26 thoughts on “Identity Politics is Narcissism – author Joanna Williams at the Battle of Ideas

  1. Eh who gives a shit. I don’t care about this and I think most people don’t. Everyone has mouths and eyes. No shit. No conversation needed with someone who isn’t willing to have one. Focus on global warming not how bad peoples feeling fucking hurt.

  2. We need more women like Joanna Williams who can think objectively, intelligently and who are not emotionally narcissistic.

  3. Identity politics is a combination of racism and sexism. Reverse racism and reverse sexism are still just racism and sexism. It's discrimination rooted in an irrational hatred and it's the irrational aspect that shuts down debate.

    Concerning transgenderism? The one thing that I don't think people realize when they advocate for transgender people being allowed to serve in the military is that, they simply wouldn't be happy there at all. Men and women who wish to serve their country surrender a bit of their identity to do so. The idea of allowing people who are so identity obsessed, narcissistic, as was stated in the video, how on earth are they going to cope with surrendering any of their individuality in order to serve? If ever drafted I would imagine they would throw their own transgenderism straight out the window, as they would receive no social reward for it in that environment, it would become nothing but an impediment.

  4. Ok coming back after a few years. No civilization was able to sustain itself without a strong sense of identity. Change my Mind!

  5. Religious Narcissism 🕵️‍♀️ God special cupcake
    . My Nation is Better!

  6. She was interesting at first but lost me on several points, the information she uses to support herself are really an exercise in bias confirmation. That in itself is narcissistic. As the saying goes, "if you spot it, you got it."

  7. It's called 'Subjectivism', stop blaming poor Narcissus for everything – he had no choice, the gods rendered him incapable of loving, as Echo well knew! Haha
    Subjectivism wedded to Totalitarian Authoritarian Collectivist Statism, to be precise. In a word (my own choice), Xenocracy.

  8. She is good, though. Been saying the same thing for ages. It's the politics of the vengeful feeble and narcissists.

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