IBM Cloud: The Cloud That Gives You Freedom

IBM Cloud: The Cloud That Gives You Freedom

My ideal cloud? It has to work like
air traffic control. It’s gotta let new data integrate with data from
our existing systems. ♪ ♪ ♪ Be able to pull from reservation
platforms built 20 years ago. And also be able to use apps to
book super-personalized trips on shiny new phones
from the future. Plus, I need freedom to move my
workloads wherever, whenever – but manage it all
from right here. And that’s the cloud I want. Simple, right? Expect more from your cloud. IBM Cloud.

4 thoughts on “IBM Cloud: The Cloud That Gives You Freedom

  1. IBM you should spend more time working on your quantum computing techniques and using BECs to cool them rather than making another cloud system. Google already had that covered with modular storage abilaties

  2. negro buck manages a whole airport all by "himselfz". We all know this should be a White guy. There was another ad where a negro buck managed a whole sea port, and even had a White lady assistant, but I can't find that on joo toobe.

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