How We Save 70% of Our Income – Financial Independence Journey

How We Save 70% of Our Income – Financial Independence Journey

42 thoughts on “How We Save 70% of Our Income – Financial Independence Journey

  1. A grand a month for lunch! You guys forgot to mention that one in your recent money mistake video!

     hahahaha Wozah! OK I have to ask. As painful as it is to answer now and be honest, how many months did you guys let that one slip before you realized the error of your ways? 😀 Damn that California I tell ya lol. I hope you guys are taking that option off your list for places to retire and fill it with a different state instead.

  2. They live rent free and that is why they can save 70% of their income. Wouldn't we all like that free housing!!

  3. Or you can clip coupons, maximize on store saving and get it for free or cheaper then the generic. Used to do couponing hardcore and never paid for toothpaste or other essentials.

  4. If you want to save money on food you should try becoming vegetarian.It's a LOT cheaper to live meat free.

  5. Thanks for the motivation, added 3k mutual fund while at work in Vanguard , Adding another ETF. Im kind of like you guys Doing Airbnb too. Look forward to other videos

  6. Great talk, but the title is misleading. Your social security, medicare and income taxes take at least 30% of your income, which means you had to spend nothing

  7. I was a single Mother of three great boys, I did a lot of what you two just talked about. They are adults now and know how to save money and live cheap!

  8. The best money saving idea? Grow your own garden, eat healthy and lower your medical bills. Love life!

  9. I implemented my own "24 hour rule". And taught that to my kids. It works! But maybe I should change it to 72 hour rule!

  10. Life is too short and unpredictable. Buy and eat whatever you want as long as you are not putting yourself in debt. I save about 30% of my income. I take 2 vacations each year and enjoy great food. I'm not saving up a ton of money for no one else to enjoy it.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Savings is a very important topic at home. This video is definitely worth watching together with family members😉

  12. To live off of 30% of your total combine income only means you both make a good salary to begin with. This is not real with everyone . But good for you guys . Keep it up.

  13. The big 3: housing, transportation and groceries (eating meals at home and packing a lunch) is where my wife and I were able to supercharge our timeline to FIRE.

  14. It's funny but I started budgeting with Everydollar (suggested by Financial Peace University) and I'm enjoying it. Less guilt when i do spend. I have a plan now. Living intentionally. It's freeing living on a budget. Who knew? I certainly didn't!

  15. While work from home jobs are convienent, it is not the same as starting your own business, Dropshipping is a great way to start making money, while still working a full time job

  16. But remember when you don't spend then money won't come back to you. Means businesses won't make profits and they will start cutting. I think money is like boomerang when you throw it I will come back.

  17. I would feel so uncomfortable if someone watches me that intensely while I'm talking. Lol. You did great and I'll definitely try some of those tips. Also I do that when I'm shopping; I'll put everything I want in the cart but before I get to the register, I go through the cart again and eliminate what I don't really need

  18. I always put a set amount away each month on pay day. Then I take your 72 hour plan even further. I wait until the end of the month before I look at buying any "nice to have" stuff. I usually find I'm not bothered for it by then, or forget. That leaves me with a surplus most months at the end of the month, that surplus then goes in to my savings as well.

    Another one I do, is that whenever I log into my bank accounts, I round down my balance to the nearest 10, by putting the excess in to savings also. Most often it's only a couple of quid, never any more than £10, obviously. But if do this a couple of times a week, it is usually an extra £20-30 a month.

  19. This is a great channel and it makes me realize that end of the if I spend on useless things just because I have money then I'm wasting it…

    Learning to save money is the key to long term financial security… I'm sure 90% of all ur viewers are dreamer and achievers who wants to save money for better things .

  20. Forget all this bs…learn NEEDS VS WANTS and actually live by it. I saved 10k and my bf saved 14k when we stopped with the wants and started with the needs! It’s that simple 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. U guys are amazing! The 72 hour rule is spot-on! It has saved me $$$$ over the years. Generic is fine and so are products on sale! Automatic Millionaire by David Bach – a super book and I bet you guys know it cold! Keep up the super work!

  22. i really liked the tip about listening to podcasts and educational programs. do you have any recommendations?

  23. On the recipes list, the most expensive items contained animal products. Eating a plant based diet saves me the most money. Great Video!

  24. I went plant-based and my savings have been AMAZING! I also lost weight, my blood work is perfect, I feel healthy and happy. Cooking has also become a serious hobby for me, creating something amazing from left over stuff in your fridge/pantry is such an overlooked joy in life.

  25. Shoot I live alone and save 50% of my income, if I had a gf to split bills with I could save 90% lol

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