I Was Wrong About Identity Politics?

I Was Wrong About Identity Politics?

okay so I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of angry comments on this video but let's jump into it anyways if you know me I've always been someone who is super against what we call identity politics I call it out at every turn for the cancer that it is to our political discourse this gender straight woman because you obviously you really um that you probably I actually actually identify I can attack helicopters so it's really a missile from a very privileged point of view here I know that you are you're actually the only woman who's actually featured because guess what it's a bunch of dudes and I do not appreciate that did you wait mommy a woman I'm legally a man are you yes but I've also recently realized that maybe calling it identity politics can cause for some confusion because now every single time I bring up the term identity in a political context everyone's sjw alarm goes off and in most cases I don't think I'm wrong to bring identity into these conversations as identity simply refers to the fact of being who or what a person or thing is so I really do think it is worth jumping into this topic again identity politics of course has been defined as a tendency for people of a particular religion race social background etc to form exclusive political alliances moving away from traditional broad-based party politics in other words instead of dividing us politically in terms of left-right progressive or libertarian identity politics divides people's political goals and interests in terms of their social group status like their race or their gender to me this sounds kind of more like social group politics or group membership politics but whatever anyone wants to call it modern-day identity politics has become an intellectually corrupt political practice not only have we allowed someone's skin color or gender to take precedent over the content of their character but we have legitimized the use of group membership as a political argument ad hominem attacks like have become commonplace counter arguments in today's political discourse and it kind of inverse ad hominem has also infected political discussion so along with using someone's oppressor group status to invalidate their argument people now also use their oppressed group status to bolster their own argument haven't had a woman to be President yet so we need to have a woman to be present being a woman running for president in the first woman president a woman president of the United States if you vote for somebody on the merits one of my merits is I'm a woman just how many times can you think of where you've heard someone start a political discussion with as a woman as a Muslim as a gay biracial trans African unicorn can as if this somehow makes the next thing they're going to say more important or more accurate identity politics in the form of social group membership and depression Olympics have done nothing but divider society along attributes that have nothing to do with the realm of ideas which is where political discourse should take place in its balkanized or world into groups that harbor resentment toward each other whether it be black lives matter movement subverting race relations or third wave feminism sabotaging gender relations identity politics as we know it today does not seek to move us forward as a society it seeks to fragment deconstruct and cannibalize us luckily as of late more and more people are abandoning the old social justice ways of judging every conversation using skin color or gender in fact most liberals would apply their loss in the 2016 election to their obsession with identity politics even super crazy far left liberals like Bernie Sanders came out and stated that it's time for the country to progress beyond identity politics movements so I really do think it's safe to say that it's not a winning ideology right now but this does bring me back to my points at the beginning of this video as we move away from this destructive and divisive habit should we abandon the concept of identity and political discourse altogether is identity politics of every single kind divisive and destructive rather than unifying and productive identity politics of any form is tribalistic and collectivist by nature it is corruptible for those very reasons to quote someone from a random Sam here a subreddit identity politics is bad because it teaches people to identify themselves and their interests based on their group identity or affiliation which leads to tribal thinking where truth is subordinate to the interests of the group and independent thought is substituted for mindless adherence to ideology this observation is pretty difficult to argue with collectivist thinking of any form risks a hive mind mentality that subverts truth but at the same time humans are social creatures by Nature we think in terms of groups we act as groups and at the end of the day all politics is group politics the only way for political movements to occur let alone be effective is to unite people by some sort of common trait otherwise we'll never get anything done it may very well be that the only rational path is a pure individualist search for truth but politics by its very nature is an effort to advance the interests of a defined group whether it be the citizens of a country members of a political party or members of a certain race so in a sense all politics is collectivist and all politics is identity politics and treating politics as a search for some transcendental universal truth is just not practical either politics is not a matter of saying group X is simply more correct or more truthful than group Y but rather saying group X is not the same as group Y and therefore they have different interests therefore the absolutist rejection of any and all identity politics results in the rejection of politics altogether which is why staunchly individualist libertarian types have such a hard time growing their movement beyond obscure corners of the internet so if you want to have any real impact in the political sphere the question should not be a matter of rejecting identity politics but rejecting the wrong kind of identity politics the divisive and destructive kind and aim instead for a unifying identity that pushes our society forward identities based on levels of oppression are not identities worth spending tons of resources preserving or basing political action around they're not ones that have created civilizations quite the contrary these identities seek to destroy them I mean what society has ever moved forward with feminist identity politics that the womb itself to be inherently patriarchal that society is quite literally incapable of surviving so instead of focusing on that crazy we should aim to preserve identities that have held societies together promoted social cohesion and managed to hand each individual a meaningful position in the larger social macrocosm these identities being identities of culture for the past few decades we have been dividing society into subgroups on the basis of attributes like gender and sexuality or uniting ourselves along left-right party lines and there are a lot of people that want to keep things that way because it is good for business and politics for them but the reality is these things that we have put so much weight on in modern day are only a small fraction of what brings meaning and structure to our lives cultural identity goes much deeper than skin color or gender it brings members of a society together on the basis of shared network of ideas and behaviors in the form of values and customs that have been meticulously constructed and perfected over millennia and have been ingrained in the minds of people for generations through families and communities passing them on and if only cultural transmission was as easy as sprinkling some European holy water onto non-western foreigners we'd be able to unite the world under the same cultural identity but unfortunately it is not that simple unfortunately centuries of fighting for individual liberties secular democracy and civil rights dating all the way back to the Magna Carta in the 13th century are not transmitted as soon as someone steps on to American or European soil in fact in our world of mass immigration with no assimilation people tend to transmit their deeply ingrained identity to the new country they move to rather than adopt the cultural identity of that country fragmenting society even further into enclaves and these things are worth talking about and some of these identities really are worth preserving for the sake of the future of first world democracies because if you abandon the family traditions the customs and the values that have created complex societies societies that create art architecture better standards of living scientific achievement and exploration well you abandon the nation and its love of freedom and democracy itself and I can assure you that no magic dirt or pencil-pushing bureaucrats can reverse that damage so in conclusion is identity politics inherently evil well at its worst it is a necessary evil at its best it's not evil at all because political action on the basis of cultural identity may not only be the best means of moving forward as a society but it may be the only means of achieving individual and societal prosperity let me know what you think though because this is something I've been mulling over for a long while and I would love to see some rebuttals or maybe some expansion on the thoughts that I've shared and as usual thank you so much for watching be sure to hit like and subscribe and I will see you next time

47 thoughts on “I Was Wrong About Identity Politics?

  1. The situation in the arts (with cultural Marxism/identity politics dominating) is so severe now that true creative expression, as we once knew it, will soon become impossible. The literary magazine arena is monopolized by grotesque parody editors, with pierced noses and ideologicalized MFAs, seeking only fiction submissions from 'traditionally under-representented groups, or people who 'identify' as oppressed sub-group X, Y and Z'. Soon we will see the end of imaginative literature, which will be replaced by doggerel charicatures of human experience vetted and approved by the oligarchs. Madness.

  2. I thought I was the only one that identified and an attack helicopter… it warms me to know that I am no longer alone in this world… thanks Lauren 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻😁

  3. Western Civilization is White civilization- White overreaches politics as Western Civilization overreaches politics . Chinese civilization is Far Eastern Civilization – Incan Civilization is New World Civilization . To confuse Civilizations with politics is to confuse Identity itself.

  4. I think even cultural identity politics can be problematic, on a fundamental level I dont see why Muslim refugees should be "assimilating" to their new culture in the way that the new culture decides is appropriate.

    Very complicated and difficult space we operate in these days, which is what gives me hope.

  5. thank god i live as a bit of a recluse being around people actually makes me feel itchy but you talk a lot of sense

  6. I try to have a nuance view of most things. Never have I just thought, Identity politics = bad, Collectivism = bad. Surely there have to be merits to both forms of ideology.

  7. “This is really upsetting, actually” – Lauren Southern after a DNA test revealed she is Spanish. From Spain. In Europe. And not actually 100% Scandinavian.

  8. these feminists are not choosing to be feminism for no reason? they are suffering from Telegony? and its unfix-able really? look it up?

  9. To sum up this video your saying "technically, identity politics is all politics and not just people identifying as telephones" when in reality, identity politics is just people identifying as telephones and wanting a million quid for being an opressed and disused phonebox.

  10. Post world war 2 US government only gave loans and grants to buy houses to white males. So what was the shared cultural value in this supposed post world war 2 economic boom? Privilege white males over all others? If society were just and fair there would be no solid ground for identity politics to flourish be it a good or a bad kind. And how did you decide the Black Lives Matter movement is a cancer?

  11. Lauren Southern is Lauren Simonsen
    She's a ziocuck controlled opposition for the goyim to masterbate to and patreon her

  12. To sum up: Identity politics based on biology is bad, identity politics based on good culture is good. Its actually just saying that an argument(good culture, good idea) beats biology.

    I thought IP was about biology, and I still do. Culture is about ideas and is therefor not IP. The right has a high roof, you can share some culture and still be friends. Leftist cant divert an inch before they are hated by their own. Im sure there are lots of differences between bio and cult IP, so that in essence, it would be easy to separate them logically.

    Bio and cult IP has same roots, but then sprinkle off like twigs.

  13. If you’re not a liberal by 21 you are heartless. If you’re not a conservative by 40 you’re an idiot

  14. I’m a security guard in the middle of England .Ppl hate us but the last few years “white” has been added to their abuse …. Weird right ?.And it’s usually from white ppl ???? 🤔🤷‍♂️.Im also s single Dad so I get called a nonce too lol 🤷‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  15. Only disagree with the last statement of identity politic at its worst is necessary evil. Identity politic is a tool for everyone to exploit. The worst of identity politic is that tool to be exploited to gain individual benefit rather than the gain for the masses. That would be absolute evil if not greedy.

  16. There are only two genders.
    It's okay to be white patriot.
    Transgenderism is NOT sexual orientation, it's transition.
    "B" in LGBT suggest there are TWO genders. 😂
    I am gay woman, I don't support feminists SJW retards.

  17. You have a few good points and I see the overall goal.. unite not divide. However , as a black woman (see what I did here) .. you cannot say that “ cultural identity “ goes deeper than skin color when people were literally enslaved , killed , discriminated against because of SKIN color. These groups didn’t form because they wanted to be different.. they formed because they were excluded from the “nation” or “democracy” thus they had to collectively come together to create ONE voice to join the conversation . And to be fair , identity politics in America , originated with white , male, land owners being the only identity represented in our country . I feel that because non white people are using their identity to uplift their voices .. NOW it’s an issue and that’s not right .

  18. I identify as a NON-BENDER-TRANS-JOINERY-FE-MALE-CIS-STRAIGHT-MAN how dare you assume my transbenderiness LOL.

  19. If some groups have ambitions to destroy your group, it won't improve your situation pretending you're not in any group…

  20. The biggest identity politics in politics is ‘America first’, perpetrated by the right, far right…

  21. I would like to have a debate with you Lauren. The topic is: why Lauren Southern should be my wife. Let me know…

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