44 thoughts on “Identity, Power, and the Left: The Future of Progressive Politics in America

  1. There is nothing more sad than seeing Prof Chomsky growing older and older……. makes me feel insecure as hell.

  2. I would love to see a conversation between Jonathan Haidt, Eric Lukianoff, and Noam Chomsky. Chomsky has been very influential on my intellectual upbringing and I have several of his books, but I also agree with Haidt & Lukianoff in their critique of very recent developments in campus activism. The moderator's dismissal of Haidt & Lukianoff's article in his opening remarks, I think, is misplaced.

  3. Those black bitches that interrupted Bernie should of been pushed off the stage. The real issue is black on black crime.

  4. Bernie Sanders was controlled opposition.He never fought for the nomination.He was there to keep progressives from leaving the Democratic party. Then when the nomination was stolen he handed his voters over to Hillary.

  5. https://socialequity.duke.edu/sites/socialequity.duke.edu/files/site-images/FINAL%20COMPLETE%20REPORT_.pdf

  6. Identity politics devides us all, and makes us weak in the face of our enemies. Stop it;stop it! Why do you think George Soros(actual Nazi)finances all this crap!

  7. 44:20 good point about Europe being more racist than the United States due to its homogeneity, have either of you ever asked the same question about where your homes or works are?

  8. laughing out loud Bernie has had very little interaction with the black community, as someone who used to be the help at MIT and Harvard through a temp agency called event temps that paid slave labor wages and was homeless on the street, and has also spent nights in Lexington, the very affluent home of Noam for many years I would love to know how much he and Brandon think they are somehow anymore in touch with the working-class African-American community. hang out in Kendall Square sometime or Harvard Square where MIT and Harvard are and Boston you will not see a greater amount of hipster wealthy jealous trust fund kids juxtaposed with a more ignored homeless population, and the extremely segregated neighborhoods of Roxbury and Dorchester. yes everyone at these super liberal schools really loves black people as long as they stay in their part of town, it was really hilarious watching occupy Harvard turn down protesters from the outside and hearing the security guard say these kids parents pay a lot of money for them to come here if they want to sit in Harvard Yard to complain about the conditions of the people that they won't let in, will let them do whatever they want, after all they are the future one percenters

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  10. People who graduate from harvard just end up working for the very institutions that undermine the american people and the world in general.

  11. Find a cure for Elitism, or the need to be superior. Feeling superior is a primitive survival instinct and it can be destructive to those to whom one feels superior. All for me, none for you because God told me so.

  12. I don't agree when it comes to reparations to black communities, not excluded at least. The best reparation would be to construct better neighbourhoods and guarantee better rights for workers. It is a much better tactic to have a both equally paid black and white communities which would not only help for a better living circumstances but it always helps in easing racial tensions.

  13. Is the west guilty for my bad breakfast?
    Is the USA guilty if I am to lazy to get up?
    After all that I think yes they are 🙂

    Must be nice to study at Harvard

  14. "To support a government is not imperialism"

    Funny how he didn't seem to have that view regarding America's role in Vietnam.

  15. Used to respect Professor Chomsky on ethics, but he crashes into senility and nonsense here on the issue of reparations for slavery. How are you going to activate the taking and redistribution of wealth for crimes of the distant past, Noam? Are you considering the resentment and anger and conflict that will invoke? Maybe you should begin with the donation of your hair-piece and cardigan. Maybe you could make a brown person feel better immediately, you silly old man.

  16. It is a collapse of the centre, not enthusiasm for the left. It can swing right just as easily.

  17. Chomsky talks about these 'two huge crimes' and yet it sort of rings hollow. How many people alive today feel personally responsible for slavery or the displacement of the Central and North American peoples? Basically none. They were not alive, Noam. They do not even fucking know what you are blathering about. And there is of course the other story of adventurers and idealists and poor immigrant people making a life themselves in America, but who remembers that in detail nowadays? It is vague prattle at best. Those people are dead as well. That is the great paradox of America. This history of guilt and triumph. Anyway you have to play the cards you are now dealt. The past is the past. Get over it.

    I mean talk about the collapse of wages and the rise of inequality but stop it with the virtue signalling to brown people. Most people neither hate or love or praise or pity anymore because of God damn origin, fucking skin-tone or gender. We are tired of that nonsense. Stop ramming our shit back down our throats.

  18. Cornell West is a far–too underrated intellectual. Just because he prefaces his razor-sharp truth with 'brother" or "sister" does not negate his ability to guide the progressive intellectuals. Don't be fooled by the egalitarian tone of Dr. West!

  19. Sam Hamady, in the Daily Beast ( http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/10/27/russia-bombs-hospitals-lefties-shrug.html ) , references this talk by Chomsky, writing "you have no less a figure as Noam Chomsky so absurdly and pathetically claim that Russia’s intervention in Syria is not “imperialist” since “it’s supporting a government." Does anyone know when in this 68 minute talk this occurs. I'd like to get the full context, if possible. In particular, Hamady seems to be accusing Chomsky of siding with the Russian intervention, but Chomsky might just be being particular about how words are used. Worth noting that this talk precedes the Russian war crimes in Syria, bombing hospitals and shooting up ambulances.

  20. There's the Harvard "intellectuals". And then there is Noam. Polite as ever. Low key. Plain speaking. Free from any jargon, or hysterics, his sentences loaded with facts revealing the context, and always giving examples which clearly illustrate the points he is making. And finally, he delivers his views with his own special brand of relentless reason and logic.

  21. I know what politics is about and politics destroys this country. I won't be surprised if this country went to war

    Cause we choose to get involved with other countries. Yeah exactly. lol

  22. Wow. I can't believe black males get sent to jail so frequently. Has anyone ever asked them if they've considered committing less crime?

  23. Taha Bali (Syrian MD) really nailed Noam Chomsky (the god father of the left) to the wall and put him on the record; history won't forgive. Taha asked couple of questions, and here briefly how Chomsky answered:

    1- He clearly said he sees no humanitarian reason for intervention, not even air drops to the people who are being starved!!!

    2- He called Assad criminal and dictator, but the intervention in Syria was legitimate and not imperialist because it came from a state that is being run by the dictator Assad. On the other hand, the US' intervention in South Vietnam wasn't illegitimate and imperialist 🙁

    3- Note that he neither called Comrade Putin a dictator nor a criminal for helping whom he admitted to b a criminal (Assad)

    Chomsky displayed here the intellectual bankruptcy of the left, that is why the fascist right are on the rise.

    what a shame …… what a shame ……

  24. Syria did not use chemical weapons, the us supported "moderate rebels" used the chemical weapons, this is proven by the UN

  25. old Chomsky plays both sides free men cannot be salves. Free men consult what's in their heart, not in the labels handed to them. real human beings do not look for a way out they defend their right to be, not looking for someone to blame. Salves blame, free men do not. All the talk about what group someone belongs to is playing into the control. A Human being first, religion politics and the rest way down the list. he talks about new liberalism and their criminal action, he is one of the new liberals. and is doing the same

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