37 thoughts on “Identify With Me | Episode I: An American Rebirth

  1. Congrats. . .what skillfully produced propaganda! How rich and ironic(?) that your group usurps another groups acronym from the 70s. AIM was the brand of the American Indian Movement. You had to have known this. . . dumb and dumber nationalism.

  2. Great action at the bookstore. Using our own media is good strategic thinking. Leave it up to cultural marxists and they'll lie every time. Charlottesville was an unmitigaged disaster for the DR. More of your surgical strikes and no more media events that tell the anti-White story.

  3. Very white-pilling from Justin Peek on being doxed. Great video, thanks. Many of us wish we could also be free one day.

  4. One of the great appeals of movements are their songs. Good songs have deep roots, speak to the now and reach into the future. Good songs create community. No shame in seeking inspiration in the songs of the 1960s idealistic progressive movements that was rooted in folk music. Our forefathers made some darn great songs and their lyrics, weren't bad either. Remember, their very pure European idealism was abused by sinister forces for sinister ends. Cherish the talent of our forefathers!

  5. There is strength in numbers….Doxing becomes ineffective once an organization has thousands of people……These George Soros funded scumbags only have a limited amount of money and man power to attack people with…….Shear numbers will force them to concentrate all of their attacks on a few key people in the movement…..while ignoring the masses working for AIM behind the scenes.

  6. Patrick looks like he's being interviewed at the White House…….Ha ha ha……Maybe this video is from the future?…….😎

  7. A question to whoever runs this channel, is it a requirement to use a real name when applying? Is a pseudonym acceptable?

  8. It’s going to take a lot more than this to take out Antifa. It’s a good start to develop a group to rally when the time comes. Great networking, so very important.

  9. What are you actually doing other then the occasional demonstration? Are you trying to get people into government jobs/elected positions? Are you writing and submitting proposed legislation? Are you getting people to move to an area to take it over as a new homeland/home-base for America’s founding stock separate from the USA? What’s the end goal of the banners, the clowns, and the book tour disruptions?

  10. We need to make resource intensive manufacturing strong in the US again. We need more good jobs for huwhite people.

  11. Brb posting this in Trump's mentions and the mentions of every Republican congressman, intellectual, and media personality.

  12. Patrick and the gang are doin great things, this is it. You guys and gals are making changes, keep it up!

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