If There Is No God, Murder Isn’t Wrong

If There Is No God, Murder Isn’t Wrong

Do you believe that good and evil exist? The answer to this question separates Judeo-Christian
values from secular values. Let me offer the clearest possible example
– murder. Is murder wrong? Is it evil? Nearly everyone would answer yes. But now I’ll pose a much harder question: How do you know? I am sure that you think that murder is wrong. But how do you know? If I asked you how you know that that the
earth is round, you would show me photographs from outer space, or offer me measurable data. But what photographs could you show, what
measurements could you provide that prove that murder or rape or theft is wrong? The fact is…you can’t. There are scientific facts, but without God
there are no moral facts. In a secular world, there can only be opinions
about morality. They may be personal opinions or society’s
opinions. But only opinions. Every atheist philosopher I have read or debated
on this subject has acknowledged that if there is no God, there is no objective morality. Judeo-Christian values are predicated on the
existence of a God of morality. In other words, only if there is a God who
says murder is wrong, is murder wrong. Otherwise all morality is opinion. The entire Western world – what we call
Western civilization – is based on this understanding. Now, let me make two things clear. First, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t
believe in God, you can’t be a good person. There are plenty of kind and moral individuals
who don’t believe in God and Judeo-Christian values. But the existence of these good people has
nothing – nothing – to do with the question of whether good and evil really exist if there
is no God. Second, there have been plenty of people who
believed in God who were not good people, indeed more than a few have been evil – and
have even committed evil in God’s name. The existence of God doesn’t ensure people
will do good. I wish it did. The existence of God only ensures that good
and evil objectively exist and are not merely opinions. Without God we therefore end up with what
is known as moral relativism – meaning that morality is not absolute but only relative
to the individual or to the society. Without God, the words “good” and “evil”
are just another way of saying “I like” and “I don’t like.” If there is no God, the statement “Murder
is evil” is the same as the statement “I don’t like murder.” Now, many will argue that you don’t need moral
absolutes – people won’t murder because they don’t want to be murdered. But that argument is just wishful thinking. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao didn’t want to be
murdered, but that hardly stopped them from murdering about a hundred million people. It is not a coincidence that the rejection
of Judeo-Christian values in the Western world – by Nazism and Communism – led to the
murder of all these innocent people. It is also not a coincidence that the first
societies in the world to abolish slavery – an institution that existed in every known
society in human history – were Western societies rooted in Judeo-Christian values. And so were the first societies to affirm
universal human rights, to emancipate women, and to proclaim the value of liberty. Today, the rejection of Judeo-Christian values
and moral absolutes has led to a world of moral confusion. In the New York Times in March 2015, a professor
of philosophy confirmed this. He wrote:
“What would you say if you found out that our public schools were teaching children
that it is not true that it’s wrong to kill people for fun? Would you be surprised? I was. . . The professor then added: “The overwhelming
majority of college freshmen view moral claims as mere opinions.” So, then, whatever you believe about God or
religion, here is a fact: Without a God who is the source of morality,
morality is just a matter of opinion. So if you want a good world, the death of
Judeo Christian values should frighten you. I’m Dennis Prager

100 thoughts on “If There Is No God, Murder Isn’t Wrong

  1. I actually can show you photo evidence murder is wrong all I have to show you is a family torn apart and broken down because of murder this just shows you have no idea what you are talking about

  2. I love how all these triggered atheists in the comments are whining about how stupid the video is, yet they don’t offer a counter explanation. They deflect to a different topic, or flat out refuse to give a reasonable answer. So, tell me…if there is no ultimate higher power, law giver, then how can morality be objectively defined? What would even be the point of such a concept of humanity is nothing but some accident of nature, a tiny, insignificant speck in the universe?

  3. Yes indeed, there were religious people that committed whole sale slaughter of people because in the name of God. A few comes to: Moses, Joshua, King David. Especially King David, he was nuts, an Israelite version of Caligula.

    By the way, it's morally okay to sell you daughter to slavery considering how awful they treat women in those time. If you opine that is wrong, you think you better then God?

  4. So God is the creator of morality? The God of Leviticus 21:17-24 who makes some people deformed then says they’re too ugly to approach the altar? The God of 2 Kings 2:23-24, who had 42 children mauled by bears for teasing a prophet about being bald? The God of Exodus 4:24-26, who was going to kill MOSES until Moses’ wife cut of her son’s foreskin and touched Moses with it, causing God to leave him alone? The God who told Abraham to kill his son before backing off, and requiring Jephthah to burn his daughter alive before going into battle?
    Sorry, but murder is wrong even though God CONDONES it in the Old Testament lots of times. Thanks for your fancy book opinion spoken with such authority, that proves nothing.

  5. 1:11 here's what you are missing …even with the supposed existence of a god there STILL exists merely opinions about good and evil …it is just that we would now perceive that opinion as a absolute in our head when it is still not …and maybe go on to break that absolute later…there are no nominative absolutes for morality and believing in a god isn't going to help anything ..

  6. Murder is wrong because you are taking another human's life. Morality does not exist on the basis of a higher power. Morality exists because as humans we are able to realize what is right and what is wrong. Religion let's people twist morals based on their religion.

  7. "judeo" christian. Why do jews always want to lump themselves in with the christians? do you think that absolves you of being a jew?

  8. LOLOL!

    Confucius was railing against human sacrifice 500 years before the birth of Christ.

  9. The god whose existence you claim is the basis of morality supports slavery (Exodus 20), genocide (Midian – Numbers 31, and the flood – Genesis 6-7), and human sacrifice (Jepthah's daughter – Judges 11, and Jesus himself).

  10. I love how these Assholes put all the blame on Hitler as if he was the one who killed 6,000,000 people when that isn't even possible. All Hitler did was give these Assholes permission to Kill all the Undesirables of Europe and they did. Hitler didn't kill anyone during the war, the Christian Catholic Church did. The Catholic Church Built a Death Camp During the War and Killed Millions of people because they thought they were doing "god's" work by getting rid of the "sinners". You Fucktards are the Evil. Don't talk as if these Crimes are just the acts of a few, if you choose to be part of these Heinous so called Religions then you share in the Blame for the Atrocities they have commited. May you all Burn in Hell if there is such a place.

  11. The answer is kinda trivial … murder is wrong because if it's not wrong my life becomes instantly at risk … there's no price to pay for murder … nor for any other crime involving any form of human destruction … there's no value to anyone's life … no penalty to kill me or me to kill anyone.

    The Left justifies abortion by saying it's not murder … which must mean they think murder is wrong, just as everyone else, including atheists and everyone with 'subjective morality'. Does anyone expect the absurdly radical outliers think that murder is ok? …or theft? (murder is a form of theft).

    Dennis regularly says good and evil "exist" … it's a core Judeo-Christian value.

    Ok, well, when is Mr. Prager going to give an example that doesn't involve murder? It seems he never does. Was it evil to not allow women to vote? Dennis says he was very much in favor of the Civil Rights movement … when he was a Liberal, at Columbia … ok, well how about now?

    I think Dennis position is that America's identity should be white and Judeo-Christian … is that evil? For me, and the 50% of the population on the left … that seems to be a yes.

    Was it evil to form the United States in 1776 because in 1772 England started to abolish slavery? I think so, does Dennis?

    Was it evil for the South to cause the Civil War by not voluntarily giving up slavery? … just as Dennis says that charity should not come from the government, but from private citizens … was that evil?

    Is it evil of Dennis and the Heritage Foundation to believe that Judeo Christian values are largely evil in regard to existential matters including slavery, women's rights and immigration?


    Is slavery a Judeo-Christian value? Of course it is. Show me a single Founding Father of the United States that says otherwise … the 'Christian Founders of the United States whose god-given Rights formed this great country' … where their God believes in slavery.

    Lets really face it. The people who say evil exists are the ones who will never define it.

  12. "slavery was abolished because of Judeo-Christian values"

    Which one?

    Which Judeo-Christian value allowed slavery to exist in the first place?

    It took humanity over 2000 years to mature to the point where women who weighed more than ducks could be deemed to be witches.

    Nothing in the Bible says that all people are equal … is that love? Is that god's idea of love?

    Well it's man's idea … the people who wrote the Bible… yes, people wrote it.

    How do we know? Because if God wanted to show you that people didn't write it God would've printed it on titanium or whatever other material didn't exist at that time … making it absolutely and utterly impossible (outside of aliens) to conclude it wasn't god.

  13. I'm an atheist. I think murder is wrong because of a little concept I don't think you quite grasp, empathy. I don't need a God to tell me murder is wrong because I already have some sense, if your morals all come from a singular being you aren't following morals, your following orders. Again, I don't believe in any gods, yet I think murder is wrong and a horrible thing because of empathy, a basic human trait which everyone (should, unless you have something that ends in "path" on the list of mental disorders") has. I cannot believe a teenager could figure this out but not you, which has spent much more time to ponder this.

    EDIT: also Judeo Christian values didn't stop slavery.

  14. Returning to this video I can see many people missed a few key points
    1) without the Bible we would either have no objective Morality or an entirely different Objective Morality
    2) Anyone can commit bad actions but without the Bible we could not hold them accountable as a society
    3) Judeo-Christian Values have been a solid foundation for any form of morality but have been ignored lately
    4) We need Objective Morality in order to create better societies and Individuals

  15. Pragers argument makes no sense.

    Why does he think it is so important that humans can prove murder is wrong? He admits that most humans (even non-Christian ones) already think murder is wrong. So what difference would it make if we can't prove this?

    And what makes him think the bible itself is a good moral guide? Just look at the Mosaic laws which supposedly reflect the wisdom and benevolence of almighty god. These very same laws told the Hebrews they could own non-hebrews as permanent property. Does Prager really think that this was good?

  16. There wasn't even murder if there is no God. How can you say something is wrong or right if there is no OBJECTIVE STANDARD OF IT? If nature is all there is, then a person killing another person is no different from a lion killing a deer or a cat killing a mouse.

  17. Judeo-Christian values specifically endorse the buying and beating of slaves. it was basic human empathy that ended slavery not religion.

  18. i am a human being you asshole , i dont hurt people because i dont want them to feel bad because i know what feeling bad is like , i hate it , so i dont do things i hate to people , i dont want it to happen to me or my loved ones too , i dont need god to tell me that much you son of a bitch ! you would kill and rape us all without your fairy friend
    what is like to be such an asshole to the point where you need some one to tell you what is right or wrong is and from a fairy in the sky because you are too much an asshole to know it your self ?

  19. “Virtually every atheist philosopher acknowledges that without god murder isn’t wrong.”

    Really? Name five. I can name five who disagree.

  20. I know many people who justify murderers by saying "oh they have mental illness" or "they had rough childhoods" . Our freaking prime minister gave a terrorist 10 million dollars cause' he got tortured. That man killed 6 people.

  21. Okay people in the comments, what he says makes sense, without God morality IS subjective, cause then there is no book to tell anyone one right from wrong.
    Yet I believe that most people can internally recognize right from wrong, it's kinda written in our DNA, your feelings are your guide in that particular area. Of course, I'm not talking about people who will commit murder for fun, cause it seems like this guide is missing for them. That is my opinion and only an opinion.
    And I have to say I am not a Christian, yet I'm not an atheist either.

  22. There is no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. Jews created that term to stop Christianity from persecuting them for killing Jesus. See the passion of Christ. Jews used to change their names to hide in America. Then after WWII, Jews joined with Christians to oppose communism. Yet, Jesus will return and save the Christians but all of the Jews will go to hell, because they don’t have CHRISTIAN VALUES. People who are not born a Christian or Jewish throughout all of history know murder is wrong… get real.

  23. Morality is subjective and comes from the individual. Of course in an atheist world, point of view murder is wrong as they believe the current life you have is all you have.

  24. Go ahead PragerU please try to argue this in court with an atheist judge, I love to see how it goes over. Make sure its recorded to.

  25. There was morality before judeo-christian values. Murder, rape and theft is wrong because it wrongs people. It hurts people. Morality is an ethics problem and therefore is a spectrum. God is not needed for someone to have morals.

  26. if there is a god, then murder isn't a big deal. assuming we're talking about the christian god, of course. and a few others.

  27. 24k atheists dislike this
    with the ideology "cannot burn in hell if i don't believe in one"
    thank god i am a muslim

  28. I hope this is sarcasm… because it is blatant nonsense! But I fear… you take it seriously! -.-
    A free mind can completely out of its own draw the conclusion that it is a good thing to be nice to each other. And that violating basic rules of being nice must be sanctioned by society… no imaginary friend needed!

  29. Violation of human rights is evil, we've all used our collective intellect to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong, good and evil. There is no necessity for God for morality, even everything you THINK about what GOD means was written down by a human.

  30. As an agnostic atheist, I know murder is evil because I have witnessed the tears of families who lost a loved one due to murder. I don't need some invisible being up in the sky telling me that murder is evil.

  31. All of you who hit the dislike button are absolute morons who are too blind to understand the meaning of this video. If God doesn't exist, there is nothing stopping me from saying murder is correct because the only thing to tell me that murder is incorrect is other humans who also get their morals from their own minds, like how I got my own morals from my own mind. The reason I would hypothetically have the moral that states that murder is correct is because I would hypothetically I think murder is a good thing. The same goes for the person refuting me. I am just an insignificant human who has no authority to set moral standards for the universe, like you, another human who has no authority to set moral standards for the universe. Unlike an omnipotent God who created this universe and knows everything about it and has the authority to make moral standards for this universe.

  32. I didn't see video, I will just comment on the title. It's so wrong it drives me mad. If God doesn't exist then when you die there is nothing, you are just asleep for eternity. When you kill someone you send them to their eternal sleep without ever getting to live their life, find people, have dreams, think, love, create, BE. Whether you believe in God or not doesn't have to do anything with the fact that you have to live by a moral code. God or not, punishment or not, you have to set some moral boundaries in your actions…. If you really are reckless, thats your choice but not involve other people who want to live!!!

  33. What author wanted to say: "I REALLY want to murder someone but the only thing stopping me is the FEAR of divine retaliation. After all in prison I will be for merely dozen years, but in hell I will be for BAZILLION years".

  34. Wouldn't good and evil be just God's option then and why should I hold God's oppion of mortality higher than my own. Second objective morality can not existed because if it was their would be no moral issues such as abortion, Veganism and slavey (which ironically is condoned by the very sorce of Jewish and Christan values)

  35. There is only God (Source OF All),,,so why does anyone need a God,when you separate you bring duality God-good Devil evil….where extremes like murder comes from.Get out of the separation to bring balance and sanity innerstanding opposed to just understanding back to self that is boundless love.

  36. How do we KNOW something is X?

    By reasoning.
    By experiencing.


    Are you saying you have zero feelings towards murder apart from keeping your omnipotent, omniscient, infinite deity happy with your behavior?

    And while we're at it, givin the only source of "knowing" I'm aware of is experince, you almost sound like you're suggesting people give it a shot themselves.

    Regardless, it strikes me as awfully presumptuous to claim ALL moral behavior as being sourced from your book.

    As if you're trying to take late credit for every ethics guided decision ever made.

    I leave with pointing out that, in reference to your "measurements" question, it's awfully easy to share a convincingly one sided take on something when you open by defining the narrow versions and sources of evidence you'll accept.

    Stack the deck, as they say.

  37. I am so glad you did this and all vids. But mainly this one. I've always stood by "if I was the Devil" by Paul Harvey- not sure if he's the author but I listen to that broadcast a lot. I grew up on Paul Harvey…. and I always want to know the rest of the story

  38. Murder is sometimes right, and necessary.
    It's called the death penalty… : ))
    Only a cultural society (religion) can define an objective morality…
    [AND] only a Government can enforce that objective morality…

  39. Are you serious?!? The bible (a.k.a. "god's word) supports human sacrifice (including his own son), slavery, rape, incest and even more atrocities! If you can't know murder is wrong without god telling you it's wrong-shame on you!

  40. christian values have very little to do with the success of the west. Jewish values have nothing to do with the success of the west. Just because most westerns are christians doesnt mean anything, all the nazis were chrisitan, no one blames christianity for the evil of the germans. Same thing with the success of the west, they are successful because they adapted new philosphies. With christianity really helped then y is South America not a successfull continent, with booming economies and amazing life.

  41. There are three different examples of ancient civilizations that each had their own sets of laws that predate the judeo-Christian morality. These were secular laws to ensure a stable society. The three sets of laws were The code of Hammurabi, Ur-Nammu law code and Code of Lipit-Ishtar of Isin, a Sumerian law code. Each set of laws lays out that murder is wrong and therefore punishable by death. This concept that murdering another human is objectively wrong existed before the judeo-Christian morality. Although these societies believed in Gods there was not a moral code which they derived from their religion. Therefore the leaders created a secular code of conduct in which the society would follow to ensure peace. The concept of innocent until proven guilty actually came from the the code of Hammurabi. A moral idea that we still follow today. To state that we as a human race can only derive the moral ideology that to kill another human is wrong from Judeo-Christian teachings is wrong.

  42. I smell a huge dirty propaganda by religious fanatics. So an atheist doesn't consider murder wrong. Amazing .pricks🤣🤣

  43. Democrats don't see see murder as something that is evil or wrong, instead it is something to be glorified, celebrated and encouraged. They do the same with sexual perversion, the more perverted the better.

  44. Islam has no time for this. You can't be an Atheist without religion to be an Atheist from. Islam has no time for Atheism. Christian morality allows for Atheism. Do not take this luxury for granted my people, as Islam will execute you for your very existence.

  45. The people at PragerU really should've studied moral philosophy and researched their sources. This is all rhetoric and no substance.

  46. Morality is inherently subjective. Even if a god existed, any moral judgement it had would still be its opinions. You can't just invoke God as some magic fix to things you find uncomfortable.

    On a side note, it's amusing that you bring up things like slavery that are explicitly allowed in the Bible.

  47. Sorry Dennis, I love PragerU and I usually agree with your stuff, but this is just too simple and it's complete nonsense. Hitler didn't consider himself to be evil, he acted out of his own perception of good and evil. While most consider him evil due to his killing track record, he thought he was killing the evil of this world. The truth is not that Hitler was evil, but that can be your opinion or perspective. The truth is that Hitler killed a lot of people. Does that make him evil? Maybe from your perspective, but that is not the truth. Like I said, the truth is that he killed, what your view is on this fact is a perspective of opinion. For some people Hitler is good, not evil. So there is no truth or false (unless you deny the Holocaust, because that is a fact and cannot be denied due to a lot of proof).

    The guys from El Paso and Dayton? Are they evil? No they are not. They are murderers and terrorists. Are murderers and terrorists evil? To a lot of people, yes. But to some, no. The fact is still that they are terrorists. But is terrorism evil? No. To some, yes, to some no. If you were born an Afghan and you saw Americans invading your country, you'd say: the American devils are EVIL. The Americans don't consider the invasion of Afghanistan as evil, they considered it to be a necessity to fight evil. So two sides, two perspectives of good and evil. If you believe in the PragerU video about truth, then you'd agree with me that the fact of the American invasion of Afghanistan is just a fact, and there were people killed which is a fact, but truth/evil cannot be a fact. Only when something or someone is evil to EVERYONE else, you could consider it to be a fact. But that is never the case.

    The fact is that we don't need a god to make good and evil concrete. In the end, god is a way to make people scared of doing something wrong. Murder is wrong, even if you don't believe in god. There are other ways to make people afraid of killing someone, like putting them behind bars for the rest of their life. If i'm really, really angry, I sometimes have the feeling I could kill someone. I have the strength for it. But I will never do it, because I know it will haunt me the rest of my life and I will be punished for it by law.

  48. How do you know that murder is wrong? How do you know rape is wrong? How do you know theft is wrong? Theft is the easiest. I take something from you, which you have worked hard for to obtain. You are very angry and sad that your hard work is stolen. It is wrong, and it doesn't matter what god says, I stole it from you and I know I'm wrong, but maybe I need it to survive. According to a lot of Muslims and the Muslim holy book, god said that you can kill kafirs and non believers. Dennis, what you are saying, is that if god it says, it's true. Because the Muslim god says that being a non Muslim is evil. So that must be true then. But your god says that killing nonbelievers is evil, which is considered evil by the Muslim god because you don't kill them.

    Good and evil are as subjective as a perspective or opinion. Morality exists even without god.

  49. What about all the rape, brutality, and slavery that GOD commanded in the Old Testament? If you dont believe me read Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, etc If that is a just and moral God then I think I'll trust my own moral code over his Even I know you shouldn't kill innocent children. God, obviously, doesn't since he's commanded it repeatedly!!!!

  50. Of course! No one, not one single person who believed in God ever killed anyone. Never happened, not no how, not no way.

  51. The countries in this world that are the best ones to live in in terms of low crime rates, human rights, welfare, health care, low suicide rates, high education, low class differences etc., are the SECULAR ones. But never mind that, there is just… too much nonsense in this video to reject all of it. It's basically your opinions and faith presented as fact, but without any substantial or meaningful evidence whatsoever. It was intellectually painful to watch, and I am genuinely saddened by the fact that people like you exist. Not because your existence is wrong, but because you basically avoid facts and reality and use absurd claims to defend your religion. The facts are that secularism have undone some of the horrors of Christianity. You seem to forget all the slaughter done in God's name and defended in the Bible and by Christians. You seem to forget that God killed innocent babies, that God was jealous enough to "test" if a man as willing to kill his own son, just because God said so, because God wanted to know if he loved him more than his own son. You seem to forget the countless verses that support and justify slavery, yet somehow you give credit to Christianity for abolishing slavery? You're such a hypocrite. I could write for half an hour about how wrong you are, but considering how obvious it is to everyone, for my own sake I'll just stop writing now. You're horrible. You can't reason properly. Bye.

  52. If there is no god, murder is not wrong…

    In the opinion of sociopaths and psychopaths who don't have this little thing called EMPATHY.

    For the rest of society, it IS wrong.

  53. Just conviently ignore all the thousands of times Christians fought and killed their fellow "Brothers"

  54. I see a lot of angry people, but nothing to actually counter his arguments. And violence done by religious people doesn’t show how he’s wrong. You can say “muh moral philosophy” but your moral philosophy is the result of neurons in your brain randomly firing as a result of a random explosion billions of years ago, which began a universe with no purpose or reason. So try to put objective morality in that scenario without God

  55. Normally I like PragerU videos, but this one ignores a few important things;

    1. Unless God directly and indisputably reveals Himself to everyone in the world, all we have are the factually unverifiable claims of the human prophets and texts written by humans, which may be contradicted by different humans also claiming divine inspiration, so we don't know what the "moral facts" are even if they do exist. All the existence of a God and "moral facts" would mean in this case is that people can commit factually wrong sins while believing they are doing good.

    2. This video does not explain why God's views on human morality would not simply be His own opinions; God being our creator would not automatically give Him unrestricted rights to decide our morality. We do not accept that an abusive parents' ethical standards must automatically apply to their children, and if a mad scientist created intelligent life in a laboratory, that scientist's own ethical standards would not necessarily be moral facts for the creations. By the same token, God has no right to dictate moral absolutes for humans.

    So, for example, if God did reveal Himself to the whole world, and said something like "the reason nature is so harsh is because I WANT the strong to consume the weak, and therefore all religions and laws preaching peace and compassion are against my wishes" this would not necessarily mean that murder, rape, theft and all other abuses of power are good, it could just as easily mean God was evil.

    On a side note, it's very encouraging to see how many dislikes this video has compared to other PragerU videos, as it shows that a lot of its subscribers (of which I am one) are genuinely thinking and forming their own opinions on the content, and keeping the channel a place for real discussions.

  56. My answer to the initial question, without reading any comments: how do I know murder is wrong?
    A: Ot really sounds like you are loading the question so that it requires some external "objective" authority. Don't you think that is dishonest? I could be wrong.
    Anyway, I don't know that murder is wrong. I agree with my people (and most others) that life if preferable to death, and I see the advantages of coexisting with my neighbors. Morality is concerned with social interaction. Values change over time, yet we can measure harm. Murder is the easy example to talk about.

    Let's see what the video says…

    Edit: morality IS an opinion. The problem with trying to weasel god into this is that it doesn't even solve the dilemma you are claiming. If you think god is real and determines morality, explain to me how that isn't an opinion. You're just making up a source as an alternative to secular morality.

    It is just shamefully dishonest to talk about nazis and the USSR etc. and slavery (lol). Judeo-christian values come from a silly source that is one of the greatest explicit advocates for slavery.

  57. Religion is dangerous because you can justify killing other people who don't believe in your fairy tales.
    "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys."
    Yes, yes, yes…

  58. So what he is claiming is esentially divine command theory. Which in its basic form means god indicates x is wrong therefore it's wrong. So an opposing question I would ask is this "What if god claimed murder was not only right but moral?" Would murder then therefore no longer be considered wrong or cause negetive feelings within anyone?

  59. Murder is wrong because no one can easily take any person's life. Those lives are precious, what all memories or wishes a person has and no one have rights to murder. Its not about murder is wrong by fearing GOD.

  60. PragerU making poorly thought out arguments since before they had a YouTube channel.
    By the way what is right and wrong is very simple and it comes from the same place regardless of what religion you follow or if you don't follow any. What is good or wrong is defined by what we consider to be bad to happen to ourselves. If we wouldn't want it to happen to us then it's bad (or evil if you prefer) for us to do it to others.
    The people who do these bad things anyway lack Empathy not religion. This video even mentions that an Atheists can be moral. How can they be moral if God is required as is the point of this video. Simple it's because God isn't required empathy is period. No God needed.
    Also since Prager is a Christian doesn't he know of all the examples in the Bible of either God directly killing people (sometimes a lot like an entire planets worth) or directly ordering his followers to kill people and in an often barbaric (by and decent humans standards) and heartless way.
    PragerU your a plague on humanity and your easily debunked nonsense isn't helpful in anyway to the world at large.

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