How we know that political correctness exists | Jordan B Peterson

How we know that political correctness exists | Jordan B Peterson

we're trying to study political correctness and so what the first thing we're trying to figure out was is there even such a thing because if you if you look at the political dialogue what you find is that people on the side of the political spectrum who have been defined as politically correct tend to say that it doesn't exist and that that category is just a pejorative term that was invented by people who hold alternative political opinions and so the first question is well what do you mean some does it exist what do you mean by exist what how do you tell if a psychological concept is real like his anger is anger or something that exists is objectively is it on an objective phenomena well it's not that easy to determine you say well we we act like it is we understand what anger means if but no one goes along in the world and says anger you know without saying anything else or you run away from you know what they do is they they place the word anger into a sentence and place the sentence within a conversation and they enable you to infer exactly what they mean by the word anger by listening to the surrounding context right and and if you're going to turn that into something like an objective term what you do is you pull out the term anger and then you make the hypothesis that it represents something real in the objective world but it's not that easy to determine if something does exist especially if it's a psychological phenomena in the real world what do you mean by exist that's the problem of construct validation okay so that's another term you really need to know if you're interested in Experimental Psychology especially on the personality and a construct is a representation of something psychological that hypothetically exists objectively how do you establish its existence objectively well does fear exist know that you have the problem with all the emotional terms does joy exist the surprise exist does embarrassment exist does guilt exist shame how are they related to another guilt and shame for example seem quite similar to one another right and pain and fear and anger all seem to share the the attribute of unpleasant and negative emotions and so how similar how something if something exists it should be the same as things and different from other things and that's part of construct validation as well to specify how the construct is the same as some things and different from others anger should be reliably distinguishable from joy for example because otherwise they're not different and anger and fear should be somewhat the same if they're both negative emotions so it's extraordinarily complex to to validate a construct and so here here's what we did with political correctness said it's really the reason I'm using the political examples is because that's an obvious place where self-serving bias can enter the scientific arena right so if I wanted to make a point about political correctness or if I wanted to make a point about right-wing fascism I could build my biases into the measurement instruments accidentally and then they would produce as output what I put into them as input and I want to protect myself against that if I actually want to do this scientific investigation properly so what we did when we started to construct our measures of political correctness was the employ a number of people to go through as many news sources as they could get their hands on to identify any attitude or behavior some roughly that that had been described by anyone at all as potentially politically correct so it's kind of agnostic and we're trying to do it as randomly as possible you know to get as many new sources as we possibly could so that we were sampling across the environment without bias okay so then we came up with I don't remember how many couple hundred maybe more couple hundred items that were roughly indicative of what you might describe as political correctness but that's not good enough right because just because you have this random assemblage of items doesn't indicate at all that they're all measuring something that was similar but that's just implicit they're all called political correctness but you don't know if those attitudes Kovarian what that means is if you held one attitude of that list were you more likely to hold another or multiple others right so is the conditional probability of holding multiple items is there a high probability of holding true multiple items simultaneously well you figure that out with factor analysis so what we did is we turned that into a questionnaire using different question types and we administered it to several hundred people and we did a factor analysis and we found actually that there was such a thing as political correctness because the questions clumped together people would reliably answer them in a pattern manner but that there were actually two dimensions that were quite separate so there isn't one political correctness there seems to be two and then we looked at the personality predictors in the IQ predictors and a variety of other predictors that would enable us to come to some understanding of the temperamental proclivity towards those political attitudes if any we knew already that political conservatives tended to be low in trade openness that's the creativity dimension and high in trade conscientiousness whereas political liberals tended to be high in trade openness and low in conscientiousness and so one of the things that's extraordinarily interesting to know from the Big Five perspective is that your political proclivities are very powerfully influenced by your temperament and so one of the things you can think about with regards to ongoing political discussions in the real world is that those discussions are actually attempts by people of different temperaments one to impose their temperamental viewpoints on the world and two to engage in a dialogue with people who are actually quite different than they are you

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  1. We know there is political correctness because no one is willing to say Peterson doesn't know what he's talking about – on just about any subject.

  2. The difference between political correctness and Politeness : "…It is a tragedy of the age that some of the goals of politeness have been undermined by the more forbidding aspects of political correctness. We need to rediscover politeness as a route back to building more civil, less mean-spirited societies and to giving proper expression to what is always a fundamental force in us: the desire to be kind and respectful to others…."

  3. I would ask Mr. Peterson if he thinks that we have already hit a plateau as a society in terms of bullshit (SJW, people getting offended by stupid stuff) or if he thinks that it´s something that will evolve and keep growing.

  4. From another thread.
    I note with gratitude that you are curious about your ancestry.
     I did weigh my statement carefully. It leans heavily on the maxim "Know
    Without knowing anything about your ancestry and their environment,
    Values and Ethics how can thy know thyself?
    Whence comes this visceral and very real reaction that I have to quell
    when confronted by another race.(Hint, Think carnivorous Neanderthal).
    Without uncritical examination I would be incontinently driven by
    primitive forces within me.

    As a little example of the general thrust of my argument I am now in a
    position to answer the question of "Why are some people immune to
    Racism, and others not?"
    It depends on exposure to H.Neanderthal.
    The I haplogroup were holed up with the carnivorous H.Neanderthal for
    5000 years in the Bulkans during the last Ice Age. This evolutionary
    bottleneck made profound differences to the people.

    The later arrivals Celts, Italians and other riff raff only arrived
    after the last Ice age and cannot understand our real, visceral reaction
    to other races. Floundering around for an answer they think that we
    must be evil and that all that is required is to enforce strict laws.
    This will have as much effect as banning sex.

  5. I wonder why he doen`t offer anything comprehensive ?
    I know his stuff is ahistorical..guess that`s why he gives no historical perspective.

  6. I found it suspiring the left don't like to be called politically correct. Where I live (sweden) political correct is a commonly used term by every one. Being politically correct is the norm ad something you thrive to be. If you don't identify as political correct people think you're homophobic, racist, islamofobic ore sexist. Don't like the there "foic" but that what you're call. Fucked up country

  7. I don't know about you Canadians or Europeans who keep repeating political confusion, but the American "right" is not about heavy-handed government regulation of citizens and society: e.g., Fascism. We are not about the nation as land or clans. We uphold principled consent of the governed; therefore, limited government control. In the US, we are a Constitutional Republic based on Natural Law liberty which at foundation derives from Judeo-Christian divinity: our rights, our liberty are God-given truths that cannot be progressively redefined or denied by overlords. Fascism, Communism, Socialism and Islamism are all Left reactions against minimal government by Man, maximal ordered liberty by the God of the Bible.

    The good doctor will understand what psychologically motivates "the Left" to impugn the character of "the Right." The good Lord does as well, knowing Good from Evil and Right from Left. Yes, we are annoyed with these divisive terms, but they arise because of our unwillingness to integrate the whole truth, and deception serves the purposes of cowardice–present company excluded by their humility and earnest seeking.

  8. The best way to avoid a marxist state run by authoritarian SJWs who despise free speech is to get politically involved. REGISTER AND VOTE. The SJWs do 😡Here's a list of upcoming state and local elections:
    Get involved, volunteer, run for office! Jeezus Christ!

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