3 thoughts on “Ideology of fascism

  1. Nice video but the swipe at Nazism and race theory we could have done without. Until Hitler and National Socialism are rehabilitated, the world will never return to tradition and merit hierarchy.

  2. I've been lingering in the presence of true Fascism for years, discovering how it differs from its far-right cousins and where my colleagues and I stand in relation to them all. Suffice to say, this video was certainly helpful, albeit a bit of an eye-opener! It truly is a pain to see Fascists mixed up with nazis and other Pseudo-Fascists, and this video certainly helps to clear up some of the misconceptions. Cultura Fascista's material really ought to be spread so that Fascism's opponents may educate themselves and finally become an opponent worthy of arguing with.

    You have my endorsement.

  3. "" What is Fascism, what is fascist ideology, and its political project?
    What did Fascism want to accomplish? This video was produced by Associazione Cultura Fascista (http://culturafascista.com/) it summarizes in a concise yet comprehensive way the doctrinal essence of Fascism, […]. ""

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