How Women Dismantle NATIONS * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS

How Women Dismantle NATIONS * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS

A couple of months ago I made a video entitled “why women destroy civilization the video has been viewed 600.000 times since then and despite the level of rage vile and malice heaped upon me as a person by feminists and their enablers while conspicuously lacking anything that resembles a rebuttal or an argument the video still has an 81.7% approval rating it would seem that for many to broach topics that are uncomfortable or shatter their safe spaces, should be forbidden. and for many reciprocating with malice and spite seems to be their preferred course of redress. but this video is not on “why” women destroy civilization, but HOW women destroy civilizations. using the smoking example of the elections held recently in Austria. there are examples after examples after examples of how and why a majority of women seek to live their lives by going along to get along and why they as a gender are predisposed to do so. if this topic is alien to you I encourage you to first watch this video in order to better understand the “why” to this videos “how’s” and this brings me to the previously mentioned elections in Austria. Austria’s new president Alexander van der bellen, who stood as an independent candidate is a long time member of the green party. van der Bellen has been known to oppose the concept of the nation state and is an advocate of EU federalism. and his party is famous for having called their own country “shit”. and as almost all credentialed greens, his feminized and motherly political views are on full display as he repeatedly stressed “the social duties of Austrians and by extend Europeans of their obligations to pay for and integrate tens of thousands of newly arrived non European migrants regardless of the social and criminal chaos they’ve unleashed upon the country and indeed the contintent he told voters “I don’t want that Austria becomes the first country in western Europe led by a populist right wing pan-Germanic fraternity member.” it would seem as though this is not really a complication now for the political class. as the president of the unelective executive arm of the European union “jeane claude Juncker” has vowed to block all right wing populists from power across the continent. , shortly after acquiring the power the exert “far-reaching sanctions” Juncker already promised in the lead up to the election in Austria, that it would exclude Norbert Hofer, the leader of Austria’s freedom party, from all EU decision making if elected. he bellowed ” there will be no debate or dialogue with the far-right.” when the vote came down to postal ballots van der Bellen defeated hofer by the slimmest of margins and made accusations of fraud one thing is very clear, without an overwhelming number of women voting for van der Bellen and the policies of the EU he would not have become president of Austria. I’ve said previously women have played a disproportionate role in the catastrophy that has descended upon Europe They’re are more xenophelic than men, more emotional, and indulgent and overrepresented in the rank of migrant charities and other help groups and the like while Austria has proved this, this graphics shows the breakdown of ballots cast on election day. in this graph the male voters are shown in blue and the female voters in red. the more intense the shade the younger the voter group as you can see men mainly voted for hofer, the freedom party candidate and women, especially young women, mainly voted for van der Bellen the leftist income status also played a major role on the election working class people shown in the left most column voted overwhelmingly for the right patriotic candidate with a whopping 86% this is a pattern you can find elsewhere in Europe as working class people realize that the socialist parties have abandoned them and are in embracing their soon to be new electoral base imported welfare and social benefits dependant migrants from Africa and the middle east and of course, women now I’ve also made a video on the growing “sexual emergency” that islamic migrants were visiting upon women and children throughout Europe the video featured the story of an Iraqi migrant To Austria who like so many others in Europe kidnapped and sodomized a little boy in a Viennese swimming pool When questioned the migrant excused his actions as a sexual emergency if you’re unaware of the scope and scale of the recent uptake in sexual violence by migrants against women and children I urge you to watch this video here for a more complete understanding of the crimes against native Europeans and how, they are not only being aided and abetted by the autorities throughout Europe but also systemetically covered up also, this video will provide one with a better understanding of how the flood of migrants from unassimilate able cultures is actually transforming western Europe into a more hostile and dangerous environment. not only for women and children, but for society as a whole now while crime and the rate of sexual violence is rapidly increasing again, not only directed towards women, but also children the women especially the young women of Austria have voiced their will loud and clear they support the policies of those that encourage and embrace the importation of tens of thousands of men that have been shown to increase the risk of sexual violence and this is on top of the tremendous buildup must be born by tax payers of Austria as well as the rest of the west to house, clothe, feed and maintain this new and gigantic population of essentially unemployable men the situation with women is that they are highly inclined to conform to the social norms so considering that the media, along with academia often sets the tone and for all intents and purposes have been taken over by cultural Marxism for the most part we will end up adopting these views in order to receive their peer’s acceptance peer acceptance for many women would seem to trump group and by extension personal security concerns the funny part is that, and this is just an aside, that if for some reason the far right became the social norm all of a sudden and this could happen for a host of reasons, from economic contraction, to the never ending Islamic terror that is unleashed by Muslims in the name of Allah to unforeseen happen-stands you’d most likely see many more women adapting far right positions because women generally dread being seen as social pariahs ask Anne Colter Conversely, men usually are more prone to sticking with a position because they align with it, regardless of social acceptance hence why so many men are alligned with right wing politics even when right now it seems like a losing bet and is villified by the triumpherate of media, government and academia dispensing with the notions of the cultural incompatibility of the newly arrived migrants dispensing with the enormous costs upon the host’s society to provide for people who cannot and probably will not ever provide for themselves forgetting about the massive increase of streetcrime, the fracturing of social cohesion dispensing with the fact that in many cities now, women and children will have to walk the streets of their formerly peaceful societies with a sense of danger and foreboding unease the question remains how many rapes are too many rapes? obviously after Cologne nobody can dispute that there is a serious problem with a large number of the millions of men that have arrived in Europe in terms of what they consider appropriate sexual behaviour and how to reproach it with these of the European women and children so much so that the racism of lower expectations has raised it’s ugly head in Germany where authorities, while at the same time covering up widespread sexual assaults committed by migrants are desperately trying to educate Muslim migrants that raping native women and children is not only morally wrong, but just plain wrong their countermeasures are classes that teach Muslim migrants techniques to seduce European women that do not involve walking up to them slapping them in the face and grabbing them in the legs and these seduction classes are all paid for and funded by, yeah, that’s right, the taxpayer that being said the increase in rape and sexual assault when committed by migrants is accepted by feminists, a minority of men mostly emasculated and by the majority of women voters in particular at least in Austria Europe is literally importing a rape-culture by a political consent and the majority of those providing that consent to these policies are women the question is how many women and children are to be offered up on the altar of tolerance and diversity how many child-rapes are too many how many women, being raped are too many? how many men, being raped, will be too many? when will the curbing of social freedom upon women be too much? how fractured will society allow itself to become? you can have the social policies of the left, the welfare state, a feminized culture wherein everyone takes on the clothe of motherhood or you can have mass immigration you cannot have both the reasons are obvious but I will list a few of them anyway there is no reason to assimilate, there is no reason not to form societal cysts within the host country there is no need to either work or pay taxes if you and your many wives and children can live a reasonably comfortable life on government handouts this leads to people calling themselves hyphenated Austrians, hyphenated Canadians or hyphenated British that had no interest in the ideology or culture of their host country that provides for all of their needs and these social divisions will inevitably lead to conflict and decline the idea that the west must and has an obligation to mother, pay for and take care of the entire world is also based on a twin delusion that it will always be affordable to do so and indefinitely and the racism of lower expectations there are millions of skill-less migrants on their way to the west with their vast majority of them with their hands out they will, like the millions that preceded them, most likely become life-long drains on their host’s welfare systems and will probably eventually bring it to it’s knees what we’ve seen through the organized rapes, breakdown of communities, massive uptake in crime and despite all evidence to the contrary, women still vote for more of the same so long as their virtue signalling is positively met by the media and their equally ideologically vacuous peers sadly most women, especially the irreligious, unwed or the young will line up and spew the ideological drivel of anyone who commands the social narrative and they’ll regurgitate it as their own but! that is not to say that there not wide swats of men currently, that are also complicit-ed in having a hand in the dismantling of their own societies many men raised by women without male role models young men without the benefit of experience men that cannot compete with other men and attempt to find shelter in the group embrace of socialism without understanding it’s ramifications men that have internalized female characteristics and embrace the world view that centers around mothering others or just failed men who hate their society for any number of reasons again, as I’ve said before outcomes like the recent elections in Austria are not only bequefed? by a large number of women and their divorce from reality based politics as well as naturalized immigrants of course but also men who lack, what are considered traditional male vallues like: independence, self reliance, having a work ethic, success, competition, excellence, integrity socialist and emasculated males generally champion values of: dependence, collectivism, government assistance, reliance not only equality of opportunity, but of outcomes sameness, preventing hurt feelings by the elimination of success, the elimination of concepts like “best” or “better” the pendulum is beginning to swing back and away from the insanity of post-modernism and it’s values and the values that are opposed to the colonization of the west are on the rise in the end, I don’t think that the gender debate will ever be fully reconciled. the reason being is that if we admit that, we as men and women are endowed with different traits, strengths and weaknesses, this would be to admit that we’re not the same this politically incorrect truth, may then have the potential to inflict much more damage than our continued charade of faking equality look to places like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan for examples but the long term effects of our society’s decades long vacation from even a semblance of reality in our social and political discourse is quickly coming to a head reality is not a happy playground and the fear to intellectualize it when it affects us on a daily basis is to cut of our nose despite our face we have got to address the hyper emotionalism that drives our current political discourse we’re now stuck in the political quicksand where virtue signalling automatically overwrites rational discourse and what ultimately might be best for society any society that is willing to throw out logic and reason in favor of emotionalism and favoralism deserves to fail and inevitably will fail and the universe will re-teach this lesson as often as it needs to

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  1. If woman destroy civilization then I guess I love woman a lot more now. Civilization is a complete pox on humanity. We would be better off without most of the things we have including civilization. In tribalism we used to be autonomous tribes that knew how to hunt kill and survive, civilization took all that away and domesticated everyone to no be able to do anything practical anymore aside from the fake work that we now do for a fake piece of paper. There are only few good things civilization brought, but it brought many, many more bad things. Cities are cesspool of shit and most of them should just be destroyed. The forest and snow is the throne of the native natural habitat European man and woman.

    This modern civilization has to fall as soon as it can, it's already done enough damage and is only going to get worse. The Jews will have the most to loose if civilization falls more then anyone. It will be a good things for sure.

  2. Oh no! you caught me! I actualy didn't realize I as a woman had such power! I can dismantle nations! Well here we go, boys, I've got some nations to destroy this'll be fun! On a side note, your fear of women tells me we're doing something right 😉

  3. I think your argument needs a healthy dose of individualism to emphasize that men and women are ultimately still individuals who should be be held liable for their own decisions, & that statistics cited merely reflect trends that are not definitive of any given individual; but otherwise an effective argument.

  4. I have a very good example in the job that I work at. As soon as we got a female CEO running it, she began to appoint only female supervisors and she basically destroyed the legacy of a good place to work at basically in about four years. I was actually happy and even felt almost loved back in the day working where I do. but once we got a female CEO running it, I am not joking here about this, we have had to even ask to go to the restroom.

  5. put 12 females in one 20' x 20' room for a week.
    across the hall put 12 men in a 20 x 20 . . . .
    insert alcohol for them to drink.
    within 12 hours the females will be crying and hitting each other and you will have to remove most, the test will be over.
    the men will be drunk and be singing songs and laughing there asses off all night long into dawn.
    the next day after breakfast put one female in with the hung over men.
    with in 8 hours there will be fights and violence.
    take the female back out and insert more booze, laughter will restart, the men will be happy.
    morel of the story . . . . females are evil.

  6. 1Corinthians 11:5-6, 1Corinthians 11:14, 1Corinthians 14:33-37, Deuteronomy 22:5, 1Timothy 2: 9-15, 1Timothy 3:11, 1Peter 3:1-7

  7. In a world where overpopulation rests solely on the shoulders of the third world, the most alien, violent, regressive 'societies ' have NO place.

  8. Woman are determined to give away the freedom, wealth and quality of life that the men in society have fought and died to preserve. It's time to take our society back from these delusional woman and beta males that enable them.

  9. it’s so sad to see all the misogyny here :/ women have contributed to so many great things, and many are so loyal to each other. we are all people. oh well, best not to get heartbroken over people online with less than pleasant ideologies.

  10. I think women evolved from been real to fake an can’t tell if the are women or men I think it’s best we give what we’re calling women a iq test that way we can figure out who’s women

  11. Things have changed for the better in Europe since this video. As always, still woman should never vote

  12. There is no better argument for the glass ceiling than this:

    1 “ he smelled my hair”

    2 “ he touched me”

    3 “ he rubbed my nose”

    Now imagine a man saying, “ she touched me and made me feel uncomfortable”
    (10 years after the fact)

  13. Where is that original video "On civilisation, society and women"? It wasn't in the first page of youtube results…

  14. Without Good Men and Women who compliment each other actions in day to day life, EVERYTHING goes to SHIT. Every single woman I have ever seen, heard about, or known, is a force of destruction without the guidance and rationality a loving man gives her. Ruining everything they touch or encounter, including themselves and their children. Men are a destructive force when they do not have the love, hope, and nurturing that GOOD Women provide. Women are not good policy makers simply because how THEY "FEEL", is the sole factor in their decision making. Not Logic. Not the needs of the many, just the needs of herself and her loved ones. Which is a great thing, but only when applied in a Familial context. Not a National or Global one.

  15. The more power women have the more fucked up society is, > the more sexualized society is the more power women have,so it all started in the sexual revolution in the 50s, no wonder allot of religions cover up women and give them no power.

  16. That's why Swiss and Japanese are the best nations freedom-wise, you can do whatever you want if you're a local and you're keeping your most depraved acts behind closed doors. The rest of the rich countries are neither classy or self-protective and that's their downfall.

  17. Traditionally men acquire resources and protect the group from outside threats, while women distribute resources, test men's fitness to lead, and determine who is accepted into the group; basically women point at a snake, and the man kills it. If there is an imbalance between the two sides things go to shit real fast; too much acquisition or too much distribution will cause chaos.

  18. Great video! I completely agree with you. As a woman, I always feel ashamed and shocked by the dumbness, irrationality and hence destructive powers of other women. To accept rape etc. for the sake of "tolerance" is damn stupid and criminal.

  19. Women are mostly controlled by their whoremoans. They despise their former masters of 100 years ago still. Morons mostly. Men are at their mercy. Survival of the luckiest.

  20. The solution is simple.

    pulls out a really big knife

    Shank da bitch to preserve masculinity! Thanks for your advice Black Pigeon!

    goes to jail for murder

  21. There are No Fatherless Men only Fatherless Boys.

    Strangle The Gangs

    Legalize All Drugs

    Legalize Prostitution

    End Welfare Now

  22. I finally have to agree with this guy. I started out as a feminist years ago, now seeing the utter destruction of civilization BY women, I've become a Conservative. Women have become insane. – A Woman

  23. "sexual emergency." Well, you must know that the islamic culture normalizes rape. It's acceptable in their countries.
    Thry do this to terrorize women, keep them under control, the "Eternal BOOT in women's faces."

  24. Im a man working in the social services and I can tell you that the crimes committed by these institutions and the women that predominantly run them is is tantamount to spiritual genocide. And all men, except maybe a few that are only shadows of men, are targets. Unless your gay, black or brow you will be heavily scrutinised and made ready to be a “scape goat” if needed. I’m in Australia. I believe the only way out of this craziness is total economic collapse. Then man will be needed and respected again.

  25. Excellent video, but I wish you also went into depth on how women destroy nations based on their mating strategies. Women will typically breed with the thugs and criminals instead of the guy who has proven to be a good father and this in turn only produces more thugs and criminals leaving us into a dystopian society. Not to mention that thanks to the sexual liberation movement and abortion, women will have sex with all the alpha chads and decrease they’re ability to pair bond and by the time they finally meet the right man, they’ll cheat on him, divorce him, and take all his children thus repeating the cycle of leaving a generation of broken children. Women are the embodiment of chaos while men are order. That is why it must be women who must follow men and not the other way around.

  26. Women like to feel wanted. And once a lot of them do, everyone may take notice. The other way around is also true: ever experienced at work or at school that something akin to resentment or jealousy strikes when others have a lively conversation about something that is apparently more interesting or more fun than she is at that particular moment? Or that she regards criticism of her functioning as a personal attack and that this in some way detracts from her attractiveness? It's a direct symptom of that.

    As the maker of the above video says, women aren't all the same and a good deal of them are not like this. But why does the same archetype keep appearing over the years – even centuries? Whether it is in Russian literature, in Scandinavian or Italian cinema, or in your workplace?

    Also, does pointing out such a thing count as misogyny? No, it's more like being observant.

    And men work just as hard to maintain that archetype, by rewarding that which deserves no reward – out of self-interest.


  28. Fucking hate 80% of women. I live in the middle east and women here are beyond stupid omfg so fucking stupid and naive and satanic and just garbage. I am truly a misogynist and i am proud to write this.

  29. The reason so many people hate this video is because it is the inconvenient truth and there are a lot of people in this world who cannot handle the truth, history proves you are right.

  30. Youtube is most likely going to take this down for "hate speech" with their new rules. Download it while you still can.

  31. It makes you wonder if students were trained to study their own genetic dispositions whether it would make them think twice about things. For example women are nurturing and prone to being abused by those pushing immigration. Men are protective and are prone to being abused by jingoistic propaganda.

  32. Why does the speaker blame only women for the Islamization of the west. It should seem obvious to everyone that the billioanire elite class has the most influence over government policy. Yet NOBODY asks Warren Buffett, LLoyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon and Ray Dalio supported Obama and Hillary. They donate money to these open border, socialists and endorse them. But NOBODY asks why. We are lead to believe that the 1% vote conservatives but the facts say otherwise. But NOBODY is discussing why the elite support open borders, socialism and higher taxes. It's too bad because it's a hell of a story. But NOBODY is interested.
    And btw, if women vote for more rape, there's nothing men can do about it. You cannot protect women from themselves.

  33. Don't put a woman in charge, she'd take in a rabid dog infested with plague ridden fleas because "poor doggo"

  34. I think we should let women destroy society. Oh wait they are it's inevitable, our system is unsustainable and women will take no blame when it happens. Men will rebuild and lead mankind into the next phase of human inovation! Don't bother with Western women they have become the 7 ugly witches the Bible talks about.

  35. Women do not think. Mostly, they cannot think logically because their brains are not wired that way. But most of them refuse to even use the mental capacity that they have. This is because women FEEL instead of think. No nation or society can exist for long if women are given the ability to set policy. Allowing women to vote is the death knell of any nation.

  36. The west brought this upon themselves tho. It's easy to point fingers and blame muslims and leftists as a whole but that's what you get for destabilizing the middle east, have fun.

  37. I agree and I am a woman. It's ridiculous that women vote to have hundreds of migrants enter their country.

  38. Unable to view the First video recommended, apparently it's "violating" some made up thing. Luckily I believe someone linked it on the Dailymotion site. Bitchute is more appealing everyday

  39. Feminism and the right for gender equality was a stepping stone in the evolution of society, not a regressive step backwards. Women have autonomy over their bodies, they have the right to choose their destiny and are not bound to the restrictive enforced patriarchal gender roles of being housewives and floor scrubbers. That's what ignorant men in the 20th century considered proper for a woman. We've come a long way since that line of thinking. And we're not going back.

  40. Females are pre-programmed to mother. Childless or divorced/never married women almost always have pets & most are of the insane left. Immigrants, blacks & 'victims' are in need of mothering. Of course this also makes these 'victims' permanent children, though they are complete adults. So the left wants to be abused & tries to drag men & the minority of rational women along for the ride.

  41. Romanticize exceptions, not generalizations. Women mostly do tend to destroy nations, also i like how most of their arguments devolve into shaming tactics, typical

  42. I'm happy to hear about the leftist women getting raped, thats how it should be. What infuriates me is when children and rightist women and men get raped. Sexually, economic, employement, and social serving of invaders should be a legal requirement for all women and men who vote leftist!

  43. Depois de perceber uma certa aclamação dos atiradores de Suzano por pessoas do gênero feminino nas redes sociais ( principalmente no YouTube) pude perceber que o pensamento popular a cerca da maioria das mulheres sentirem atração em marginais (ladrões, pedófilos, políticos, traficantes, nazistas) se torna realidade.
    Os atiradores iriam cometer estrupos com colegas de sala se tivessem sucedido naquele dia, um deles tinha uma suástica no perfil do Yahoo respostas e mesmo assim mulheres fazem vídeo endossando eles mas essa atração não se atém apenas a esses vagabundos.
    Um estudo feito pelo Black peagon speaks(Como Mulheres Desmantelam Nações* & Outras Verdades Desconfortáveis)
    mostrou enquanto ocorria a segunda guerra mundial várias mulheres de outros países estavam tendo sexo consensual com vários soldados nazistas,um caso comum é a quantidade de seguidoras de Charles Manson e Ted Bundy
    Um bem no meu bairro é um traficante que matou várias pessoas por estarem devendo dinheiro e as mulheres transam com ele mesmo assim.
    Os atiradores de Columbine tiveram até fanfics, bizarro né?
    Me tornar celibatário foi a melhor decisão que fiz.

  44. In your next video on your feminism playlist you talk about the slut walk and how women should see the consequences of their actions but in this video you talk about how women are afraid to go outside because of sexual attacks from immigrants. Isn’t going outside an action that has a consequence and therefore it is actually the woman’s fault? Because otherwise it seems like a contradiction.

  45. Watching what happened in the UK parliament last night I couldn't help but to revisit here! Women do destroy civilizations which is why Islam is taking over and winning as it wouldn't put women in positions of power and feminists respect them for it.

  46. This guy counters some of your points but emotes a lot. You should do a counter.

  47. I have an amazing wife, I am lucky….but I also have 3 sons, 2 under 10yo. If some Muslim doesn't find them and rape them, the school system will…Thanks feminists!! Hopefully there are enough strong men left in 50 years to clean up your mess, if it's not too late!!

  48. Equally ideologically vacuous peers! The black pigeon has brilliantly described one of the fundamental reasons why the west will soon collapse, it's a matter of groupthink among WOMEN who were given the right to vote yet are 30% or more LESS informed on the issues and driven by peer pressure and acceptance rather than maintaining safe secure ongoing society the kind of prosoerous society ironically that is needed to protect them and their freedoms and survival.

  49. All white women are sluts for money.

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