43 thoughts on “IDEOLOGIES ARE PARASITES ft. Jordan B. Peterson | Ep. 40

  1. Michael thinks you can't be a right wing ideologue while being obviously more ideological than Peterson.

  2. Theres a lot of flack about the interviewer in the comments. Now I'm not gonna say too much about his style, not my favourite, had some untimely interjections, but to each his own.

    I have to say however, that I found the questions to be extraordinarily good and interesting. I feel like he forced Jordan into some directions that I haven't seen in any other interview of him. Kudos for that Micheal!

  3. I have to say, Michael, your laugh here is very annoying. You're not quite grasping the magnitude of the matter that Professor Peterson is discussing.

  4. Dr Peterson seems to be flying way over this guy's head. The false laughs, his knowledge from from one big book and hs interruptions are all irritating. However, Dr P dazzles as usual as he goes about creating a very rational philosophy that centres on getting off one's arse and doing something in life.

  5. Interwiever was awfull, otherwise interesting talk from prof. Peterson as usual. But that interwiever.. man, you are not funny

  6. Pitch yer shit and get on with it. You were still yammering about life insurance 120 seconds into this shit. Not gonna stick around to find out how long your gonna be an adman. Out.

  7. I can see tribalism in both the Right and the Left. Both groups don't seem to think for themselves, don't seem to have any independent thinkers, they simply follow the mob they're surrounded with and repeat the same things they were indoctrinated with as children.

  8. Ironic: Your ideological bias showed a lot , your panel was an echo chamber, but you seem nice. Jordan Peterson interview was terrific and I am sad that it was soooooo short.

  9. I think there's further comparison between Cain and Abel and Satan and Christ. Both are brothers. Both deal in correct and incorrect sacrifices. Both Satan and Cain are outcast for their actions. Cain and Abel is the micro real world, Satan and Christ is the macro perfected example.

  10. Austin has so much content online it's all amazing. There's so much of his content online you'll be hard pressed to watch all of it. Awesome interview

  11. Great content, when it wasn't being interrupted. Strange interview etiquette and flow. Hope MK watches back to self-critique and make improvements for the next JBP interview, if it happens.

  12. Who the Hell is this host and why doesn't he shut the Hell up and let his guests speak? Does he believe constant Cpt. Obvious interruptions amount to something?

  13. Geez, everyone entered this video to see Jordan so let him talk. God damnit Ben and Michael…

  14. Horrible interviewer, something smells fishy about this company. Peterson is one of the greatest characters of out century.

  15. I'd like to think that I carry my ideals with me everywhere. They sit on my shoulder and nudge my ear with their childish optimism. They are not blind to reason and I never expect to see them. But they are always there to shed light in the dark.

  16. One of the worst interviewers I've ever heard. Barely listenable. I spent half the time yelling at the screen for you to SHUT THE HELL UP dude. Your interruptions and interjections were dirt stupid, (in terms of topic and/or comedy), a waste of Peterson's time, and worse yet mine.

    Also they ironically smacked of you trying to find a crack to shoehorn in our own ideological biased opinions. If I wanted to hear interviewers desperately trying to "lead the witness" into agreeing with their opinions, (as opposed to having a genuine discussion and getting information from the interviewee), I'd go watch cable news instead.

  17. What's the difference between drawing conclusions based off of empirical evidence, and rational thought which creates a rational body of ideas, and person's use of the word ideology?

  18. i'm well versed on the essential dr Peterson, but had not encountered the interviewer mr Knowles before. an articulate, educated, polite interviewer. a good young man.

  19. Pretty much everything Peterson says is consonant with orthodox Christianity, and, by natural extension, a great extent of orthodox Judaism.

  20. The way in which you cut off Dr Peterson was insanely rude. You could have at least waited until the end of his sentence for crying out loud.

  21. I fully believe that Jordan Peterson is the most important intellectual of our time. The man is brilliant

  22. I feel like Peterson is not yet a Christian, although he undoubtedly appreciates the Bible and Christian morality from a psychological and sociological standpoint, however I think he's on the path towards becoming fully Christian, if he can just engage his heart and not just his head. Likeable guy either way.

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  24. Anyone else just realize they are in "JBP groupie" status? I constantly find myself scouring YouTube to see where he turns up next …

  25. Is that a Soviet painting I see just sat there on the floor rather than hanging?! Tidy your room sir.

  26. Ideologies are for xenophobes who can't handle chaos. People also tend to practise heuristics to ward off the chaos, i.e. "I am right until you can prove me wrong" instead of just admitting that no one knows for sure.

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