Improve Your Social Skills in Under 30 Minutes, with Ramit Sethi

Improve Your Social Skills in Under 30 Minutes, with Ramit Sethi

46 thoughts on “Improve Your Social Skills in Under 30 Minutes, with Ramit Sethi

  1. I think some of us bad social skills having peeps on this comments section need to meet up and hangout. Lol

  2. To be honest I was a Extrovert like gigantic. I was so confident back then I don't even care about anybody staring at me, I talk to my teacher If I want to, I can make friends, laugh like a psycho and do anything else without anxiety. Now I became a weak leaf, I have lot of fears, I have alot of addictions, lost friendships to others and especially lost being a extrovert. At the same time I learned good manners because I was 40% not Innocent.

    I became unsocial cuz of social media tho not joking. I always stay inside my room for the whole day.

  3. Too bad I'm watching this video 6 years after coming out.
    I am 44 years old, recently seperated and rushing into a midlife crisis.
    I am the friend zone kind of guy. Everybody thinks I'm a nice guy, which of course I believe I am, but I can't be funny or banter with anyone, because my mind is just blank. I find it hard to talk about any subject, unless it's a serious conversation. All around me I see people having fun with their friends, laughing… I want that desperately. I mostly only have conversations about what has been going on with my life.
    I think the storytelling is a good point, but what I need as well in that, is to find or see the fun in it.
    Some people at work are very quick, no matter what topic, they will find something funny to say about it. My opinion is that they are really good at associations.
    Anyway, could go on typing for hours, but my goal at this point in my life to find a way I can improve my social skills, before I will die alone.

  4. I feel like others don’t care therefore I try and end conversations and move on. Also I sometimes don’t care and don’t want to talk. Which is weird because I use to be very socialable. But now it’s like a burden and I feel as if I’m a burden to others when in conversation especially when I’m talking about myself. Therefore I’ll keep things short and to the point and it seems awkward a lot especially with ending the conversation

  5. And I have no problem with starting a convo and making it longer but I have a problem in complementing them I get shy idk u

  6. I am the weirdo that does not know what to do when meeting people for the first time. I tend to laugh too much or do too many facial expressions and ask too many questions, kind of too interested. I also tend to keep the same tone of voice which makes people stop paying attention quite quickly. Sometimes the voice is very high pitched and what I am saying ends nowhere and I just laugh weirdly and there is an awkward moment of silence. I want to talk about ideas and I tend to judge that no one is interested in that level of conversation because they will get bored. I know my confidence is very low so I feel my body language just says I want to leave that place (that's because it is exactly how I feel) when I meet a person (or even worse a group of people) for the first time.

  7. I have struggle with social anxiety for a long time and I am tired of just complaining, I need to learn how to get better at this. I feel strongly awkward and self conscious because what I most feel like is I dont have enoguh tools at hand to handle a social situation, especially when I am trying to mingle at a social event, I dont know what to say after I first approach someone and I feel my body language makes others unconfortable so they tend to get away from me.

  8. When I'm with a girl I really want to talk with and she is alone I sometimes say…."You know, I really suck at small talk…!" She laughs and some say…"I do too.Then she continues to speak with me cause I'm disarming, humble and funny..Its a great opener and the lady tends to feel at ease because Im not threatening..AND she knows You want to talk successfully and now she is helping you by giving you space with a smile…..

  9. A lot of times guys will be talking too much on a date because the girl isnt talking much herself lol. I hate talking about myself or for more than like a minute straight but I've had to to carry the conversation. And I dont talk to uninterested girls, so I'm talking about chicks who are smiling and laughing and interested and are into me, cause we're already dating or she's being physical, but sometimes they just dont talk much or know how to keep the convo going or have feedback or segue into other stuff

  10. I find it hard to be specific and tend to be more explanatory. It lacks interest in the audience.
    Can you teach me how to be very specific and yet interesting.

  11. Giving great first impressions, but forgetting my social cues after that, awkward comments or critics out of the blue, I come off as a bully unintended and I get all confuse with my two languages and cultures.

  12. I forget why I’m having a conversation with someone in the first place. I forget the structure of the conversation: opening, middle, close; and when I start to think about how to be closing with this person and getting their number, I mentally freak out and freeze.

  13. I am Literally reading every comment and like these because I can relate so fucking much for the first time of my life😂

  14. It is the 21st century. The new self preservation strategy is not to be social and keep your distance from humans. Thus, it is no longer necessary to know small talk. It is a hindrance and rather dangerous to be social in today's time. To maintain yourself safe, it is best to interact with humans in a manner that a client would interact with a service provider or a merchant. Keep your distance from humans. The human approaching you to be friendly is the one you have to guard yourself against the most. The 21st century human is incapable of true friendship and true love. The loneliness experienced by socially isolating yourself is a very low price to pay for security, emotional health, and never having to suffer emotional abuse.

  15. You have a really good voice… No squeaks… nice volume… good quality mic… I'm satisfied. Is that just me that's like this sometimes?

  16. Well even tho this was 5 years ago I still wanted to chime in! My problem is I am a INFJ-A and I find most people extremely boring… where did all the passion go in the world?

  17. My weakness is the eye-contact.I could not hold or look at their eyes when I have a conversation with them. I have tried to hold the eye-contact by looking their nose or triangle rule but it did not work. I feel like they are looking deep down into my soul when I looked at their eyes

  18. i feel like im out of words and just looking around, no trains of thoughts and i tried to be funny but i think that doesnt work

  19. I absolutely hate interacting with people. It's not enjoyable and never has been for me. I need to learn how to do it better for my job but I don't even know where to start. I've come off as standoffish and it's not that I dislike people I just genuinely don't want to talk to them. Unfortunately that strains relations and makes things tense. What to do…

  20. Watching in 2019 – this is classic stuff and stands the test of time! Wondering who won and what firm he worked with to get his training…

  21. I have social anxiety so I’m binge watching all of your videos to learn how to get out of my own head and start making connections to people

  22. My biggest weakness with social skills is i get judgemental. Dont feel comfortable when people put up a false front and are not being real. Thus, i alienate and remain alone.

  23. I think my biggest weakness with social interaction is that I cannot articulate what I am going to say effectively. That results in me either talking to fast or just mumbling. The results? I can't really convey what I'm actually going to say and the other person left clueless of what I'm saying. Often, when I realize that I' talking to fast, I tried to slow down a bit but I still ended up talking too fast seconds after. It's perhaps the nervousness.

  24. First of all, I don't know what teens do on their phones, tbh, I just use my phone for:

    Calling. Texting (My family cause I have no friends). Playin' Games. App use. And that's it (App use as like normal apps like Notes, YouTube, ETC. Not social media though. E.G. Snapchat, Instagram, ETC).

  25. My biggest social challenged is retaining the information someone gives to me. I'm so focused on thinking of references and making sure the conversation doesn't die out that I only keep what they say for a little bit. I'm working on retaining information , and leading the conversation a lot more fluently.

  26. Hi Ramit,
    I am Bilal from Pakistan. I have to say that I'm really impressed with your skill and practical knowledge. I being an active searcher online for personality improvement content find it very hard to find a true expert.
    I hope the offer still exists :P… My weakness is that I always think that I've to please others in social discussion so that they like me (had a rejected childhood so this is something that I discovered recently). Because of this I somehow do certain actions/discussions that makes other feel that I'm unimportant and not powerful. Also this gets negatively complimented by my inexperience in social gatherings as I in my childhood altogether decided to stay away from social surroundings due to continuous rejection and appearance of being immature. I'm 27 yrs old and work for a multinational company where this skill is must and highly required for future growth. I have improved over past five years after incredibly awkward failures but still I feel there's a big gap between me and colleagues who are social alphas.
    Although this video is 5years old but I'm hoping for a life changing advice very specific to my case.
    Thanking in anticipation. 🙂

  27. Hey Ramit ,

    I know its been a very long time since the video was aired. I only got to watch it now. The thing is i am a very introverted kind of personality , my technical skills are very good also are my thoughts but i am not able to show the true value of my ideas at meetings where i am easily overpowered by others. I know i can break through this shell of mine, I need to be coached.

    Looking forward for your reply.

  28. My biggest weakness is that I appear to be creepy by the way that I carry myself and the way I dress. My skin is very pale and my hair is always greasy, my dressing is below average. The eye contact would definitely need to improve, I try to maintain eye contact and sometimes I do it well, however, this is an inconsistent process of looking people in the eye some of the time. Another thing that needs to be worked on is how I get to close to some of the people that I talk to and the shortest distance that I will allow myself to get near them would be 10 inches. Sometimes I need to practice listening and contributing with acknowledging what the other person is saying and to build off on this besides only asking questions. I am sure that there is much more that I have been doing wrong but above are the social material that I will need to work on first.

  29. One of my biggest weakness is that English is my second language and I sometimes don’t know which word I want to say so I just freeze

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