29 thoughts on “Ideology Of Hindutva & Its Impact On Indian History | Prof. Manoj K. Jha | City Conference 2017

  1. Bhai ye tu tera Gyan Muslim desho me jakar kyo nahi sunata. Hindustan bhi gajab ka desh hai jaha jaychando ko bhi suna jata hai. Bhai tune pahle he kah Diya Teri parvarish sahi nahi thi.

  2. Jha is administering the same dose of muslim appeasement which had hitherto been the main arms of socalled pesudo seculars headed by Cogress Party. This politicy has now become redundant. Muslims are sufferring from a mental desease called Stockholm Syndrome. They must be made to realise that they shed their neferious design of Gazwa e hind. They are Indians. So they must think, act and speak like Indians. Lalu was immensely charged of family politics. So he got a guilty feeling and nominated Jha for Rajyasabha. Modiji, Amitji, Yogiji long live. Jha has quoted Dr Ambedkar selectively. This tendency of using selective outrage and narrative is the main traits of scoundrels. Jha has also taken refuge to this failed game. Jai Shriram.

  3. Kya ab aap sata me ajyege, bihar me aap Jeet Gaye hai, Jeet ke liye mubrakbad, es trah ki Jeet aap Ko milte rahe

  4. हां आपकी यह राजनितिक party के बकैत के तौर पर आपकी अंतिम पारी है। ..मै आपकी धज्जियाँ उड़ा के रख
    दूंगा। .आप ही के कारन आज राजद का खस्ता हालत हुआ है। .आपकी जातिवादी सोच के कारन। ..कन्हैया आपसे जयदा समझदार है। .आप party के बकैत है। …आपको अपनी देखनी है। …

  5. इनको जी आपको भी तो गाँधी ,नेहरू ,आजाद ,90वे के दशक में एक ही महापुरष थे लालू यादव उनको कुछ नहीं दिखा था सिवा जातीय उन्माद के। ..कौन दलितों को आपने सम्मान दिया था। .आपके नेता लोग दलित का उपहास किये थे। ..जब आपही के party के नेता ने दलित DM की पत्नी का rafe किया था। ..तब आपकी बकैती कहाँ गयी थी। .आज भी लालू यादव की party परिवारिक party बन गयी है। .आपको भी सत्ता की मलाई चाटनी है
    झारखण्ड को अलग करने में बहुत बड़ा योगदान था। .जिसकी मार आज भी बिहार झेल रहा है। ….वैसे हिन्दू -मुस्लिम एकता की बात करने के लिए बहुत ही धन्यवाद। …..


  7. Fundamentally flawed narrative/ideology and attitude to criticize 'HINDU PAKISTAN' – can you explain what it is and why it is so problematic? Mind you by keeping the historical perspective&not in absolute sense or in vacuum. I am sure he has no answer. Secondly, talking about progressive people and check mirror metaphors! Funny and he is addressing 'progressive people' who can't even see their own faces in the mirror becoz of the 'Burkha', head gear, skullcap, ghostly beards. So what exactly is progressive here unless Mr. Jha is asking all these MUSLIMS to blend/assimilate into Hindustan and when in Hindustan be like a Hindustani. Jai Hind

  8. Well said mr.jha sirji you should also express on camouflage slavery dominance pattern of brahman aryans videshi Eurasian breed who has enslaved divided us into caste creed system 3% micro minority are ruling us we begin majority mulnivasi bahujan are slaves of this 3% brahman aryans oh mulnivasi bahujan braves unite fight get back your real freedom only religion which spoke on equality and humanity

  9. A disciple makes a teacher great
    How many have you raised sir ..it's time we need lakhs of like you..that will prove your true capability sir

  10. Prof. Manoj K. Jha : Your speech should be watched by everyone as is knowledgeable for the silent libral Indians – appreciated.

    Indian rigged & mind poisoned communal with inhuman mind set & blind faith engage in campaign with raising slogans with expectation to get relief on their grievances such as employment / better future followed the Pied Piper leads to “Naya Bharat”

    Indian rigged & mind poisoned communal with inhuman mind set / blind mind and unable to listen and believe strongly in news that speaks truth. What kind of news do you want? Fake / Lies or truth

  11. Bahut Sundar विचार हैं आपके।हमें आप जैसे लोगों की जरूरत है।

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