If Islam Was A White Religion | The Iconoclast

If Islam Was A White Religion | The Iconoclast

along [Music] ah [Music] if Islam was a white religion things would be different how many times have you been called racist by the left for criticizing Islam I’ll take a wild stab in the dark and assume a lot it doesn’t matter how much you protest or how many times you assert Islam as an ideology not a race you’re still an irredeemable Nazi in their eyes and nothing you say can have any merit at all say as much on social media and there’s now a very real chance the police will stroll over to your house and have a little chat with you about hate speech yet while we are correct in our distinction between ideology and race this issue has been racialized past the point of no return by the left and we now have no choice but to address it the reality of the situation is this Islam is the brown religion even though Muslims come in all shapes and colors the fact Islam has failed to take hold in the Western world on a mainstream level has made people categorize it as such Christianity while also originating from the Middle East has been universally accepted as the white religion due to its history and influence in the shaping of Western civilization so when it comes to political discourse about the effect of Islam in Western society the modern intersectional Left is operating from a base point of white versus brown white people of course being in the oppressors and brown people being the marginalized victims this means that before an honest discussion can even take place about Islamic terrorism for example the waters have already been muddied by the left to such an extent that is probably going to be impossible to discuss the actual problem without hurtling a multitude of falsehoods along the way we all know the score by now after every terrorist atrocity the left and establishment media enter an immediate stead of damage control first they insists that despite multiple reports of the assailant screaming Allahu Akbar at the top of his lungs while stabbing people to death his motive remains completely unclear at the same time blue tick journalists and bloggers furiously castigate peasants like you and I on Twitter for daring to assume who was behind the attack calling us pawns of Hitler and whatever else this sometimes bleeds into real life to exemple fied infamously in a video recorded in a bar during the London Bridge attacks on June 3rd 2017 when in an outburst of anger one man blurted out only to be meekly corrected by another man who pathetically whimpered you would think this tactic could only be a short-term solution because it never takes long to establish that the terrorist in question usually do turn out to be Muslim and their motives can be found in their religious texts amazingly enough however the left at this point decide to double down on their previous convictions and refused to give up any ground they still claim the attackers aren’t Muslim because as we all know Islam is a religion of peace these people are pretend Muslims you see using Islam as an excuse in order to create division in our multicultural utopian society a message repeated to ad nauseam by politicians to make sure that however horrific the attack was their main concern is seen to be the feelings of a certain demographic from here the conversation quickly turns to the far-right and how they could possibly politicize the tragic event because God knows wanting to actually do something about the problem is right-wing and evil at this time local police commissioners in a truly pathetic display mix speeches on live television where they grovel at the feet of community leaders and make it known that they will protect the Muslim population from a perceived onslaught of fascist death squads skip forward a couple of days and we have a candlelit vigil where people pretend to care about the dead in order to score some social media brownie points then the entire incident is swiftly forgotten about brushed under the rug and everyone carries on as if nothing ever happened that is of course until two weeks later when another attack occurs in which case the entire process is repeated on and on we go attack after attack the police arrest people for hate speech and the borders remain firmly open any attempt to suggest policies to fix this as quickly demonized as far-right propaganda and hate peddling can trust that with the reaction to the recent Las Vegas shooting where the very sim news outlets Twitter journalist and opinion columnist had no such hesitation and claiming to know everything about the perpetrator and why he did it before the bodies were called this time the problem was very clearly toxic white masculinity and the solution was simple gun control when people like you and I asked for a motive to the monstrosity something we still haven’t been blessed with by the investigative authorities by the way we were accused of sympathizing with the killer apparently motives don’t matter when the attacker is white because whiteness itself is the motive yes all those people in Las Vegas were murdered because the shooter was white don’t you know how many awful things white people have done throughout history slavery for one even though Africans were enslaved Africans for hundreds of years before Europeans ever went to Africa and still do so today the Crusades all we can’t forget them even though they were a response to Islamic military expansions in Europe they had been going on for centuries but we’ll fail to mention that part Donald Trump or Donald Trump as he’s hilariously known well say no more yes the same people who lecture us from their self-appointed moral high-ground are hypocrites shock horror but worse than that their self-loathing worms who tried to hang their collective white guilt around all of our necks in a disappointing turn of events after the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting someone I know quite well in real life posted on Facebook in all capitals immigrants are not the problem I thought it was an interesting thing to shout considering this person they’re probably been waiting all year for a massacre to be committed by a white person instead of a Muslim from an immigrant background I wondered if I get as many likes comments and shared if I posted immigrants are the problem after the Manchester bombing probably not in fact I might be a risk of one of those previously mentioned police house calls but the message being conveyed with that Facebook post was one of complete apologizing and capitulation this person would never be able to bring themselves to criticize mass murder commit by a brown person or if they did they’d never be able to nail Islam as being the reason behind it because they constantly be restricted by their mental block of hashtag not all indeed everyone obviously realizes that not all immigrants are Islamic terrorists but people like this are the ones who accuse people like me of blaming all immigrants whenever something happens because of that they simply cannot be seen to speak a word about Islamic terror in case the same accusation is levelled at them it’s a trap door they’ve unintentionally set for themselves so they must do everything they can to avoid falling through it instead they’re reduced to jumping on the end of a slaughter committed by a white guy just so they can push their pro migration open borders politics and to point their finger at us and themselves another gem of an excuse people make about Islamic terrorism is maybe if Muslims didn’t feel marginalized in our society they wouldn’t do this they also bring a poverty or lack of job opportunities as potential reasons this is just another way of blaming white people for the crimes of Islam it’s really our fault all those people died on London Bridge because we’re the ones who pushed those poor Muslims into an inescapable corner somehow I don’t think we’d be discussing socio economics if it was a white man who were detonated a bomb at the Manchester Arena killing 22 people mainly children I also suspect if it was white people who were subjecting young girls of female genital mutilation that record-breaking levels across Britain a few successful prosecutions would possibly have been made rather than the grand total of zero that have been carried out so far on the brown people who were actually responsible if large groups of white men were responsible for the mass sexual assault of German women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015 what the city’s mayor Henriette Recker still have told women to keep at arm’s length from strangers or what she avoided an extensive police investigation to find and punish those responsible if white men in Sweden were asking permission to marry children do you reckon they’d be allowed to somehow I doubt it very much but for migrants it’s apparently fine if a couple of white Christians had murdered the staff of Charlie Hebdo for drawing cartoons of Jesus do you think media outlets would still have refused to show the offending cartoons no on the contrary they would have been posted everywhere would the police after all of these incidents come out and make a public statement about how hate speech against the white community would not be tolerated and how they’d be working with white leaders to root out extremists from their neighbourhood I think we all know the answer I could go on all day explaining the responses to all of these things will be different if the skin color of the antagonists was a little darker I’m sure you can think of plenty of examples yourself – the fact is our society is terrified of telling the truth about Islam when your politics are shaped by the ideals of intersectionality your words and actions are dictated by surface based attributes skin color gender sexuality etc this way of thinking places numerous obstacles in the way of identifying problems and sorting them out you can’t be too critical of the perpetrators of Islamic terrorism because as we all know poor brown Muslims are horribly oppressed by evil white Devils therefore careful language and a certain amount of lenience must be given after they blow our children to pieces the debate must be shifted towards how much of a threat the far-right is despite us having absolutely no evidence to support that claim and a complete lack of self-awareness to realize that if a problem did exist we would be responsible for it due to our constant apology is amol us racist but they’re the ones who are obsessed with race they’re the ones who place ethnicity over responsibility and a Marxist style social hierarchy over social cohesion oh yes if Islam was a white religion huh things would be different you can purchase the first issue of the iconoclast magazine from iconoclast – mediacom the link will be down below you can buy it as a digital download or as a limited physical print a gentle reminder for those of you who have purchased a physical print version of the magazine or are considering doing so like I mentioned in my announcement video the physical prints will not be printed until after the November 20th deadline then they will be posted to you this is because my printers require me to order in bulk from them this makes it more efficient and cheaper actually because if I had to do it individually the price of the magazine would have to be way more but yes just a gentle reminder if you’ve bought a physical copy November 20th there’s a cut-off date they will be printed and posted to you after that date so if you’re expecting to get it earlier than that I’m afraid you are mistaken all the instructions will be on the website so like I said click on the link down below and I hope you enjoy the rest of the articles that we’ve printed for you [Laughter] [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “If Islam Was A White Religion | The Iconoclast

  1. Actually whites christians in europe eu are applying islamic laws by science evolution, etc humanity, they live islamicly morr than arabs

  2. Hands on head. Islam is a religion of all colors just like christianity. This is why when malcom x came back from mecca he didnt preach white hate he preached black nationalism . Cause when he went to mecca he saw muslims of all races.

  3. if it was a white religion it would have been reformed just like christianity has, this whole video is retarded beyond imaginable

  4. Islam is NOT compatible with western culture. Even Muslims will admit that. They are trying to ram a square through a round hole and forcing US to adapt to Islam by claiming we’re bigots for resisting and protecting our own culture. If Islam was a white religion it would be made up of Libtards because they’re bigoted fascists.

  5. Do you know that Mohammed was white ? The hadiths goes to great lenght to detail that and make it clear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZxH4QYLRQY

  6. i dont understand too much english Non muslim is a Big territorist just i give you to three example who making 1st war who making 2nd war who killing 60 million Jew people why American & France together Rape 1900000 Garman woman why America camical attack Japanis city hirosima & nagasika who kill African Balack people who killing Red Indian people Non Muslim

  7. Chapter 9 of the Koran tells you all you need to know. Read your Koran, damn it. Kill the infidels, repeated over and over.

  8. Im British Filipino… I don't appreciate my mum's actions for immigrating to the UK… Her culture doesn't belong in Britain she should go back… It's not racist it's the truth… Being raised by someone who never loved me nor my dad but used everyone around her for money for her own well being… She harshly beat me all the time and worried about losing money over my death 4 times in a row… Her family encouraged her to kill my dad over my dad blocking any access to my mum since my dad had enough of my bitch of an abusive immigrant mum… And so… Is it racist now left wingers? I've witnessed it and confirm it

  9. Convert to Islam just like you have capitalism freedom in your life and you convert to stupid socialism comunnist backwards government

  10. The EU elections is coming… We'll let them know – this is Western Civilization, this is Europe, not Erdogan's "promised land". The time of waiting has ended.

  11. So Christianity has been a precursor to Western European Civilization.
    Islam has led to ???????????????????????
    "There are many different cultures but only one civilization – the Western one." — Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

  12. Well done old chap. Good vid. It is scary that all this had happened before. In the 20’s, the left extremists(aka socialists/communists) were running over Europe and taking over the place by force. Then the only way to stop it was to get a far right party. Just read Mein Kempf. It’s all happened before. Scary history.

  13. During The slave trade those buying slaves had a huge drop in sales every Jewish holiday, 90% of the slave trade was handled by Jews, it started in Newport which was known as jewport at the time.

  14. Anyone who has the audacity today to simply question Islam is branded an islamophobe racist Nazi.. Britain&The Wests moral compass is off the scale

  15. Libtard: Says someone is racist for not accepting the oppression, violence, etc of islam
    Same person: categorises all Islam followers as Arabic.
    👏 nice logic…

  16. My dad thinks Islam is a race but Christianity isn't… Am I missing something? Have I been asleep or in a coma?

  17. but Mohammed was described as white in multiple passages and it's possible if not even likely that he was a redhead, just look at his 34th grandson

  18. Islam is a white religion… mohammad is recorded as being one of the whitest men that ever lived. Its a death penalty in islam, to say mohammad was a black man.
    Islam was founded by one of the whitest men that ever lived, who taught his followers to kill all the jews, sound familiar?

  19. Muhammad was a racist white man against Jews and Christians. In Sahih Bukhari(V1,B3,N63), “Narrated Anas bin Malik:  While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel.  He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said:  ‘Who amongst you is Muhammad’  At the time the Prophet was sitting amongst us(his companions) leaning on his arm.  We replied, ‘This white man reclining on his arm.’ …”.  Koran 5:51 says,“O you who have believed[Muslims], do not take the J * w s  and the Nasara(Christians) as friends.  They are friends to one another. And whoever among you takes them as friends, so surely he is of them. Surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

  20. Islam is a religion of war and terror since it allows suicide bombers and BARBARIC; beheadings, lashings ,cutting limbs and from the evil one. intolerant ; dont tolerate others religion.

  21. Islam is a Cult and curse and cancer. Islam is a false religion since it denies the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus and also His Godhood. Bible rejects all other prophets i.e. Mohammed and barbaric also rejected Koran as false and misleading.

  22. Mohammed is described as a white Arab with a red beard. Mohammed also had black slaves and called them Satan. The slave trade was created by the Arab Ottoman Empire.

  23. What's wrong with #Racism, if Racism is the only means of reverting Europe to a befitting Whiteness? The way it always was, the way it was always meant to be, until the subversive postmodernist filth hijacked the Europeans' dignity and flooded the continent with ugly darlkings.
    I dare anyone reading My comment to explain: what's wrong with Racism if that's the only tool in Our toolbox that makes it possible to keep Europe European. The midst efficient means to prevent blacks & mohammedans from tainting White Women by either cajolery or force.

    Also, what's wrong with acknowledging the uncanny gap in the achievements, the IQ and the intelligence, the creativity, Aesthetics between different races?
    What's wrong about acknowledging a Beautiful Race as beautiful, a mediocre one as mediocre – and ugly ones as ugly? What's wrong with preference for Beauty compared to ugliness?
    Come at Me, My little cuckold friends. Come at Me, crude daft exotics. Prove Me wrong. With arguments that actually hold water, not sentimental rubbish making zero sense.

  24. Important watch and share please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA-MdkT3WdU This one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y Go here, take a look, trust me it's an interesting history lesson. This one is interesting also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTbPvmnUTuc watch this one too 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9rTbh4a57o
    and this one too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElY8sRu9Hi0

  25. Muhammad was white , anyway the biggest problem is the gews. Gews hate Jesus not Muslims and it's the gews pushing for Muslims to enter the west hoping we will mix and lower the white iq, gews fear everything that's why they need to control and destroyed.

  26. Noah was the first white man you loose Satan. Isa hu Allah, Allah hu Isa. Isa hu Ackbar. You know Mohammed was white. Your tiqqiya smells like what it is. I am Malachi chpt 3.

  27. what amazes me is that nobody picks up on all the racisim that goes on within there own cultures , black on black , muslim , on the jews , suni , sheite , and all the other cultural clashes within there own patrs of the world . somallia . algeria , africa , iran, iraq, lebanon , the list is endless. WHAT is the common denominator here , . Why do the muslims who flee oppression travel all the way through europe to get to UK . I think we all know the answer to that . WE are a fecking soft touch .

  28. they might as well be, we bear their sin's?? They have the toxic males, promote rape culture and the oppression of women and children. They are pro life and support a religion's definition of marriage. They promote raping, pillaging, plundering of other's and Muslim Supremacy? The Colonialists get the blame and shame for defending other's from it?

  29. Next time a liberal calls you a racist for criticizing Islam just point out that according to the Koran Muhammad was a white man who had black slaves; called Ethiopians "raisin heads" and said the devil looks like a black man.

  30. Fuck Islam, ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  31. Islam is a white religion, Arabs are White. I know a lot of Iraqi's with light brown hair and light eyes and rarely is their skin darker than that of the average Sicilian or even Greek. Meanwhile the B.B.C. is extremely anti-Hindu and anti-Sikh the moment they can place them below Muslims. Islam holds an exceptionally special place, even compared to "browner" religions because Muslims are Speshul.

  32. Well we know that Britain is fucked because the people in charge won’t say or do anything I personally will leave Britain before the Muslim population reaches 20 percent by about 2025 so I will be heading to a nice a friendly Eastern Europe many Bulgaria they don’t like the Muslims there especially because of Turkey

  33. Muslims are black and because of that POS Obama, it’s off limits. Thank the racist god himself, Obama.

  34. Doesn't matter how much truth you want to speak, EVERYONE will always have their own bias and opinionated silly views about where religion came from and who practices it. They will even more misunderstand what the religion is really about. No chance whatsoever.

  35. Islam isn't a religion of peace and Christianity is not just a white man's religion, there Christian in African.

  36. Curiously absent from the conflict between the "white" and "brown" religious conflict is the single group poised to benefit most from the holy war between the two.

  37. The left/labour have absolutely destroyed our beloved country, they created hate against british working classes, whose ancestors died in there millions, defending this country from invaders. The left are now in decline, but believe me, what the left done to our beloved country is a barbaric cirme, and they will pay for it ( ARREST THE LEFT)


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