Ideology Of Pakistan | Nain Ansari | 2 Nations Theory | Pakistan

Ideology Of Pakistan | Nain Ansari | 2 Nations Theory | Pakistan

24 thoughts on “Ideology Of Pakistan | Nain Ansari | 2 Nations Theory | Pakistan

  1. One question why all Muslims did not choose Pakistan in 1947 today Muslims in Indiawho outnumber the Muslims in Pakistan live happily.

  2. Nice Talk.
    Nice Voice.
    Nice Motivation speech.

    We wish you Peace and bright future for Pakistan People.

    History may Dark or Bright…..
    But it is….
    ….. useless for Present…!

    Experience makes Perfect.
    If you are not perfect….
    You need more Experience.

    Time will Give you all…..
    What do you want.

    There is No other option,
    Except you accepting, what you availed.

    Take Care.
    God Bless You All.

  3. Assalamu allaikum sir
    AP boht acha lacture dete hai
    AP ko Allah kamiab kare
    Plzzz sir Pakistan k mutalik or bhi video bejhe

  4. Hindus say 🐂+💩=🙏
    Muslims say 🐂= 🥩
    This is two nation theory.
    " Muslim India and Hindu India must be seperated" Quaid e Azam said in his speech on BBC London June 1947. The Muslims currently living in India one day will accept this as the Hindu right wing is making their lives miserable day by day. As Akbar uddin Owaisi said that they'll make 4 Pakistan out of India.

  5. Sir can u plz upload vid about Muhammad qasim,he is from Pakistan and he have dreams about Pakistan

  6. Tum log CHINA ke gulam banoge.

    East india company aur British Hukumat se to azadi mil gayi tumhe . Lekin China se kabhi nahi milegi.

  7. 😂😂😂Bahot aqalmand sakhs ho….la ilaha illallah…k naam par 25 yrs bhi mil kr nahi reh sake…

  8. All this is ok but then why didn’t you all take all the muslims with you ? Why did your jinnah left so many behind ? Because he just wanted a nation to rule. And thats why, ever since your inception, your civilian and military elite have been looting Pakistan and stashing all the money abroad.

  9. Sir you are GREAT. i agree with you. sir but sir aap un logon ko bhi dekhn jo so called pakistani hien jese k #MARVISIRMED and #HASANNISAR.Inn logon k baare mn aap ka kya khyal iss se inkaar krte hien.

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