IELTS Speaking Band 8 – Volunteer Work

IELTS Speaking Band 8 – Volunteer Work

40 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking Band 8 – Volunteer Work

  1. Dear Teacher Andrey Thanks to you I've defeated my worries about İELTS EXam While watching examples

  2. Watching this video it's revealed that only luck matters in ielts.ya phir kesay keson ko dia h..muj ko b tu lift kra de. …

  3. Hey there,i am also from india and planning on taking an ilets exam.I need your blessing sir in order to ace that exam.Peace fellas

  4. Sir, how can i improve Vocabulary usage. i know the meaning of complex words when they are in text, but i fail to use them in speech..

  5. Do you pay attention to how simple or deep the vocabulary words are or is vocabulary ignored, at all?

  6. I can not believe even her unique pronunciation like Indian accent is Band 8 level. I would like to know precisely the criteria of IELTS English speaking. Pronunciation is extraneous to IELTS if answer is just done correctly against the examiner's question?

  7. @2:12 in this sentence she pronounces the word "money" as "many" and she stutters so much in between there is no way she gonna get above 6.5.

  8. @Adming Just want to ask you something , As I've heard this rumor , Is it true that Examiner treats politely with Female Applicants in comparison with Male Applicants ?

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