Iliza Shlesinger and Adam Rippon Select Their Final Mister America Faves

Iliza Shlesinger and Adam Rippon Select Their Final Mister America Faves

-You got this round? -Ah, I’m just gonna say
I’m confident about it. -Confident about your stool?
-Yeah. Feel real good about my stool.
-Yeah? A lot of fiber in your stool?
-Well, my stool’s strong. -Yeah.
-My stool’s strong. -Strong stool.
-Real strong stool. -Love it.
Talk to me about your stool. Talk about your stool, Colorado. I mean, do you think the judges
are gonna buy your art take? -Sounded like I have one person
in my corner at least. So that’s all you need. -Incredible. New York, New York.
Talk to me. Talk to me. What do you think about
these other guys over here? -Oh, they have nothing on me. I think this is a great stool
given the time constraints. Hey, no manual.
Just my IKEA experience. And you know what?
It’s multifunctional. You could actually
use it as a swing. -Use it as a what? -You can actually use it
as a swing if you want. -A swing?
-Yes. Like, if you actually — -Have you ever been on a swing,
sir? -Well, it will actually have to
be like a mini baby basically. You know, like the uneven bars
in gymnastics. You’d just jump from this one
to that one. -Well, actually, this fabric
was supposed to be for a swing. -Oh, was it?
-Yes. Alright, it seems like you all
struggled to complete your stools since no one
had assembly instructions, but this round was
really about listening. If you recall,
we suggested you listen up. And I said that
I always ask for help. And if any of you had actually
bothered to ask for help, I would’ve shared the only copy
of the assembly instructions. [ Audience ohs ] I think it’s time to announce
our finalists. Ernst, get out here
with the envelope. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Alright. There can only be two. Our first finalist
for Mr. America is… Mr. California. [ Cheers and applause ] How are you feeling right now? -I can’t put this into words
right now. This is awesome. -Congratulations.
We’ll see you in the finals. Thank you.
-Thank you. Now there’s only one spot left. Who will it be? Either Mr. Colorado
or Mr. New York. Our second finalist is… [ Laughter ] Mr. New York! [ Cheers and applause ] Mr. New York, how do you feel
going into this final round? -I’m excited. I feel great.
Let’s do it, baby. -Alright, good luck.
Thank you so much.

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  1. Can't put a stool together…

    Are they constipated? lol

    Hey Lilly,
    A competition for the next time you do the Mr America competition… Singing !!

    But no singing in the rain
    … or in swimsuit's.

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