49 thoughts on “How White Nationalism Became Normal Online

  1. Nazi devils doing exactly what their forefathers did, but without the sheets; instead of red shirts it's red hats.

  2. White supremacy is for idiots
    Next do a mass shooting at their fucking event. So we can solve two problems at once.

  3. To all my white bros, we have every opportunity to make it here. We are not held back by more prejudice than anyone, we are not oppressed. Chase the policy solutions that make the game fair not rigged to any one side. White people have ruled American politics for hundred of years, that is a long turn in the game.

  4. Wait till that progressive waves sweep though. How about you racist degens move out of America then? I sleep well knowing Darwin’s law if anything will slowly phase out the cucks that can’t find mates because the masses favor equality and deaths due to random acts of stupidity at such higher levels. Violence begets violence fools.

  5. You can’t tell me for a second this “ANTIFA” nonsense isn’t some kind of secretly funded clandestine operation utilized to produce aggression to further feed the fire that is the far-right. Propaganda. It’s all a plan. Stop covering that ANTIFA nonsense.

  6. I am maybe in the minority, but I think every ideology should have its place online, as vile and disgusting as one may find it.

  7. This video isn’t convincing at all. Racism and the alt right are horrible but I don’t see a single example of any of those people rioting and destroying property. You showed clip after clip of AntiFa destroying other people’s property and assaulting people over thought crimes.

    You showed several clips of people like Milo, Southern and Gavin and conflate them with alt right idiots like Richard Spencer. They aren’t alt right and the alt right doesn’t like them for the same reasons AntiFa doesn’t like reasonable liberals.

    The alt right is an extreme reaction to extreme far left action. The far left lost its collective mind and went full postmodern. That includes a complete shut down of conversation. They call everyone who doesn’t march in lockstep with their radical agenda a Nazi. You can see this in the popular AntiFa phrase “liberals get the bullet too”. The alt right, instead of continuing to discuss that, said, “if you are going to call me a Nazi anyway, ok fine we ARE racist! Fuck you.”

  8. They know nothing about the foundations of Western civilizations. None of these men are Galileo or Newton.

  9. 16:16 I started thinking about the Proud Boy beat down of Antifa outside the Metropolitan Republican Club while he says this. Scary.

  10. No one gets to chose what color, gender,religion, parents, country, much less our station in life will be > Get a life instead of death.

  11. This is hilarious. Epic music and every left wing talking points against the Alt Right bundled into 20 minutes. Too bad for you white identity politics are coming.

  12. People need to drop "Kill All Normies" as if it's the book about the rise of the alt right. It's not. Nagle isn't all that great.

  13. 6:22 : Advocating a white state!
    Mother Kissers you had it until 1500 in Europe. The whole europe was full of shity white people.
    Britain, Holland, Portugal, Spain etc are all your white only nations.
    You left that comfort zone and destabilized the whole world in the name of ….. Now it's time to suck it up.
    What else you're looking for? Same treatment of S.A?

  14. ate you two, divided groups, bringing your , video game mentality, out, onto, MY NATIONS STREETS ??!?

  15. we, as people, will always seek out those we identify with, that's natural, to stereo type this, is absolute fearful thinking, usually by young adults, with little if any, real life experiences, patience, is the best solution, this like all social media, shall pass

  16. I believe these ppl are disenfranchised and angry with the GOVERNMENT! With on going wars and the inability to speak out against it in a meaningful way! Both sides!! It's being portraited as left and right but it's NOT! It's us against them and as long as they fight amongst each other, we lose sight of the enemy! Those who seek to dismantle our Constitution…

  17. Antifa are the real fascists in present day world ! They can't even show their faces ! How can any neutral person even engage with them .

  18. There was a time when left was for " free speech " ! Today's #RegressiveLeft sucks ! The centrists are finding the right more rational and credible

  19. I cried when the man in the mask said these guys are gonna get drunk and hurt a same sex couple or a person of color. He would protect me. I thank him.

  20. Way to make the Antifa seem like the good guys…wholy fucking sht what retarded bullshit. The alt-right and antifa are JUST AS BAD!

  21. Imagine if non whites ALL united as one nation. Whites will always be a minority, i blame sodomy, sex changes and abortions(their way of life).

  22. I see the divide and rule strategy is working out well. I lived in both north and south. In 'liberal' and 'conservative' soaked environments.I found brilliant ideas and great people on both 'sides' of this alleged spectrum. I also found malevolent anti-social behavior from both. Been out of the US and saw Europe coming undone just like the states. Now I'm in Asia and I see people hustling and they have better prospects. I have, pretty much, the same products and services as I have anywhere. More or less the same freedoms. Just the labeling is different. And the same controllers who control over there are in a club with the people that control over here – and you and me aren't in it, to paraphrase George Carlin. It's time for Asia to rise and America and Europe to drop their standards. It's called 'leveling the playing field' for one world government. All you assholes fighting each other are unwittingly working for 'them'. Meanwhile the 5g network and smart meters are rolling out everywhere. Bunch of irradiated dumb fucks is what they want. #PeopleFarming

  23. That stupid guy thinks Eastern Europe is heaven, he should move there, third world in continental Europe.

  24. Islamic politics advocates the world's greatest double standard: if you come to our country, we won't let you worship the way you want, we won't let you say what you want to say… However, we have come to your country, therefore we have the right to do whatever we want to do, including kill you if you make us mad.

  25. Imagine how the United States Government would react to this same thing,
    except it’s Participants Are: #Black !!
    Just Imagine What The #FBI : Would Do, and: How would they be #Categorized ??

  26. Took me a half hour to stop laughing at these pricks in their costumes. These fucks are enough alone to make a white person be ashamed of being white.

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