I Went on a Solo Trip + Social Media Detox!

I Went on a Solo Trip + Social Media Detox!

what's up beside the families at the mission how are you I'm currently here in Boracay actually I arrived here four days ago but can happen on a top assume trabajo de tous so I figured na ma extend the ho for another three nights actually big decision unit for me as I said usually work out at 11:00 in the cooperating my mom is a hunter about Salmonella but I really wanted to do this I wanted to do a solo trip my school friends for I don't need no me panic that the I don't know Jolla so feeling Miller obligated the sama high no Heights and so I knew more about Maya and Babette nila they really find a way NASA Mahina was I that mean I go up every day but the like a muggy summer you and we saw Melissa we saw a mug reflect and basically I just really wanted to do like a social media detox so first simple got going to a see but my room notification channel check out that again fundo and sham premium on here is a boy a nut and being at the moment roudabeh so at own past two weeks ago I must say I have to be honest with you guys a medium entire dito you don't be nahama here after week Cebu heiko first time Khmer I'm the man young Robbie but instead of you know distracting myself parent Dynamo hotel ago you'll be like that I know I in a dress coat elegance will not reflect the whole degree so pop over and I'm gonna go home and I also found some good destructions like dinner a comic spinning class yes yeah my friends gonna you know I'm in breakout Manila you move you discipline delegate a because this trip I just really wanted to be alone and I'm staying here in Astoria una parte new young blog go with me if I'm ready next take a massage story her in but this time I'm staying in a story of our Highland this is a bamboo my channel station 1 station do yeah I don't Shana karate station 1 and station 2 so indie to sponsor it but I enjoyed experience kesariya her and so I'm checking all dito and yeah Johanna mug picture in I own Johanna may feel obligated or mug trabajo feeling code this experience will really help me reflect and clear my mind carbon bound and veto we're checking out a happen and can I just say Super Saiyan experience you ha see anyone greater have generous cough or go but the Yukiko Tsukuba members are gonna know a trusting in the West the business women also go more towards a beach you know saya saya all right so first up I'm here at ChaCha's Barack got my vinegar online and chambray one cup of rice in my own eye it wasn't here on a deal in kizomba hey guys so just an update it's currently almost 8 p.m. Hoppus Kalama we didn't know much rather look for you in your filament Instagram and yeah it's gonna head out for dinner ever know a mini creepy Hawaiian barbecue you saw I'll show you gotta belong yeah I'm gonna sort natto so I'm gonna head there now grab dinner let's go I got me join us fix it gets gonna hire and a minute kilometer you know honey into Manila papaya anyway can I just say major of a dinner man and Jimmy feedings fella Oxus older couldn't I ended up here in my a big mr. Sparrow fellow 400 Bateson in a phenomenal edita promised them beer absolute automatically thinking they don't in theory and I'm gonna make the pictures are in don't exist a of conditioning station one yes I'm having big oysters because I saw at the engine Juanita a massage power in an hour anyway from Pasadena home in major mega mega pay more to look cool and hey Owen you manager ko capricious of organic papaya Ohana debug social media detox major elaborate robot when I'm into the bath so I'm in a compromised domina before 10 a.m. that Padma Sri Lankan Allah has no emails go at hopper great Muhammad SAW what's up I mean ago sir anyway so after 10 a.m. but the airplane mode na ho in and I'm even download them on a podcast I seen you more inspiring podcast the pioneer a new perfume hi Oprah super not owning inside so I'm gonna finish listening to that today also what I want to do today is go to the gym sherry welcome Jimmy to serve a certain at all but Aaron Dona practicum iguana James huh mm so try open the economic anyway room tour this is the room that I booked the titular pero wrong choices all in like a Latin Grammy Queen Eric on the top admit oh you know her you know I mean Piguet lahum roomie I left Mahalo and garnet oh yeah nope no like this the bathroom okay so actually I'm really looking forward to this social media ethos let's see how it goes Skyy Oh hiya anyway three days the momentum three days anyway I want to show you pilot the pool LMS i under the name diamond offender and again that Eva white snow white lying if Emma for Shelley carpenter now and a hot chill but my subscribers deliver pizza and I picture because you never per picture Sonya so Phoenix are any now adidas a good post credit in picture and gamete valium open a phone anyway Brian throw bread in back here in Michelle anyway is it the serum agree with you I want ho Tecna nothing so long telegram agree laughs if ever I'll just use my phone the big video is parenting snippets down but I'm a hit on your home I don't know a document for you for me for meaner antara in the future but never a hobby anymore Andromeda it's one of my lament so anyway oh my – oh baby doc so without further ado let's get right into I'm gonna try to look for a gym here to say I know you're my family but not oh you know I'm about it's gonna blow Hadassah Alena for any power patio Pacific near search co-ed Adama guac in dito well me it was a long Belgium Diderot I'm not sure habanero so from Wyoming Cal bar he theater or thank important Asian fellow alum jimmdon infinite aura nuclear missile hit nothing Fisher down substation report research skills holy back here in my room tonight I company income where the bottom of James Astoria hurryin which is technically it's the same company right figure not in China where they say LM gamma contain Jim didn't pattern on last.fm dunno in the Honorable Jim Cass a family time the lager anyway sorry NEMA catamaran oh my gosh what is happening happening from Jim billion a NAPA marma desam I give up and then over there today guys but in a more land and say show me so from are all these past few days this is the Manila Sobran gloomy anyway now I'm heading to house brewed a cynic researcher Jorge do you want smooth the border son Andy nominally failed and research skills go bomb America aspirin beta Oh update I don't know viniq service hurt another big an appliance but leave us a bitch to post in American on podcast [Applause] [Laughter] oh hey and I just say super negative on her after mom buys a beach within an epidemic and edita for me I'm not mad and also after extremely Hadi disappear so one day and so and I'm in an attack out cap and so nearing you know her I'm in town – although I am full today and yeah almost 2:00 p.m. dependably lunch so and probably just gonna take a shower then head out for lunch and thinking of Hawaiian barbecue or I love barbecue obvious I'm in a barbecue marisol today so I'll just take a shower so you guys see there oh hi guys so in short on ammo Oh didi because we saw a diamond tripod kissimmee didn't I mean – a copycat a so do you think anyways for you Cassie Oh jack apparently meant that a barrel onion I think I mean wow I believe that we n-nothing it's a good on hot button anyway I'm wearing Wrangler today and she not gonna para Hindi Falun Gong experiment oh I see Ranko so mock swim doing cooling you know hapana you were you went over latinum graduate school well technically social media detox means take a break you take a detox from social media if I owns a digital detox by digital detox our camera camera will have now technology human error can be done far away so to go too soon china may try to ensue in our entire time oh hey so yeah I'm changed now I lost an arrow because it allowed the Greco come on and time lapse Wow okay so I should not have like two days before I can witness firstly I wanted to swim swim this happiness happy I'm suffering from major the under get Instagram Twitter Facebook tell Nikki me espero I check my what after hi my burger from time to time an emergency or bhai Mero rush new project so say a check and you put it in people so alpha manually nany young pizza four cheese pizza into season scalpel booze in Bamiyan anyway the dementia Romero microwave sharing please look at mr. Povich lung alright so update I just finished taking a shower I'm set up now I'm swimming in Grand Bay and then now swimming off from station to station then analyzing no waves you didn't get it by printing sunset may I say about that I'd like a pair o Bashar I mean did I go move it I can you know mom put it down arrow that will stick with you tomorrow so yeah to think I know my own reason at that but anyway now I'm just getting ready because I'm going to do see signs yes I'm gonna have their oyster season you know any crypto hey so I just got back in my room and I'm having you know Veronica's earth the night and so proud of myself anyway actually it's just 8 p.m. but my plan is to just finish with the podcast that I'm listening to and then after that I'm just gonna sleep that is the plan super Saiya super laughs our fabric napa and that's really the purpose of this trip tonight so really happy with that – Cheers good morning and happy Tuesday so napping breakfast na ho I had a super good sleep and right now I am ready I am heading on a flex I'm heading to the gym right now Booton la boum i-i'm Astorga her in the normal work out sahaja madam Liu long station 3 bus station 3 nasha toe of the tricycle Annamma and I'll see you guys there try comic film don't work out oh hey see ya Liuba anyway I'm here the story of I'm back here our ulema Gurkhas the in rooms nominal the Tamil Eelam Amitabh opposite green hot sincerely on teddy all right so I just arrived here at the gym of a story of Harry getting the know I know equipment nila completo we went on the sides and whatever meganta so it's not my workout that was a good workout within a minute MA I know I'm not happy mommy anyway I'm craving for iced coffee in the under coffee Canyon on breakfast I so I'm gonna look for a coffee place right now it's got my iced latte by the beach it also Sunnyside cafe judai oh my god I'm swimming about in my my yeah hey creepin on Hawaiian barbecue what he did to him original Hawaiian barbecue the bat that belongs Ana resort Neto so let's go it's major well doing it too deep hey it nah don't ambling long with an Hawaiian barbecue marinade ostatic a page of Manila yes hey so it's a little banana shape that's what I want and let our own picture to the picture I'm sure they get the more victories in Papa's case I instagrammed a hot dog it's either a hot timer on a tripod or in a picture because Connie can you know Hawaiian Nicola behind enemy didn't try putting in pop a picture and also our fanciness you need anyway it's very very startling no salaamed need a delegate happening tengo mala nyah nyah maybe it's minimally open an opening into Big Bertha I think that it's gonna be like my last swim alright so I just finished swimming long beach Matt's my beach my mom and like pulled another detour sorta path now I'm gonna leave all my camera my gadgets even make he you don't know what if it be the story oh you were not an engineer let's see this other parody shame about my Technol in work so I'm gonna leave all my gadgets and then watch the sunset and just rimming the note so that is the plan I'll see you guys later hey guys anyone Phil are you camera P current sleepers in the level long I am going for Kapow anyway thank you super mijita disappoint higher oh good when I'm for it but I mean as a team who won the back way I didn't jump on the cell not a bahala show young people even a bit big gym parent I launched a delegate my financials are open we make it up – into a llama Xiang Coonans bassam for tapas param be big Beluga machine gun a gamma drive a second official Collins a dry and I am taking if I go I said it or not a person gonna go out on my pork buns ito Holman and too big the badge of invoice and celery the rancor tapas human debris making game yeah Mejia a la casa de bois gumo Aparna Island Oh para he knew my Coto para marrow for on forever Tomas I got a gala tonight a big of a sermon in an Baja remember everything in your hunger no for didn't you're so angry at all got nothing embarked back fresh actually hidden in the lagoon on camera like a Maha Maha TD but fresh pair or tomboy in a pipe in the Nutella girl a smelly lemon Kohanga no homie temple now we know Manila I mean I hit on a really good in Cimmerian I mean Samba do you end up very busy so anyway I'm swimming Kobe in a potato hunger be around all that means Sun but super super worth death now I just a shower and I'm all dressed up and I am heading for dinner well Hana is a comb-over in a dinner pero many have now for dessert we saw an Ohio howl dog from ChaCha my station 3 youngistan Willingham Anahola harem garden Goliath anyway reality should go long Nick Muhammad Allah gossip or you know huggy get on my high but the own shakes arrow again in that minute Arista but anyway edge of star pick me super nice I'm just gonna head that and I seriously and here at ChaCha's varaha leader sponsored Asia casino ambience Oh syrup no food chaja damage ah ha ha you know Gustavo I mean I've also got my mojito say happy are pasilla CC it's not a fancy secret no a half with me completing the ready super set up in society anyway our yoga therapist perfect way to end so okay so I'm just waiting for my tricycle heading back to Astoria Baraka it's my last day here in the island day three it's currently 70 & Deluca diameter hanging grab breakfast haha a girl goes up and down all right so just finish with my breakfast and Messiah has a moment breakfast in GM Neela deepest Astoria like a Switzerland Swiss Shah anyway grab me and eat me because in my onion the normal words of wisdom nice and big and I'm an item to me like that dial on the horn Farah you see Nadia good and attention for it from this angle evening anyway I'm just gonna take a shower because I have 30 minutes to prepare and pap chip amalgamate go and get it soon they know how to turn on van surgery so family now marks a llama only here at Baja but anyway that's you guys later my shoes slippers sandals my underwear my accessories toiletries extra bad you're gonna fire okay so that concludes my social media detox / salt trip Kirin bra I secure next time try Co woman – somewhere in major secluded delicacy so bra crowded eaters Abraha especially pop when toss a beach they may get a diving Tower but then I reckon on dementia and so far I really enjoyed it I feel really refreshed and excited now a movie no Manila para trabajo my head only and it's just something that I really needed to do for myself and actually the by Instagram parent in a trainer and I hate Melania number of likes a more photos para now how to induce a mental health now you won't compare legs with each other oh no man I don't feel that way seguro marine Casa del trabajo at the end of the day trabajo I'm Shannon and I really do it out of passion I really love taking photos I really love editing photos so you know mentally horse you know college so it's something that I'm really passionate about so actually to social media detox I didn't use my phone that much I didn't go on social media of course but next picture Perignon I'm gonna make a say in the purposes of any parent you creative outlet for in talega so a ho saguru if you think social media is toxic if you think Instagram is toxic if you scroll through your Instagram timeline toplessness office care just make it a new my friends know or you may bump into follow you know NASA Martian variety plug-in at the travel guru if it's toxic for you I guess you should really take a break from social media and there's no harm in and following people and I'm Vietnam an accessibility committee Tahoe social media debate pero Metallica I've came into a point in my life now I really stop comparing myself to others that telegrapher we catch an opponent on project natal joven de abajo chat and Ito a Honda top arena o-tama unquote nanobot aha compared someone else's chapter 10 we were chapter 1 that's a good hotel look at the way I see it clear America hamana subscribers or Instagram followers Danny Kohana butakov panic the travel ganyan trust me do my thing didn't student a ho I don't know Nikita mnemonic the travel patterns reliving their best life Allegheny subpoena power I gotta lower graduate go I will work hard to hide the whole bottom ago our engine so it's to include this it on point Co you point the leg aha I guess to sum it up when you see someone living their best life or see a photo of them living their best life just know that you will get there eventually a bit vitamin Thailand definition of happiness about you eben nah oh la la la parte Selena business in l a– masculine only bro haha Travis if a better man tae-yong definition of success or happiness the batter it's really up to you how you live your life and the whole really just be happy for other elegance urban feeling but theorem in Akita Heine param successful just be genuinely happy for them Laguna he Tejano abortion got no project be that the end along to get along Shapiro my parent in branch Nia or not near a Tompa Narayana so busted me Morgan no moments now I really feel happy for that person so I think it's a nice straight to have it really keeps you grounded and compassionate the back camerin man home i OD to Seguin Oahu solo travel go is Olimpica find us a restaurant the serbian illa didn't pasilla to be go for one I'm beside impose a lack in person Muhammad discovered in the lame place Matthew platinum in Baroda Nellie my youth in Sears alright so many people this Highland fan of being a Papa hang up elegant kidding a sec gramma no problem number is how I love eating alone pattern I really enjoyed the company of my selves so I think it's a nice way for you to just feel your flick Kavi me sorry le MoMA Chanukah Sameach podcast Satyam 3ds na Ripken Ito super damn you gonna to tune and support so brung inspired oh brother I feel refreshed that's what I feel if I were to describe my feeling in one word its I feel super refresh better you know fresh Ilana mark I'm gonna kill a cop well meatball personnel I'm social media brake company hop and phone guys sorry guys I'm bad new bajo feeling for Manila ha ha ha me back no Allah anyway that is it you guys enjoyed this video sudden inspector yo and if every couple solid travel in Ohio before or about social media break let me know who animal earnings you know hopefully mondo Akasha in the future now digital detox them and so zero technology telaga that's really what I want to do su and better but natok signal Emilio that's what I'm gonna do so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a big thumbs up and also don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel I didn't say to some do now enough man for a third okay so I hope you guys enjoy this video bye guys

24 thoughts on “I Went on a Solo Trip + Social Media Detox!

  1. Ang ganda nga ng gawa mong buns and sand castle! appreciate ko lang baka walang naka pag react/comment. โค๏ธ

  2. Having time for Social Media Detox is a need, most especially with this very toxicated things and such. You're brave deciding to rest out of it, Kuya davidddd! Indeed, self-love and self-care is sacred. God bless you!!! ๐Ÿ˜Œ

  3. Ganda ng vlooog. Hindi nasayang yung 29:32 ng buhay ko. Pero ayun nga, parang may bigat din sa loob habang pinapanood ko si DG. Wala lang. Nafeel ko lang. Haha. Ang hirap maghanap ng paraan para makatakas sa dinadala mong problema kahit saglit lang. Lalo na kung yung sarili natin mismo yung problema.

    Sana all may nakuhang realizations sa vlog ni DG. Haha

  4. gusto ko yung sobrang invested mo sa viewers na andami mong chika ๐Ÿคง nafeel ko na parang nasa harap mismo kita ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  5. Sarap sa feelings na mag travel mag isa na wla kang iisipin kung hindi mag saya. Same tyo lodi nag travel din ako sa boracay mag isa na mag tagal ng stress at mag pakasaya. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. You look so classy but jologs in real life โฃ๏ธ Whatever youโ€™ve been through, youโ€™ll surpass it.

  7. Please stay stong David. Iโ€™m a fan since lookbook days, to dgmanila blogs and now to your Vlogs. Keep going! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜˜ Hooray for your social media detox. Happy for you that youโ€™ve done it.

  8. I have a feeling on what happened but I do hope you feel better, David! ๐Ÿ™‚ Time heals anything. I will pray for you always! Take care David.

  9. What happen?! ๐Ÿ™ But hoping you feel better now!!! Sana, nagawa mo lahat noong nasa Bora ka to feel better!!

  10. It's really good to have a good time for yourself specially when you are experiencing problems or something that stresses you. David Guison inspired me to get out in social media for a while and have time to relax without interrupting from techies โค๏ธโค๏ธ Thank you DG

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