3 thoughts on “How we can beat the burnout society | Ernst-Jan Pfauth | TEDxMaastricht

  1. Great insights..Can definitely make people happy healthy and blissful using technological tools..

  2. The issue with America leadership is that they will punish employees for taking control over the course of their and careers. Just take a look at the myriad of “Millennials make bad employees” articles.

    Why? Because they took charge of their careers and personal lives?

    Well, according to “equity holding” leadership that answer is “yes, people that take control of their lives are bad employees”

    Basically American leadership says “my way or the highway” more often than not and quite frequently middle men will proceed to punish individuals by writing up PIPs and initiating the firing process.

    I’m not saying, ignore burnout, people personal lives and health are number one, however, in order to make it a priority, individuals need to be fully prepared for fights they very well may lose.

  3. I’m currently burnt out for sure. Everyday is hard. Can’t wait to ditch this frame of mind smh

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