How Xi Jinping Went From Feeding Pigs to Ruling China

How Xi Jinping Went From Feeding Pigs to Ruling China

Xi Jinping is the most powerful Chinese president
in decades. And he has many faces: Tough-guy Xi cracks down on corruption. Statesman Xi fights for free trade. Nationalist Xi reclaims land in the South
China Sea. Visionary Xi aims to make China a great global
power. Here’s how a boy who was sent to the countryside
to shovel sewage and feed pigs reached the pinnacle of power. Xi was born in Beijing in 1953. His father Xi Zhongxun was a communist revolutionary
leader and China’s propaganda chief, who rose to become a vice premier… before being purged
in Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution At the age of 15 Xi too was affected by the
Cultural Revolution. He was sent to a rural village in northwestern
China where he lived in a cave house dug into a hillside. “He was feeding pigs. You know, he was like cleaning toilets. He was doing farming. You know in his spare time, he would read
books. That’s Bloomberg Senior Government Reporter Ting Shi “I cover China’s politics and foreign relations.” While living in the countryside he became
a voracious reader, picking up everything from Victor Hugo to Ernest Hemingway “He took one of his all-time favorite books with him, that is Karl Marx magnum opus ‘Das
Kapital’, he read it three times over seven years.” In 1975, Xi was allowed to return to Beijing
where he studied chemical engineering, but his work as a Communist Party member prevailed. Xi rose through the party ranks in the rapidly
industrializing coastal provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang. His big break came in 2007 with his promotion
to top leader of Shanghai. The job aided Xi’s ascension to the party’s
all-powerful Standing Committee, setting him up to succeed Hu Jintao as Party Leader, Commander
in Chief and President. By 2013, the transformation was complete. Xi was China’s paramount leader. “There was nothing obvious in the early
part of his career to suggest he would become one of China’s most powerful leaders ever. Having taken power, Xi has demonstrated his
flair for hands-on management and strict Communist Party discipline. He’s launched a Mao-style
campaign to tighten up controls on ideology, media, and dissent by arresting journalists
and activists. “And he has been overseeing probably the
harshest crackdown on activism and human rights groups in the party’s recent history.” In addition, Xi has pledged a blizzard of economic
reforms and ordered the biggest military overhaul since the 1950’s. He has this great belief China totally deserves
to restore its place in the world. “Chinese Dream” is the phrase he coined
to convey this message. While Xi is seen as an able leader at home,
he’s only starting to establish China’s new power on the world stage. And President Donald
Trump has accused Xi of failing to curb the nuclear ambitions of North Korea. “So far he doesn’t seem to be able to
give up on North Korea because the fear about collapse of North Korea and the consequences
of that.” But Xi is the first Chinese president not
to visit North Korea and has argued China isn’t responsible for them. And despite their disagreements over North
Korea and trade, Xi and U.S. President Donald Trump hit it off. “When he was in Mar-a-Largo on his first
visit to the U.S. he seems to be totally in his element! He was telling Trump about the history of
the Korean peninsula and Trump was rolling out his grandchildren to sing a Chinese song for
Xi Jinping.” Just how long their warm rapport will last
remains to be seen. Back home, Xi will complete his consolidation
of power with a party congress in Beijing in October 2017, when roughly half of China’s
top officials will be replaced. The questions now, are will he use that power
to force through reforms needed to revamp the economy? And will China emerge to rival the U.S. as
the world’s No.1 superpower?

99 thoughts on “How Xi Jinping Went From Feeding Pigs to Ruling China

  1. He is a people’s leader. Humble and with humility! Trump is the same 😆but in Typical American style! 🤬

  2. If I have to choose between two evils, I’d rather live under American leadership. At least I have a freedom of believes, freedom of thinking and etc. China is a dictatorship, I don’t mind to visit it, but to live under their control, pfffff naaaah….

  3. I know what was wrong with Angela Merkel she will be ok it's when your fight or flight cells have been activated it sends signals too your cells perfectly normal and happens with stress or nervousness it is not benign and is common it's when you keep your energy pent up and is perfectly common and not benign

  4. Stupid and self-righteous westerners trying to judge a Chinese Leader. What do you know? LOL. 笑死我了,你有什么资格对别国领导人评头论足?你连中国什么样都不知道。

  5. i am the son of man in revelation 12 and i have come from ruling the earth to feeding pigs .. skeatesy the son of man 2019 bubbygoddess

  6. Such a Buzzfeed title that actually from Bloomberg……
    Xi’s father is one of the founding fathers of PRC.
    What would you think if a Chinese media says that “nobody can see Benjamin Franklin’s son to be US president” and the son was a farm boy because in some period of his life that he did some farm work?
    I mean, I know the title sounds attractive… but it’s really not telling the deep truth but just misleading.

  7. Xi Jin Ping rose to power is admirable and remarkable better than US presidents that always have psychopathic tendencies and questionable educational attainment.

  8. What nonsense propaganda his family was connected his father was a high ranking communist party member… Xi is just another Fat p1g who got fed from a silver spoon.. unelected by the people who had to arrest his political opponents.. another d1ck tator if anything..

  9. He is a perfect example of a Chinese saying: “識人好過識字” (Knowing the right people is better than having solid knowledge) Because his father has connection to the right people, he can take on position which he does not qualify at all. He brings Mao's idea back in modern version: Big brother style surveillance and freedom suppression, use anti corruption as an excuse to take down his political enemy. He only knows how to secure his rule in China. Without the knowledge of running the country. Just like Mao who only brings chaos to China.

  10. It should say how one man went from being a farmer to destroying his country even more with even more socialism

  11. He’s still financially feeding pigs, mainland pigs, British pigs, racist pricks…… only Hong Kong humans don’t want his “food”

  12. looking back two years later, so many people didn't see today's world. amercian optimism is naivety followed by tantrum, for hugely lost face in the world stage.

  13. Everybody: The government is so bad they can't help people in poverty. I hope it will get better someday.
    Xi Jin Ping: I'm tired with poverty, this country need to change. Fine, I'll do it myself.

  14. He is a murderer and a dictator, and yet he successfully brainwashed so many Chinese that they are praising a murderer. He imprisons millions of Muslims and abuses basic human rights. And yet he appears to be a powerful president but he is very incompetent. With only an elementary school degree, he is pushing our country backward.

  15. I think his drive for success is the restore his family name and revenge against the type of people who destroyed his father's career

  16. 小肚鸡肠,鼠目寸光的西方媒体无法理解中国历代主席执行的长期政策。工业化-》改革开放-》大搞基建-》BRI-》脱贫-》反腐-》环境治理-》科技强国-》民族复兴。这历史轨迹不是一代人能走出来的。算了跟你说了也不懂,还是继续4年一反悔的打嘴炮去吧

  17. Western leaders don't know what it's like to be a worker. Chinese leader understands the working class and probably understands the hardship they endure better than the Western counter parts

  18. Xi is probably the best world leader around today. China is a country that actually has stable and predictable leadership, and is acting like the adult in the room. Can't say the same about the closest competition.

  19. President Xi is definitely better than that Dotard who is suffering infantilism. Americans should be ashamed they elected an idiot to be President.

  20. A very misleading title. Bloomberg makes it sound like a western fairy tale or a Hans Christian Anderson story. Pigs only played a small part. His ability to endure hardship and rise above such adversity is remarkable.

  21. Whatever how bad ppl talk about him, Xi still the great leader, it's not easy to lead huge country with billion population, but Xi can make China the great nation.

  22. … and see on how the bggest pig actually became the (unelected) president of "the People's Republic of China". Oh wait, I'm sorry: this is technically a big insult for pigs. Lets put in the word "psychopath" instead. This describes it way better I think.

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