– Hey everybody, Jack Vale here. Last year, I got my
wife an anniversary gift for our 20th anniversary, that kinda back fired on me. Here’s what happened. – You know how you always wanted a real diamond engagement ring? (gasping) That’s right, I bought a horse. – Hey babe. I’m giving you part of your
anniversary prize today. – ‘Cause I just want to. (wife laughs) Are you excited? I can’t wait to give it to you. – Why are you gonna not wait? – [Jack] You’re gonna be so excited. Is she gonna be excited? (boy laughs) – Oh, yeah. – [Jack] Uncle John, what,
(laughs) what are you doing? – Giving you the, – [Jack] Stop, ouch, quit it, don’t, don’t Come on, you know what,
that’s really annoying. – If you make it serious,
like you would think she would want it, then I think she’ll accept it. – We’re trying to pick our names. Look, this stupid thing is in the way. What’s her name? – Penny. – No, I don’t want – Penny is so cute. – We’re taking like, – It doesn’t look like a penny– – Or lady. – Lady?
(laughing) Oh that’s clever. What are you gonna name–
– Lady like Lady and the Tramp your female dog, Lady? (laughing) – I like Penny, Penny. – She’s trying to go for Penny. – I don’t like Penny. – Why? – It doesn’t look like a Penny. – Yes it does. – This is all about the pig, by the way. We let Madison in on this so she wanted to come with us. Now the name that we have for the pig right now is Tootsie Roll. I wouldn’t really care
for that name, It’s cute. – But it doesn’t know its name anyways. – Oh my gosh, Toots, Hey, Toots. Toots. What about Toots? – No. – We should shorten the
existing name they have Toots, I like it.
– No. – I’m working on a video
right now by the way with me and Craig Benson
and some other people where we’re just telling, just calling people Toots. Hey, Toots do me a favor. (laughing) And I can’t wait to finish that one up. Sue? You don’t like Sue? Betty, Betty – Betty’s cute. – Betsy. – No, Betty, not Betsy cause
that’s too stereotypical. Farm animals are named Betsy. So we are meeting these people at Domino’s and they have our pig. Hi there
– Hi. – How are you doing.
– Good, and you? – Pretty good. – [Man] How ya doing? – Pretty Good, how are you. – This is my son, Chris,
– You filming? – Yeah and my daughter, Madison. – Hi.
– Hi. – [Jack] I’m Jack, how are you? – Hi Jack, I’m Melissa, – [Jack] Nice to meet you. – Hi Chris, hi Madison
– Hi. – Oh my goodness, how cute, look at you. How cute look at that, (pig squeaks) Oh ho ho, how cute. It’s okay, you’re gonna like
us, I promise yes you will. – It’s super cute
– Is it really? – I believe so. She’s so sweet. – Pulling up to the house. We are here right now, oh my gosh, that thing is just too adorable. – [Madison] Penny gimme a kiss. (laughter) – We are going to present it. (knocking at door) – She’s on the couch, mom. – She says she’s not
getting on video right now. She has a big onsie on and
no make up or anything. – Yeah. (buttons beeping) – Okay close your eyes, keep them closed. Maddy make sure they are closed. – Is it an animal? (giggling) I don’t want it. – Hold out your hands.
– No – Hold out your hands. (Mom squeals) – You can’t be jumpy like that. Don’t open your eyes. (Mom squeals) – Shh, your going to scare it be quiet. Here you go. – You’re gonna love it. – I don’t want that. (laughing) – [Jack] Shh you’re gonna scare it. – Yeah. – [Jack] It’s called a micro pig, – Yeah it’s a pig.
– it’s a teacup pig. It’s adorable. Madison named it Penny. – Sasha’s gonna eat this thing. – [Jack] No they are going to get along with Sasha just fine. – Honey.
– Look at that. – [Mom] You guys don’t
even take care of the dog. Whose gonna take care of that. – [Child] Oh we will definitely– – Can I hold her.
– take care of this thing. (laughing) – So happy anniversary. – Dad where did you get this pig? – [Jack] Well I wanted to
get you something meaningful. – This is meaningful? – [Jack] Well something to
commemorate 20 years together. – A pig? (mouth munching) – So cute. (mouth munching) – [Mom] Do you think he’ll bite? – [Jack] I don’t think
the way it look at me – [Child] It’s a real pig. – I got her something
else for our anniversary. This wasn’t the real anniversary present. I know you secretly love this one too. – No, no. – [Jackson] I think she does. – Me too Jackson. – I don’t. – [Jackson] I think I saw her
eyes a little bit watering when she was petting him. (laughing) – Do you have a soft spot for this pig? Aw come here babe, – It had eyelashes.
– I knew you loved Penny. Well that’s it today
we’ll see you tomorrow. (pig squeals) – [Jack] Say that’s all folks. – What. – That’s all folks. So based on how that went. It thought it couldn’t hurt
to get some advice this year. So folks let me know in the comments what you think I should get my wife for our anniversary this year. I feel so stupid asking you this question but what the heck I gotta
do something different. Last year I tried to think outside the box and it back fired on me. (snorting) Sooo, let me know it
can’t be a live animal. But give me some advice some input here, I’d appreciate it and
I’ll see you next year when I need more advice, okay. Alright, thank you.


  1. This will come off as a weird thing to focus on. But I'm going to anyway.
    Why block out Jackson's underwear/boxers? Unless they are white and/or somewhat transparent (which I doubt the latter), censoring them seems pointless. It's no more then being at the beach in shorts or a speedo.

    Sorry. Just trying to understand the decision behind it.

    Also, what happened to the pig?

  2. ITS SO FREAKING CUTE !! Penny the pig would be nice name for the pig it’s so cute 💕❤️…..

    Wait how did I get here I don’t even watch vlogs videos

  3. Make her something special! Instead of buying something, And write her a really long and sweet letter, and take her on a trip somewhere that she’s been wanting to go!

  4. A scrapbook of the kids from birth till now! Add every special event and moments that were precious. You'll thank me!!

  5. How about cheking out this video 8 days in the phillipines in 8 min. There you might get and idea for a pefect aniversary gift.

  6. Why not have your kids design a brief scavenger hunt for the two of you, leading you around town, with the only rule being that it end at a nice or meaningful restaurant/location where you make arrangements ahead of time for a romantic dinner? Each kid could pick two locations to drop off a letter or note describing something they remember or appreciate about either your marriage or the family as a whole, and one of the older kids could write up the clues to lead to each location. This would be a relatively inexpensive, heartfelt way to involve the whole family in your special day. You could even simplify the dinner as a picnic for just the two of you where each kid packs their favorite food usually made by Mom (and you pack the wine, lol).

    As for your personal gift to her, don't think of it as the type of gift you'd put under a Christmas tree. See it as an opportunity to show her that you know her, you see and understand who she is and appreciate and love her more now than ever before. If she's passionate about a cause, donate to it in her name. If she loves kids, sponser a child in a needy country together. If she's passionate about education, find a way to give back to the local schools. Whatever will show her that you know her heart and want to help her achieve her dreams, just as she has supported yours. You could always get a necklace or other piece of jewelry representing what you did, to remind her of it in years to come. I've been married for over a decade to a truly amazing man who makes me laugh many times each day, but not everything has to be funny. Sometimes it's good to show your love is more than just the ongoing jokes. Best of luck, Jack. Keep making great content.

  7. Build a koi pond with a waterfall! Totally reasonable, beautiful, and tranquil. Great place to get away! I've been building them for years and think they are beautiful!

  8. Buy her a blue Lamborghini 2006 model arent too bad of a price…. get her a mMiniature donkey to play with the mini pig

  9. My wife's favorite animal was a pig… got her one for her birthday once…. pot-belied pig – his name was Marcel.

  10. This may be more appropriate for Mother's Day, but it would work for your anniversary as well. You could get her a mother's ring, which (in case you don't know) is a ring with the birthstones of all her children incorporated into the design. Nearly every jeweller has these for sale. You could add your birthstone as well. Or you could get her a bracelet with something memorable engraved on it, like something you said to her on your first date, or at your wedding, or a line from your special song, along with the date.

  11. Get her a dog house, so you can stay in it lololol. Also this video reminds me I went pig hunting last night, 5 different bars and no luck.

  12. Pandora or Trollbeads bracelet definitely! 😁 I have both, okay many many plus countless beads. ❤️ And a Camilia Necklace, Trollbeads necklace 🤪 My hubby spoils me

  13. It's so cool seeing you with your beautiful wife and kids jack….oh and babe the piggy is cute too😍 congrats on your 20 year anniversary and many more to come!

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