44 thoughts on “If Political Discussions with Your Family Were Like Presidential Debates

  1. I just quit trying to talk politics with my family. I'm a centrist for the most part and they're all pretty right-wing. Doesn't matter how many facts or statistics or anything I bring up they will never change their mind. So from now on whenever politics come up I just find some reason to leave. Surprisingly works pretty well despite the fact that I live with them.

  2. I think democrats should not be able to play violent video games since there’s guns in it and It might bring up their terrible history of the wars like the n word brings up terrible things that happened 200 years ago XD

  3. Is this an actual thing? I hear so much about how "omg don't ever bring up politics", but we are talking family here. Don't families usually vote preeetty similarly anyway, with maybe one weird outlier?

  4. I hate talking about politics with my family. I'm moderately liberal and the rest of my family is oddly moderately conservative but not American conservative. They also know NOTHING ABOUT POLITICS LIKE GOOD LORD. so this video perfectly caps it all.

  5. Dad: conservative republican
    Mom: moderate democrat
    Bro: moderate republican
    Me: conservative libertarian
    Fun times…

  6. Yeah my family holidays are a little different because my family is conservative Christians but me, my dad, my mom and my siblings are all liberal athiest

  7. When it comes to arguing about politics, try to frame your point so it appeals to the other people beliefs. Observe.

    Free education is typically a liberal policy. But you could argue to a conservative that having an educated population prevent government from gaining too much power.

    BOOM, persuaded.

  8. My family agrees politically, but the drama comes out when it is time to pick a restaurant, movie, pizza topping, etc.

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