12 thoughts on “Human capital & the age of change: Constantin Gurdgiev at TEDxDublin

  1. Very challenging lecture. God created human brain far more powerful than the biggest computer. It is time to facilitate, enhance and sharpen human capital to become self-dependence and not security dependence.

  2. His ideas regarding the evolution of IP sound logical and intuitive for tech, but for the rest of the economy I doubt the ideal will replace the stubborn reality.

  3. Generally a reasoned argument and there are already good examples of the kind of non-hierarchical enterprise he talks about, Valve Software is a really good example.  It is nice to have a vision of a world of mass-customisation enabled by robots, 3D priniting and software, however I believe this model will be the exception, rather than the rule, for some time to come i.e. decades at the very least.

  4. Love it, hope it means the value on the 'chain' is now on humans and not machines, because it will make for a better world..in the holistic sense!

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