HRC Celebrates National Coming Out Day 2016

HRC Celebrates National Coming Out Day 2016

Stand in the light and be seen as we are. Would you live a lie to
be true to your faith? Chart-topping Christian
singer Trey Pearson struggled with this
question for two decades. A little over six
months ago, I was able to finally accept who I was
and be able to admit to myself that I was gay. I am a girl who likes girls. Ta-da. I just came out of the closet
as an out-gay stunt man. As someone who identifies as a
black bisexual woman, it hurts. But then I realized we
cannot be suppressed. We are meant to express our
joy and our love and our tears and be big and bold. You were the first action
sports star to come out. I just hope that my coming out
story will kind of encourage more people to take that path. As a sexually fluid
deaf man, I know that embracing all
of our identities is a way to thrive
and to overcome limitations and prejudices. We’ve always been taught
to celebrate uniqueness. So for me, it was easy in
my family to be who I am. And, hopefully, others can
be who they are as well. If you’re reading
this, can you announce that Kelly is bisexual, please? Kelly’s mom is in the crowd. [SCREAMS] I love you so much. The youth in Hollywood are
revealing their sexuality through social media. I think that now people feel
more comfortable discussing their sexuality
in a public forum. My experience as
a bisexual woman, it really makes a difference
to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved. Where do we find
the courage to break free of the boxes of our lives? When we are too afraid
to be who we really are. The wait. It’s so insane. It’s like feverish, as
you just say it, I’m gay. I’d like to just
be able to say that without having to stop and
say, so have you come out? No, I haven’t come
out, because I am out. I live out. To you, the next
generation of lesbians and gay men, bisexuals,
transgender youth, I hope my example will
give them the confidence and hope to be who they are. What I feel a lot of the time
is like, what am I doing here? It is kind of entirely up
to you to find meaning. Once I stepped into who I was is
when I became most successful. You find yourself. You understand what it
means to love yourself. The bedrock that all
ideas rest upon is love. I don’t know who I am or where
I will be going in the future. But I just like the
limitless feeling of it. And I’m perfectly fine
with who I am now. [MUSIC – “STAND IN THE LIGHT”]This
is who I am inside. This is who I am. I’m not gonna hide. Cause the greatest
risk we’ll ever take is by far to stand in the
light and be seen as we are. To stand in the light
and be seen as we are.

40 thoughts on “HRC Celebrates National Coming Out Day 2016

  1. Be who you are and don't care what other ppl think…I'm straight and a Christian and support LGBT rights, I accept ppl for who they are, love conquers hate.

  2. this is really important. i feel that i am a human. u know in the russian homophobian atmosphere it is hard, but i really thankful

  3. There is no "I" in "LOVE"…but there is an "O", which says, "Be Open, Come Out, Love Openly, and best of all…NOH8!!!!"

  4. So beautiful! And so wonderful to see how much things have changed in the last 29 years, since "National Coming Out Day" first began. When I was a Junior in college in 1987, as a music student in New England, I didn't know anyone who was gay…in a MUSIC department! That's how hard it was for people to come out in their everyday life back then.

  5. "And not simply the sort of impurity and weakness [heterosexual sin] to which you are all naturally inclined because of your weak nature… No, these wretches not only do not restrain their weaknesses; they make it worse by committing that cursed unnatural sin [homosexuality]… is so hateful to me that for this sin alone five cities were struck down by my divine judgment. For my divine justice could no longer tolerate it, so despicable to me is this abominable sin. But the stench displeases not only me, as I have said, but the devils as well, those very devils these wretches [homosexuals] have made their masters… because their nature is angelic, that nature still loathes the sight of that horrendous sin actually being committed. It is true that it was they who in the beginning shot the poisoned arrows of concupiscence [lust], but when it comes to the sinful act itself they run away."- The LORD Jesus Christ to Saint Catherine of Siena, Dialogue, Chapter 124

  6. As an asexual and aromantic teen, I'm happy that people have this day. I have already told my parents about my sexuality, and even if they don't fully accept it they at least they still love me. I understand, I'm probably never going to have my own kids or get married, and it must be hard for them, but at least they are starting to understand. Happy National coming out day!

  7. Here’s the truth.  The truth is that homosexuality, lbgtq, and gay marriage are wrong.  It  has nothing to do with discrimination.  God is the authority.  Such has been previously  acknowledged, by law, that we are a nation which “Trusts In God”.  And, God is love,  just, righteous, and forgiving.  Meaning…a just and pure God cannot and will not let  “wrong (homosexuality)” go on forever, especially when a nation condones wrong.  People are either for God, or against God.  Ultimately, they either choose to believe in  God, follow His Word, the Bible, and do right in His eyes; or they choose to not believe.  Problem is, the evidence of God is so irrefutable that we are without excuse, when it  comes to believing.  We must not be deceived in believing homosexuality is right, when  God teaches otherwise.  Importantly, God doesn’t want any to not accept what is right,  but unfortunately many will refuse to accept Him.  As a nation, we need to have the  courage to stand up for what is really “right”, as previous generations have done, and  not be deceived.  Know that people make their own choices, but also know that God is  not mocked.  Please read it for yourself, and follow what is truly right and just…Romans  1:26­27; 1 COR 6:9­11; Leviticus 18:22; Matthew 18:7; 1 John 4:16; Nahum 1:2­3;  Zechariah 8:16­17; Psalms 33:5; Ecclesiastes 12:13­14; Jonah 3:10; 2 Timothy 3:16­17;  Romans 2:5­11; Romans 3:23­26; Galatians 6:7.

  8. I'm transgender.. I'm ftm. One day my parents will learn to accept that. And if they don't… "I'd rather be hated for being someone I am than be loved for being someone I'm not."~Miles McKenna (sorry if I spelled that wrong xD)

  9. This guy made in fun of me for being a gay, gender fluid, male. He told me I was a girl and I said I could be whoever I wanted to be and I kissed my friend in front of him. We love you no matter who/what you are.

  10. I guess coming out in sin has made these people/ former Christians a lot of money and worldly partnerships. Very sad.

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