32 thoughts on “If Talking Politics Were Honest

  1. Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed- this didn’t age well,huh? (recounts current administration and he-who-shall-not-be-named’s fan base messaging and compliance through out)

  2. May 2016 hmmm. Right before the election🤔 This is history folks.
    I could already figure out who they were talking about and which person was conservative or liberal.
    Cough cough…. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.

  3. Well this generation is kind of over emotional taking every little thing to Hart. People need to lighter up

  4. Lacking the sense of humor to come up with orginal witty remarks, but piggybacking on the style of the video and comment section.

  5. "Misrepresenting your position." "Misrepresenting YOUR position." "No, misrepresenting YOUR position even louder than before!"

  6. "People are bad, society makes us good"
    Looks like the waiter is an adherent to the teachings of Thomas Hobbes.

  7. Told myself I bet only democrats watch this one because republicans know they'd have to watch themselves get slandered. I looked at the number of views. 😂

  8. "Why do people like this have to be on our side" True, yet the left focuses on that and not the majority.

  9. Democrats- "we want a reasonable discussion with the other side but we don't negotiate with Nazis"

    Republicans- "We want a reasonable discussion but before we start I would like to go on a 15 minute rant about statistics I've memorized."

    So has anyone given any actual thought how to remedy this stalemate?

  10. I've never really been a fan of BuzzFeed at all, but I must say I think this is brilliant! It's actually pretty funny and to my surprise it gave an honest truth about "political conversations"

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