26 thoughts on “Ideologies in a Nutshell (Ancap, NatSoc, Fem and Communism)

  1. Anarcho-Capitalism: an ideology so consistent the only arguments against it are ridiculous straw-men

  2. Centrism:When you say that you're political positionnement is neutral and independant but this is where they are the richers and do bussiness with bureaucrats and lobbyst and their governement that intervene in some country and privatising everything and cut social aid and the people rise from the left to the right.

  3. Monarchism is a political system that is natural to humanity, to which all others naturally strive to.

  4. Anarco capitalism isn't in the political spectrum its not left, for obvious reasons, nor right cause liberals, neocons and shit believe in state as the only possible way to a society.

  5. Notice that NatSoc had nothing against the ideology, only the people who propagate it, while all the other criticisms attacked the ideology itself because it was inherently flawed. Look, I'm not saying a lot of NatSoc's are exactly as described in the video, but the idea behind the philosophy itself is actually quite sound.

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