complement

    Result complements


    Please explain complement in your next video. Thanks

  12. Especially I liked the expression: "That is either a man or a woman. It's probably an alien. That is neither a cat nor a dog. Maybe it's a fox, do you have a third choice?))))

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