I Am A Left Populist

I Am A Left Populist

hi identify as a left populist every left populist is different there's no unifying doctrine to follow like in Marxism Leninism nor does the label accurately predict what issues you'll support like in liberalism and libertarianism some of us are libertarian while others are authoritarian some of us are traditionalists while others are progressives at the end of the day we are united in two things anti capitalism and working class solidarity economically speaking I am a socialist I believe businesses should be collectively owned by the employed and not by outside shareholders or private individuals I think of credit unions for example cooperatives owned and managed by members who in turn elect their executives and other managers also believe that the job of the government is to take care of the people in doing that I believe in universal health care the cancelling of student loan debt the providing of homes for the homeless canceling mortgage debt rent control and the reduction of property tax the government can afford all of this and canceling student loan and mortgage debt will boost our economy due to increased spending power don't be a dick policy when it comes to social games it's not that hard it really is not you see someone as different from them you see some from a foreign country some other different sexual orientation someone of the opposite sex or a different gender identity some have a different race be respectful leave them alone treat them like human beings treat them so you would want to be treated it's as simple as I I don't understand why they so difficult for certain people but one thing that I should point out is that if you're honestly offended over increased representation of marginalized people in our media then maybe you're bigoted and should really fix that we're all products of our environment and upbringing but if I can go out of my bigotries and I'm confident you can't – and you really should because we're all humans at the end of the day and we should be making our own lives easier there's enough garbage in this world why be a dict now I did keep a lot of my views intentionally bay especially my social ones because those are not as clearly defined as my economic ideology but I do wish to show you a few examples of leftists who have influenced me and who I have learned a lot from will not become excited by the newspaper headlines not by anything that the radio commentators may say on the line that the president has now flawed our share our program we've sit right here and we look forward to the Senate to help him whenever the time comes or in any other way that we can to enact legislation that guarantees a home and the comforts of home for everybody all we limit besides the big fortunes as the means of accomplishing the good things on to the man and the people at the bottom we've had the promises from the president many many times and now we're wanting a fulfillment no empty words the internet doesn't mean anything to us no kind of low except one that gives in former home and comfort education to our people will satisfy us they had begun to consider the government fake as a mere appendage to their own affairs and we know now that govern must by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized they are in and I through an act of Congress government was giving away millions of acres of land and the West and Midwest which meant that it was willing to undergird it's white peasants from Europe with an economic floor but not only did they give the land they built land-grant colleges with government money to teach them how to fall not only that they provided County agents expertise informant not only that they provided low interest rates in order that they could mechanize their fault not only that today many of these people are receiving millions of dollars in federal subsidies not to fall and they are the very people telling the black man if you lift himself by his own bootstraps this is what we are faced with and this is a reality now when we come to Washington in this campaign we are coming to get our check now the years the people of the United States have moved steadily forward in the practice of democracy when the freedom-loving people March when the farmers have an opportunity to buy land at reasonable prices and the sell the produce of their land through their own organization when the workers have the opportunity to form unions and bargain through them collectively and when the children of all the peas opportunities are open to everyone then the world moves right ahead

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  1. Also supermarkets should probably be state owned (although restaurants are probably better as cooperatives)

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