38 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar Says Americans Should Fear 'White Men'!!!

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  2. Imagine a male politician would publicly say that about white women… How long would they stay in office?

  3. What she is referring to is the FBI statistic on the amount of murders committed by white supremacist groups and right-wing extremist groups which exceeding the other extremist groups by a large margin. In 2018 it was a little over twice the amount committed in the US by Muslim extremist groups. Feel free to look into the statistics and convictions yourselves.




  5. yea hypocritical racist "ooh fear white men" not only if that's collective blame it's stupid im into hot middle eastern woman and yet "fear me" bitch you think all of us are white supremacists and yet your stupidity and other's similar stupid actions create and indirectly encouraged white supremacy. Dumb fuckface next you would say interracial marriage is white supremacism watering down non white genes.

  6. I hope that the proper authorities indict & charge Oman with her Bigamy, Tax and Immigration infractions and remove her citizen status to fraud and DEPORT BACK TO KENYA OR SOMALIA and let the IRS garnish all of her wages and request jail time!

  7. What America really needs to fear is loudmouth wolves in sheep's clothing who make racist comments about white men being the country's biggest problem while ignoring and excusing the murderous, barbaric actions of adherents to their religion of Islam.

  8. thats why at some point shit is going to break into a race war, and you know what maybe a race and religious war should take place, then we can finally a=end this shit and have a fresh start, its just getting to be too much now, you give a little and they expect a continuing constant giving instead of taking what they've already achieved, in reality after slavery was abolished we could have just shipped them all back over to Africa where they would still be today unless they came over legally and they wouldn't even have remotely close to what they have here in the USA today

  9. Imagine the opposite… A white Christian woman moves to Iran, she does not wear a scarf, she can openly practice her Christianity and she becomes a senator (or whatever the equivalent would be there)…. After all this she then publicly say: Iranians should fear "brown men"……. absurd ?

  10. ilhan omar is a puppet, and dumb americans are lapping it all up, just another divide and conquer tool to sew more division.

  11. As anybody with even half a brain knows the biggest danger facing America & Europe is the fanatical Religion of Hate followers, clearly this rag headed racist pig is exactly representative of the Sharia Law believers.

  12. There was a time, not so long ago, when "Americans = white men"… What happened? Some mistake occured somewhere along the road.

  13. Purely racism from Omar. Racial profiling is illegal of any race in the USA She wants to profile white males and use the justice system to take away their rights After white males Who next Asians blacks Jews??? She needs to be voted out

  14. Was it white men who murdered 22 kids in Manchester…young kids at a pop concert, the youngest victim was an eight year old girl, no it was Muslims who murdered those kids ,, did muslims protest against such a vile act ..no they didnt.
    Draw a cartoon of their stupid prophet and millions of them around the world hit the streets.

  15. This is one of the few times you actually looked frustrated at the speed of change. We agree! I pray Omar and her gang of anti-Americans are voted out of office.

  16. Who ever controls the corporations are same ones who own and control the fake news media that's pushing this globalism and marxist agenda garbage.

  17. Yeah fear whiteman, even though muslims are the only cult that uses mid evil execution as their death penalty today and still privileged enough to be able to commit atrocities towards other people who have different religion and able to get away with it, in some parts of europe and the middle east.

    Saudi arabia is part of the womens right council…

    Thats how f*cking privilege this c*unts are, a muslim man from iran rape a 10 year old boy, his punishment?, community f*cking service for 2 months, this happen in germany…

    If not given boundaries by their current host nation, they will immediately take advantage of it, they will keep demanding more until the host nation runs dry.

    Based on my experience, I know you shouldnt generalize an entire demographic, but when 10% of this cults believers wants to kill me (muslim extremes) for simply not being one of them, and the total population of muslim is around 1.2 billion.. yeah, 10% = 100 million potential isis future soldiers right their.

  18. Either these people need to be deported or enslaved, including most blacks. They are killing innocent whites daily, nobody covers the story. We need to put black people in chains again.

  19. I love your content except your Christianity is the far from Western, it's Jewish your Christianity genocided the real West, Pagan Europe. Yet you bend knee to a God that destroyed your ancestors' way of life while proclaiming to stand up for the West. Your spiritual stock has been cut from its roots and grafted to a foreign and invasive root that to this day threatens what is truly Western.

  20. The NERVE of this is BEYOND BELIEF!!!
    She said this about the people who let her, a third world refugee, in!!!
    All third world immigration should be stopped IMMEDIATELY if this is how they repay the favor they owe us!!

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