3 thoughts on “Im a proud western chauvinist Proud Boys member Tusitala Tiny Toese speaks out in court

  1. What is the difference between the western chauvinist and white nationalist?
    It sounds like he looked in a thesaurus

  2. This cowardly white male is a racists!
    Why should Tiny have to stay in Samoa? These Antifa Communist have attacked weaker people, now they are crying because a Strong Samoan fought back!

  3. maybe we need a GoFundMe for this hero.
    Did you people see the video of one of those cowardly Antifa communist attack the X-Wife of a Policeman? This tall why guy was verbally attacking her with sick jokes when Tiny showed up.
    And that cowardly Antifa rat ran away!
    Free Tiny! Free Tiny! Free Tiny!

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