Ideology Critique (and contact juggling)

Ideology Critique (and contact juggling)

hey I'm your roomie you're watching scoscia back in let me begin by geology ideology is used a lot in literary criticism but what is it the thing with working with literary criticism and actually with academic writing in general is that you have to define terms what is ideology to one person might be common sense to another most common sense that this person might be bullshitting me my analogy is the sum total and complete catalog of what someone believes everything someone believes we're taught this or whether or not they're aware they believe it is that person's ideology I think it needs to be aware of ideology is that you might not be aware of the belief that you hold for example you probably believe that this ball has to obey gravity at all times that if it's not being held by me it's when you drop and now you might be a little less sure of that thing was until I said that you're probably completely unaware that's what we held your knowledge might include not taking something seriously as a scholar if they have a mohawk and like the jungle I'll forgive you that one once you had a handle an ideology you can perform something about ideology boutique I know you could see this way of focusing on words and their meaning once we have a handle on these words we can unpack meaning from it what words are chosen are just as important as what words are dropped for example look man only two words however tells us a lot about well me I said man I don't know who you people are I know that there are almost certainly females among you I still set man tells you one or two things are happening 1 i'm sexist that's likely I wrote in Western society we are male dominated whether or not anyone wants to admit that second possibility is I just don't care about gender the word man for me does not mean if DeMeo means person as happens both the kind of tree second thing I said look man I tells you that I'm visually oriented that site is my most important sense how many shirt that because if I say look and that is not preamble to be talking with my hands I don't know sign language I might use my hands a lot when I talk even with about juggling but what I'm actually going to do is I'm just what I need you to do afterwards this is listen but I didn't say listen man I said look my ideology made me say look man instead of listen people what does your ideology make you do let me know in the comment section below thanks

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  1. Huh….very interesting way to describe Ideology; thanks I have an exam in college next week on this term with several others.

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