I Made an ENTIRE Society Collapse :O (Random Games)

I Made an ENTIRE Society Collapse :O (Random Games)

hello everyone and welcome back to random games I don't have anything interesting to say game number one run hipster I already know it's gonna be great because there's a guy beatboxing in the background Oh lovely okay so it's probably gonna this is one of those games am games okay so it's probably gonna be pretty rough around the edges and it's probably not gonna be any great sound effects we'll see oh god no it doesn't even change its the same as it was before it says boom on this guy is like Captain Awesome well that's you buddy you're Captain Awesome what are we doing with this hamster Oh God getting the control for you so are four escape ok yeah so is something gonna happen if I do this or is it just one button that's one button press isn't it like a good job you press one button there's so four more buttons to press little guy look at those oh man look at that ass wiggling around damn hamster okay uh uh-oh this just doesn't say anything but this is to on it hello I was a hamster sized hole for me to go in right oh I love hamster size holes if you know what I mean I mean I'm talking for the hamster here now I'm not a hamster file what do you call that Oh weird that's what I call it get in there dude get in the no no no jump off the edge you can't draw off the edge okay yeah no desk for you today dude sorry there's there's a heart up here this music don't mean this freaking music you don't know what you're gonna get I always say that guys you don't know what you're gonna get what do the rest of these do get back on that wheel dude get that to get going again maybe if we just keep doing this long enough more lights to light up or maybe nothing will happen you know that's an option to what's in there a hole see that's not good what does that mean do you have any controls for this game huh cuz nothing's happening right now okay I can't I can't take any more of this game I can't do it okay it's not just no what was that what was that game supposed to be huh why did you make it alright alright look it's not the first time that we've started with a not-so-good game you know get the get the worst out of the way and keep on going we can do this this one's called virus and it's got better music so that's good this one was made for global Game Jam 2018 contaminate sick Gagne you know that means contaminate it is win yeah that makes perfect sense my French is just so good can I have an English version please just so I don't have to use my intellect which doesn't work very well no okay well we're gonna play in French it says play that's an English word so go you just gotta move and you gotta hit the bow space bow it's best spacebar there you go so I this is a game where you don't you just hate it when you're walking down the road you're just here you're just doing your thing you're having a really nice day and a car eats you and your head explodes damn okay zero contaminations good try let's praise you eh what's with the English and then the French what's that all about how do I even well I don't know how to move properly we'll hold up a second here now here we go okay WASD doesn't work what are you a sandy but how do I go up oh sweet Jesus what kind what kind of controls are these I'm gonna use the arrow keys okay here we go so what you gotta do oh wait wait wait wait shit look at that ass mmm no this is mine no we got it we got we'll try again I got really distracted look at that thing man it's okay with the people are white but when you start giving them like skin colors that starts to get a little bit weird or erotic or both all right so we got to walk around and we just got it just kind of we just got to throw up on some people is it really that hard see this guy's black black is it's a real skin color it's brown but you know what I mean and you can see some serious ass it's okay cuz I infected a guy and I just got to keep on infecting people and as long as you know as long as I keep on doing then we'll be okay touch the people with the oh no controls are backwards control controls are still backwards okay so the symptoms evolved you know now they're not backwards anymore and you just got to touch people at this point and the boils the boils growing those are causing some issues yeah I like how the guy in the car just like they see me rollin doesn't even care about all the zombie people walking around okay let's try again that was a pretty good attempt there are people getting hit by cars you know this is a very dangerous place to live I don't know what kind of people y'all are but that's okay we're doing it dudes we're doing it contaminating try not to get ran over by that guy what if you're okay controls are backwards grab that one now he's super fast it's all good get it so nice bombs nice bums y'all come here good because his head was about to explode as you can see crack is not a lot of people left man it's gonna be difficult but we don't have any people keep going dude keep going they're right over there hurry up why you gotta be like that why okay again again I'm gonna I'm gonna beat my score at you and we both died try again dude try again it's a hard world out there it's a mad world all right I don't know why you just become the latest person infected but you do and sometimes the controls get reversed and that gets a little bit freaking weird but we're going we're doing it look at these glasses cuz I'm hot as hell yeah they follow me I don't know if why did they're following me you know maybe this is cuz they like me like you can't do nothing to me you can just walk near me but it's cool having a little entourage you know it probably scares people come on walk faster Jose what did I get 1100 a leaven is better than 10 take it from me one more try one more try yeah go ahead get those cops out they're gonna turn into vomit soon good good you got it you got to plan this right if you want to get all the people okay okay you know you got to be careful you got to be real careful okay that guy's heads turning orange not a good sign a good sign at all it's all good it's all good so that so right now the symptoms are sneezy's which is which is fine you know that happens and orange guy I don't know what orange guy means I should not be up this far it's okay we'll go the other way come on do it before the head explodes before the head explodes oh is right there oh geez all right well that's a fun little game I played it it was cool time to move on up next guys we have a little add in the first two games are kind of short I do have another one but I wanted to throw this one in as well all right those ones were pretty short experiences you know we need more this is this game called nuts and you're supposed to spy on a squirrel every night at 23:59 the squirrel visits their stash set up these cameras then returned here be quiet take notes he lives in the orange tree tree I see the orange tree on the tele but I don't know what to do about it okay all right oh yeah the cameras are pointed at the instructions I love it all right okay so let me let me take a camera pick that up and put it down oh the orange tree right here all right so maybe point went up there like that is that good you know you're looking right at it stupid stupid camera super camera look up instead stupid camera point that one there and I guess just get another angle and then you sit here and wait for night set the cameras out return here be quite take notes he lives in the orange tree okay all right um let's get one over here all right over by the fence just get that third angle very important stuff let's go check it out sitting in the chair and here it goes oh it's happening squirrel time night one the squirrel is coming okay all right where is oh there is squirrel what are you doing squirrel oh shit where do you go squirrel where'd you go squirrel okay so what I need to do is I need to set the cameras up better oh there's so you went he went to the right on camera be good to know good to know I need to find out what's to the right of camera B I'm gonna go ahead and end this really we got lots of time nobody said there was a day limit so we'll try again this is camera B so let's go ahead and point camera B let's maybe put it down down here so we can see where the squirrel goes you know cuz he's he's going somewhere over that way this camera can't see much of him I think they're kind of pointed it's very similar directions hold on we're gonna point this one more towards the other camera here we go again time for the squirrel he comes down the tree what is he doing he's running where did he go shit squirrel why'd you get it damn it come back squirrel oh I can zoom in okay I want to sit there he goes there he goes he's ready ran down that way he disappeared man he disappeared he went in the direction of camera see what's over there that's what I want to know where is he going right I think when I had to put a camera behind camera see but let's see where else he's gonna go I tell you that I'm watching you squirrel except right there he goes he came from over there somewhere I don't know what's over there but we're gonna we're gonna find out clearly he's going somewhere in that direction I really want to know what he's up to so camera B he's gonna stay there this camera I think it's also gonna you know point in a different direction I need to see where this guy is going he's good I mean it doesn't really matter what at the tree one in other places let's sit down again and find out what's gonna happen he's coming down the tree he ran he's running in that direction he's looking around he's going down there oh he's not Ecco all right he went a bit to the left then we're gonna find out what's over there cool cool cool there he goes down there looks around goes further that way so we need to see to the left of a in to the left of B got it let's check it out I'll put that camera there there's not a whole lot there but it should maybe pick up the squirrel and then this camera right here is gonna get pointed over there instead let's try it what's down there squirrel what is it I think he has a squirrel girlfriend I hope he has a squirrel friend I think that'd be pretty cool even further that way all right there I don't know man it said we're doing it one day at a time take life one day at a time my friends that's what I do there he goes he went up another tree why did he do that what's up they're nuts we're taking the first camera now guys and we're pointing it at that tree cuz that tree is where it's at over here this is this is what we need he's not doing anything this doesn't make any sense why am i watching a squirrel I've just spent eight nights watching the squirrel they didn't do anything okay I think it's like this tree this is like two trees it says if you wait around the stache shake the tree you find the stage let's hope the squirrel wants to share why would I want the squirrels nuts I'm not into that shit you know I don't like squirrel nuts I'm pretty sure they're just regular nuts what the squirrel eats them and I don't sorry squirrel I won't be eating your nuts today good bye alright guys for the last game we're gonna be playing we become what we behold I checked out this game it's a it's been on my list for a while to play and then I realized it's by the same person who made the evolution of trust I made a video on that a while ago a really interesting philosophical game about why people trust each other and and what it means to to trust someone and how when you trust people you all benefit stuff like that it's really cool I made a video on it I'll try and link it down below so you can check it out this one is only 5 minutes long should be a good time warning the following program contains scenes of snobbery rudeness and mass murder viewer discretion is advised okay I will disgrace okay so it's like you know you can see it there's a screen and on the screen is the screen whoa oh nice noise we become what we behold we shape our tools and then our tools shape us yeah all right damn Marshall miss attributed okay well maybe you didn't say it Marshall here's the little people same same people playing click ok click hello just some normal piece there's a cricket what's going on what does it do what does it mean what happens if I take a picture of a normal peep I want to take a picture of the fancy guy and friends oh nice head this is like dramaalert or something oh they're putting got hits oh these have a nice had another pointing out heads well look at the hair hurt heads down here look at those ones whoa gross go get a room oh no no no no wait some what I wanted you gotta catch them doing something interesting well okay I'll wait for the interesting guy to do something interesting praise square attacks and now people aren't gonna like squares anymore they're gonna stay away from them you know I get it I get what you're saying here look he's gone he disappeared well this guy's this guy's squares they ran away so yeah the the the media has painted the squares as evil people now guys so when people see squares and they run away okay circle fears squares so now people are gonna be like whoa circles don't like squares okay all right thanks media oh shit no sorry I didn't mean it a TV on a TV whoa shut up cricket so now guys because of this one incident of a square guy since it's been reported on the TV now everyone takes that and is the the overall idea of what a square person is and now the square people don't like the circle people because the circle people don't like the square people hmm there we go squares snub circles and there the circles don't like that at all they're getting angrier okay this is causing a lot of we don't even care about you anymore dude you're just yelling at people oh oh who Tunes in to watch people get along you're right the news is never about being happy but this guy is about to do some crazy shit okay he's all riled up for the new look at the news did look look what the news did to him sorry peace is boring can't even see that guy try again look at him looking at me Owen circles hate squares and now the squares and the circles hate each other and now they're all mad and they're not just gonna yell they're gonna hurt each other soon what do I do now when I was a I think we should just I think we should just talk about the square whose really nice and gala okay I need them yell at each other now here we go here we go do it come on yes where's eight circles we need them to hate each other that's what we need once they hate each other it's all gonna go to hell maybe we should take a picture of the people who aren't so bothered by this situation no every story needs conflict okay that's so CNN gets the views we got a report on all the mass shooters because all the people not shooting each other they're boring almost everyone hates everyone and more white people are turning red with anger everyone hates everyone and it continues again now is anyone gonna take care of these protesters well look at this guy what's he gonna do what's he what's he all about holy shit take a picture scared be angry this is the world you live in get out there and you tell all those circles and all those squares that they suck if you're a squirt Circle Square Z to dive you are square circle see tonight everyone everyone kill each other right now this is what this is what happens when the media only reports on the bad stuff when the Wall Street Journal talks about all the nasty stuff PewDiePie did when he donated a million dollars to charity nobody cares about a million dollars to charity no way they only care about Nazis and the people who hate Jews who aren't Nazis and everyone else as long as you hate someone the news will talk about you wake up I don't know if we should just wait for everyone to die I don't know if that's gonna happen or not but pictures maybe be scared be angry yeah same thing just yep get them get them buddy you've got a shotgun use it oh it's uma now okay okay this is the end guys this is the end it's all being played on a MacBook Pro Apple hates people this Nikki case person absolute genius absolute genius damn like he really gets you to think guys like you know I don't want to get too deep into a discussion about this because this is just a random games video and I just wanted to give it a try and it was a short game did wanna make a whole video on it but this is this just goes well who's last but not least oh me oh you're welcome thank you for making the game seriously and now we're all just being sad the TV's dark cuz nobody can nobody can make the TV work because everyone died ripping peace all you people and take a picture of it boom as I was saying guys I don't want to get into too much of a discussion about that but that is literally how the media works okay they report on the bad things you know because when people are angry it's a lot more powerful than when people are happy or just content when you're content and you're just you're cool with the way things are going you don't get up and you don't shout and you don't get loud just keep to yourself so the media creates a narrative of people hating each other and and then whenever someone hates each other it becomes the new talking point hey well I just saw that person hating on that person I just saw that minority or that majority or whatever fuck all brown people all white people all Muslims all atheists it doesn't matter alright there's always someone who can get painted in a bad light you know if there's a lot of psychology behind that that I'm not going to get into you know as you may know I took a degree did a degree whatever in psychology and we learn about this kind of stuff your cognitive biases it's crazy man it's crazy and like just just think about it man really cool game really freaking cool game Nicky case really cool game man you

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  1. omg nutcasenightmare!!! i used to be obsessed with his game, the game! didn't realize it was him at first but now i see it, he IS a genius.

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