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  1. You really make awesome videos!!…Thanks for taking the time to explain these economic terms in PLAIN ENGLISH!!

  2. I think Khan should stay away from economics, it's too politically charged. But if he is going to do it he needs to teach that Keynesian economics and Marxist economics aren't the only choices.

  3. @deadman12078 Dude, Rutherford split the atom. Einstein was responsible for general relativity and special relativity, among other things. I agree with the rest of your post.

  4. human labor could be replaced with machinery. Which is faster, more productive, doesnt stop, doesnt need a salary. Actually it is said, that almost 80% of the jobs that exist today could be replaced by machines. Then the people can concentrate on more important thinks where you actually need to use your brain to do them.

  5. @Poleschs It was not just the jews that were massacred.
    Yes our slaughter our fellow man does drive innovation, but I believe mankind would be far better off today if those wars did not take place. Many of the technologies that came to age during wartime were already in their infancy. Many other political, economic, religious prejudices held back progress for centuries.
    If Einstein was denied a visa would we have split the atom? If Von Braun were jewish would we have gone to the moon in 69?

  6. @deadman12078 Economic crisis, followed by a general malcontent and distrust of the government, followed by a strong populist movement playing in on the peoples emotions and spreading xenophobia. Then the country gets taken over by irresponsible assholes and complete morons.

    That's how it happens, always.

    We can never allow us to forget WWII, or it will happen again.

  7. @Poleschs I know. Was just being picky. Great presentation.

    I never really understood the genocide of WW2 or any genocide for that matter. All the accumulated knowledge, skills, and labor (and potential of the youth) of those PEOPLE. All squandered.
    Think how much innovation and production, knowledge and potential was lost.
    The difference in productivity between forced labor and incentivised labor are massive. The resources wasted in forced labor and disposing of "undesirables"

  8. What about water, sewer, gas, electricity, rail, roads for the building? Infrastructure needed to supply the plant.
    You can't just clear a lot and plop a building down and start producing. The local infrastructure has to be built up to support the new drain on resources. Otherwise the local populating is going to be pissed when they have no water, brownouts or their sewer lines back up..

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