"I Used To Be a Social Worker. I Am Going to Tell You Why I Stopped." #Creepypasta

"I Used To Be a Social Worker. I Am Going to Tell You Why I Stopped." #Creepypasta

it's been a year since that day that was the day the one where I quit my job as a social worker the call that started that afternoon I remember it distinctly they came from a man called Maurice Hicks he was a principal of an elementary school mr. Hicks had a stern voice but I could hear the concern he was worried I've talked to five different people mr. Wilks he said over the phone he had been extra persistent the last few days calling child services daily that one including my boss who decided to follow up by forwarding the case to me these kids are not being taken care of it's summer vacation mr. Morris so how do you know that precisely I asked mr. Wilks these kids have been going to my school for a year they were always dirty and smelled terrible I tried reaching out to their father who was our only contact but he never answers or returns my calls I understand but that doesn't answer my question how do you know these kids aren't taken care of when it's summer break I drove by their house mr. Wilkes I saw the boys in the front yard they had blood on them how do you know it was blood and not something else I know bloodstains mr. Wilkes he responded calmly but with a hint of annoyance I wrote down some notes and thought maybe I should do at least a drive-by of the house I hoped that it would put his mind at ease or at least get him to quit calling I will go by today I replied he was worth doing just a quick talk with the father it was possible that Hicks is right but it would be wrong to assume the children or unsafe just by his statements I needed to see myself tell me the address and all had to check out after lunch I wish I had never written down that address the house of the Raymond family was not welcoming it was a small rundown house about 20 minutes outside of town the closest neighbor was a farm it looked deserted the Raymond's grass was overgrown and junk laid all through the front yard the thing that caught my attention when I got out of the car was the smell it reeked of a dead animal I walked slowly to the front door and the odor became stronger mr. Hicks may have been right about the children's safety the entire house looked like it could collapse as I walked under the porch I opened a small screen door to knock no one answered I tried again and said child services please open the door I heard a giggle it made me turn my head around as the sound of tiny footsteps were moving quickly my steps from the porch and into the yard looking around I could not see anyone when I felt something tug my hand startling me it was a small girl with brown hair and freckles mr. Higgs had not mentioned a little girl she was young though not quite old enough to be in grade school it could have been the answer he may not have known of her the little girl was curious as she looked up to me and asked who are you my name is mr. Wilkes I explained as I bent down to look at a little girl she had weird stains around her mouth and her clothes were dirty she had a smell too like she'd been rolling in something foul I could see why a school principal would be concerned about safety I am here to speak to your daddy do you know where he is he's asleep and doesn't like to be woken up he gets upset when you wake him up where are the others Ben and Tim yes where are they at I saw them playing in the backyard she answered as a little girl pointed behind the house she started to run toward the wooden gates that concealed the backyard come on mr. Wilkes I will show you where they are at all right what is your name sweetie I asked everyone just calls me Bob she reached the wooden gate and I followed noticing the smell was getting stronger it did not seem to bother barb though she open the gate disappearing from my sight wait up I shouted when the gate shut I placed my hand on the gate and knew something was wrong by the smell the backyard was even worse than the front it was covered in even more junk but that wasn't what disturbed me it was the small bones that were around they look like they came from birds squirrels and other critters something else stood out – it was the makeshift table that had bones hanging from it with small strings it looked like decorations what is this it's where they play how is this playing I inquired to the child as I walked over studying the table the boys had made it from bricks and wood scraps the top of it had dried blood on it I was even more disturbed as I turned a barb to see you're acting like nothing was wrong what happens here Bob the boys give it gifts she responded as she walked over and pulled on one of the bones I needed to speak to the father these kids needed to get out of this house immediately they weren't just filthy they were playing twisted games what do you mean gifts their friends ask for gifts made of skin and bones but it hasn't been happy with them lately it wants more what do you mean it once more it wants bigger things and they have been given it pieces Bob replied when I heard something coming from the tree line of the backyard I saw nothing but I started to become more nervous as the sound happened again he was coming from a different direction it's never enough though I heard it come from behind me and I felt a sharp pain I looked to see blood running down the back of my leg the look of a little brown haired boy then evil smile on his face and then I noticed another younger boy who carried another sharp object it was the brothers and mr. Hicks had told me about I grabbed Barb's hand and began to run to the house the first boy took another stab at my thigh and I felt a burning pain I bowled on a small girl as we ran to the back porch the two of us ran as each step eight and blood poured down my leg I quickly pushed open the door and slammed it shut I locked it as I looked outside to the two little boys holding their blades they smiled menacingly at me Bob go lock the front door while I call the police I ordered as the little girl looked confused she must not have ever seen what her brothers were capable of she seemed to be in shock honestly go lock the front door and hide but it'll get mad if it doesn't get a new gift she protested Bob lock the door and hide I'll get us out of here I promise it took a moment but she left and I pulled out my phone I dialed 9-1-1 and the dispatcher answered 9-1-1 what is your emergency I'm being attacked I'm hurt and I have a small child with me please send help are you safe no I am NOT I was just stabbed in the legs twice and yelled sir you're going to need to calm down who attacked you the two little boys that lived here and with Child Services and they sent me here to investigate where are they now I locked them outside but I don't know how long that will last I replied as I walked around inside the house it was dirty and covered in junk I could see spoiled food everywhere I started to walk around looking through the house I entered the hallway it looked like where the bedrooms are located so you mentioned something about another small child who is that one it's the youngest sister but she didn't do anything to me I brought her into the house with me sir can you secure the child and hide safely until help arrives the dispatcher asked while it walked down the hallway I counted three doors but only one was open the one on the end sir can you do that for me yes I replied when I walked slowly to the last door my guest had been to Bob's room and that is where she had run to hide I had to protect her I will find her and the two of us all hide in the back bedroom stay in the line please they aren't far away okay my whispered as I approached the room the smell was awful and he made me worried that he was not her room but one of the brothers it wasn't though I did not see what looked to be a child's bedroom it was worse it was so bad that it made me drop my phone in horror it was a man tied down to the bed with chains binding him he was thin and looked to have not eaten in weeks the smell was him salting himself in the bed that he was bound to he had brown hair like the children and I assumed it was the father I noticed something though it was that he was missing fingers and toes along with other chunks of skin the boys had been mutilating him slowly I walked to the bedside who put my hand on his arm mr. Raymond who is that he gasped squinting his eyes he was struggling to see me but he was alive I looked around to see if I could free him from his restraints but I couldn't who are you I'm with child services and replied get us out of here he cried out something is wrong with my boys and they need help I've already called the police they will be here soon we just need to hang tight that is when I heard a sound coming from the house I walked into the hallway to see the front door someone was trying to open it but I did not hear the police sirens it had to be the boys Bob where are you I cried out the door started to shake violently and I could see barb finally she walked to the door looking at it curiously she must have thought it was the police I was going to innocently let the boys in here Bob don't open the door I screamed she turned ahead to me quickly as a hand rested on the doorknob that's when the sound of sirens came Bob ran away quickly and I turned back into the room of mr. Raymond he could hear them too I could see a weak smile on his face I am going to get the four of you out of here and get your boy some help I said just get the boys out of here they need help because something is wrong with them what about your daughter he coughed and looked confused I don't have a daughter

34 thoughts on “"I Used To Be a Social Worker. I Am Going to Tell You Why I Stopped." #Creepypasta

  1. What if the bones in the backyard aren't just of small animals but also that of Barb's if she was a previous victim

  2. It would've been more interesting if it was one of those cases that mention how detrimental child abuse and neglect can be instead of 2 psycho little boys and a ghost girl

  3. A good listen. It was clever in that the REAL monster in the family is not whom you think it is. I see the narrator went for the cliff-hanger "oh shit!" type ending.

  4. I like how everyone is jumping to the little girl as being an eldritch entity or one of their servants just because it is a creepypasta.

    Where I think the author was trying to weave a story about a cunning and manipulative evil little girl. Nothing on the surface was supernatural in the story. But the little girl did lie to the social worker, lead him to the backyard where he could be attacked by the boys without witnesses, and distracted him long enough so they could sneak up behind him. And when in the house she went into the front of the house to try and let the boys in. Then ran away once the police arrived knowing the jig was up.

    So ultimately he stop being a social worker not because he met the unknown but because he found out kids can be evil as any adult. Though I do think the little girl is where the boys did get the idea of their friends wanting sacrifices, just not necessarily being a true eldritch entity and it being something the girl made up and is delusional enough to believe in it.

  5. That was a lazy and confusing ending the writer could’ve did so much with it. But i enjoyed your voice reading it nonetheless

  6. I am Social Worker and lemme tell ya. A lot of us go after our Masters in some other focus. I'm still looking for work right now but one place that's always hiring that I'll never apply to is CPS because that's heartbreaking in addition to scary. One of my professors got bitten by, her car trashed, a weapon pulled on etc. by (understandably) angry parents back when she worked there. (I was a foster kid for a few years, so I know not every parent is like this, my mom definitely wasn't).
    It's a scary enough job without eldrich horrors. Even in Geriatrics or Disability services weird/scary stuff happens all the time.

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