How to Wire Two Dual 4 ohm Subwoofers to a 1 ohm Final Impedance | Car Audio 101

How to Wire Two Dual 4 ohm Subwoofers to a 1 ohm Final Impedance | Car Audio 101

(electronic music) – Hey guys, it’s Brendan with
Sonic Electronics and today we’re going to be showing you how to wire these two dual forum best car amplifier
subs in parallel to equal a one ohm final impedance. All right guys, so here
we have our MVX VCW104’s which are a dual voice-coil
subwoofer at 4 ohms per coil, and one way
to be able to tell that, you’ll see two sets of terminals. One on each side of the actual basket. Now I prefer to actual
test the impedance prior to wiring up the woofers
just to verify that I do have the correct impedance or
resting impedance per coil. And in order to do so, we’re
basically going to take our multi-meter, put our
setting on the ohm setting, or the impedance setting, as
you see what I just did here. And we’re going to go ahead and
measure with our test leads. Now, before you measure the
impedance of the woofer, make sure that you have the
woofer on a flat surface with the cone facing the sky,
because if we do not have the cone facing the sky and we
try to measure the impedance it will constantly fluctuate. I’m going to go ahead and
hook up one coil here. Now it does not matter
which one goes to positive or negative on the test leads. You’ll see here that the
impedance of each coil is 4.0, perfect. So we’re now ready to wire
up our subwoofers here and you’ll notice I’ve got
some speaker wire on the table. We actually have a set of four jumpers. Two are going to be positive
which today we’re going to be utilizing the blue
wire for positive jumper, we have two of the negative
grey, so the color’s going to be grey for negative on our subwoofer. And we also have another
jumper that’s going to go in between the two subs
to parallel them together within the box. So let’s go ahead and get started here. First, we’re going to go ahead and start connecting all positives
and all negatives together. So positives are going
to go with positives, as you see here. Negative, we have our
little jumper to parallel the two woofers in between,
so just go ahead and twist the positive with the positive. Insert it into voice coil number two. And we have our negative
jumper, also going to go with negative on voice coil number two. Okay, and once we’ve done
that, we have our jumper. We also have two extra positive
and negative jumpers here. So what we’re just going
to do is actually join up the positive and positive,
negative with negative, and now attach that to
our other voice coil on our number two subwoofers. So we got positive on the positive, negative going to negative,
and we have two leftover wires, basically jumpers,
we got one going to positive terminal on the last voice
coil, and negative going to the last negative on the
last voice coil as well. Just bring these around. Now this set of wires
right here is going to go to your box terminal on the
inside of your enclosure from the box terminal
to the outputs of your monoblock amplifier. So what we’re going to do is
join up our last negatives. And our last positives. Going to swing that around here. All right, so we’ve just
successfully wired our dual forum subs in parallel to equal
a final one ohm impedance. Now when parallel wiring option,
you just have to remember you’re connecting all
negatives together, and then all positives together, to each coil. So once we’ve wired
our woofers in parallel it’s now time to double
check our work and verify that we have a final one ohm impedance. Now mind you, with the
meter, we want to go ahead and make sure
that we do put it on the ohm setting or the
resistance setting to measure the impedance of these two
woofers wired in parallel. Also it does not matter
which leads go to which on the positive or
negative from the meter to the subwoofer. So I’m going to go ahead
and attach our leads here real quick. And we’ll notice that we
have a final impedance of one ohm. Perfect. Now it may fluctuate as
you saw there on the meter, maybe between 1.1, 1.2. It does not matter, .1,
.2 off is letting us know that we have a final Best Car Amplifier for The Money impedance of one ohms. It’s going to stabilize. So again, that’s how
you wire your dual forum subs in parallel to equal
a one ohm final impedance. I’m Brendan with Sonic
Electronics, your source for everything car audio.

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  1. I got a 2 ohm final impedance by doing this wiring to my (2) 4 ohm DVC Rockford Fosgate P3D4 subs. What did i do wrong?

  2. what if you have an 2 channel amplifier thats non bridgeable? how do you wire the 2 4ohm dvc to 1 ohm stable on a 2 ch amp?

  3. I have an MD Sound Amp 2000w 2 Ohm stable mono block (four channel) and two 12" 1200w max 4 Ohms subs. I have them in series-parallel and down to 2 Ohm. The amp is bridged (left negative and right positive channels) According to Ohm´s Law 1200w * 2 Ohms = 2400w Square root of 2400 is 48.9 volts. The amp at full Gain gives 46 volts only. So I have it at 43v. The subs moves but not fully, so my question is can I down them to 1 Ohm without blowing anything?

  4. With a 300 watts at 2 ohms monoblock. 2 subs with 300 rms and 4DVC….. If I make final impedance at 1 ohm does that mean sub will handle both speakers better? Recently got kicker CX600.5. And got 2 CompD 300 watts DVC at 4 ohms. What would be the best way to connect the speakers.

  5. what amp would I need for a these exact setup the subs being 600 watts each. would I need a amp capable of 600 watts or an amp capable of 1200 to power both?

  6. Hello I have 2 15s Memphis mojos Xseries with dual coils like this and I want to connect it to a Memphis mojo mcd4k amp I believe it's a 1ohm stable amp but I connected it like this and it got really hot so idk what's going on I have it connected in series right now but I want them to be at 1 ohm so I can be getting all the power out of the amp

  7. im confused my amp has 2 sets of terminals for each subwoofer and my box has 2 sets of terminals for each subwoofer.can I just hook up each speaker to each terminal? on the amp and box?

  8. Reading these comments, and som of the answers given , is funnier than watching old reruns of the three stooges!!!! Rotflmao!!

  9. ok once I have the one positive and one negative at the ends after the Subs are all connected then what? my Dd m1c has 2 sets of speaker connections, left and right…do I just plug the positive to positive on the amp and same with negative?

  10. This is to sonic electronics I just bought an 2400 watt 1D amp and when I have them ran 1 ohm it does not sound good at all and when I unplug one it sounds OK but not like it should I had a 2000 watt power acoustic but RMS is 1200 watts worked perfectly until it blew that is all I changed out any ideas

  11. Does the RMS change on the subwoofer. let's say if you have two 500 RMS subwoofer 500rms+500rms=1000rms

  12. when you wire the speakers like this . say your running 600w into them are they both getting the full 600w or they are get each 300w ?

  13. I wired my subs to my girls nipple piercings @ 1ohm when she was sleeping…and now I'm single. Can you tell me how to re-wire my subs back up to get my girl back? Thanks man, you're a real life saver.

  14. So I got Single X-12 D4 Sub Pro 12" Dual 4-ohm 1250w Rms Loud Bass Subwoofer and Amplifier is Mono bass 1Channel 1-Ohm rate for 3000W. I currently been connecting it as Parallel which Positive to Positive and Negative to negative but, my wire run from Amp to Sub tend to keep getting burnt out. Whats wrong, or whats the best way I should do or run?? Thanks in advances.

  15. This is to SonicElectronix. I recently ordered a Lanzar Optidrive 2001d 2000-Watt Amp with 2 Q Power 3400-Watt Deluxe DVC 4 Ohm 12-Inch Subwoofers. Should I do 4 Ohm to 2 Ohm or this particular method here, which is 4 Ohm to 1 Ohm?

  16. i have a M1886i MA Audio amp ! which is
    Max Power (Watts) 1000
    # of Channels 1 (Mono)
    RMS Power (Watts Per Channel) 500 x 1 @ 4
    Car Amplifier Features Crossover, Thermal Protection

    i needed to know Do I wire my speakers in series or parallel ?
    these are the speakers
    Hifonics BRZ15D4 Brutus 15" 1200 Watt DVC 4-Ohm Car Audio Power Subwoofer
    Peak Power: 1200 watts
    RMS Power: 600 watts
    Impedance: 4 Ohm
    Polypropylene cone

  17. I wired my subs up this way. box had 2 chambers so I drilled a hole to run the wire outside the box and back into the other chamber i had a buddy bring his multi meter to work today and im at 1.7 ohms which isnt getting me the 1000 watts i want out of my amp at 1ohm

  18. let me make it simple, plug all positives terminals together with the same red wire straight to the amplifier. Now do the same with a negative terminals using black or silver wire.

  19. So lets say those are 500 watt rms rated subs and you wired them directly to a 1000 watt monoblock [email protected] Each of those subs would be getting 500 watts each even though they are connected with only one wire to the monoblock amp correct?

  20. I'm looking to get subwoofers that are designed with dual 4 ohm voice coils, for an 8 ohm or 2 ohm configuration. Is it possible to configure them in the way this video shows to a monoblock amplifier? If not, what's the best way to get the full 600 watts of RMS (x's 2) from the subs?

  21. I have to 15-inch qpower dual 4-ohm subwoofers would they be able to handle it on a 5000 Watt amp there 2000 a peace

  22. Hi my homie ordered a hifonics zues 1200 watt amp and we hooked two dual 4 subs to 1 ohm and the amps bass knob turns red when its hitting real hard? does this mean something in the wiring is off? i made sure everything was good the only thing i could think of is that the car is too old to take the amps power because it was dimming very hard. have you ever heard of this issue?

  23. How do you run these to the amp just into 1 channel can you make 2 dual voice coil 4 ohms into amp at 2 ohms 1 speaker on each channel?

  24. I wired My 2 DVC 4 ohm Subs In Parrelel Wanted A Final Impedence Of 1 ohm But when I Check It with A Multimeter It Reads 2 ohm Instead Of How I have it Wired

  25. Before i begin here's my setup so far… Keep in mind this is my first system build over 2000 watts….

    2000 Lincoln Town Car

    power supply-
    Factory 130 AMP Alternator
    Optima Red cap (Might need to be replaced but charges fine

    Headunit- XO Vision
    2x Kicker 40CS684 (FRONT)
    2X Alpine SPS-517 (REAR) soon will be replaced with 2x Kicker
    6X ProConnect NitroXtreme Series PRTW03-5 x307 DOME TWEETERS

    Power Acoustik EG1-7000D MonoBlock (SUBS)
    Note: This amp is cleared for 1 ohm
    Power Acoustik EG4-1000 A/B (interior- Not added to system yet
    wanted to solve power issue first)

    Kicker Car Audio CWR15 CompR 15-Inch Subwoofer Speaker 1600W Peak
    2 Ohm DVC (40CWR154)
    SKU: KIC13-40CWR15-D4-N
    NOTE: They are current wired in "Parallel Configuration" with the ohm
    switchs set to 1 ohm lowering my impedance to .5 ohms

    Wiring kit-
    4 gauge kits

    Now when playing the system hit will hit hard for about a quarter of the song with my bass nob at half power and then my radio will cut off and reboot itself at the same volume it was before and repeat this cycle until i lower my bass nob to about its third or fourth notch (there's a total of 10 notches) when i turn the bass nob all the way off the radio can enter the danger zone (cut off point) and play continuously. I have done some research and i think its the amps impedance capacity (which is 1 ohm stable). Will dropping my sub impedance to 1 ohm from its current .5 ohms stop this problem or is it a lack of power issue… because the amp seem to be doing fine playing at .5 ohms besides the power cut-outs at the headunit. it stays very cool, i mean i can play certain songs all the way through on repeat and place my hand flat on the amp and hold it there. Even after shut offs (the headunit blackouts) it still room temp. need suggestions….. any help is very appreciated

  26. I have 2 dual 4 ohm 15s at 2600 watts each with a rms of 1300 each. I wired them parallel to 1 ohm like in the video. Problem is I have a 500 watt power amp. Am I at risk of burning my amp or speakers up hooking them up. Haven't tested them yet

  27. ok I have a kicker mono block amp with 2 terminals at 2 ohms , can I wire the subs that are 4 ohms an convert each sub to 2 ohms an connect each sub to its own terminal

  28. Oh my gosh guys watch the video again I read som of your comments like running 1 wire from each speaker that's series . You will increase the resistance that way you need to run them parallel which is all the positives together and all the negatives. You can do more speakers search for series / parallel wiring

  29. can you wire each sub seperatly to 2 ohms then connect them to a mono block? will the mono block see it at 1 ohm?

  30. So if I have two subs that are 600 watts rms at 4 ohms each and i wire them down to one ohm. How many rms will they be at 1 ohm? or does the rms not change?

  31. Let me just get this str8, two 4ohmdvc subs will work at 1ohm amp stable and 0.5 if I try/do that… now what about two 2ohmdvc subwoofers that shit won’t work on 0.5?

  32. If u had an enclosure with two sets of box terminals guessing one per sub in this cause you would only use one terminal and not use the other

  33. Hi. Can I connect my 2 instrumental speakers,1 mid and 1 tweeter in my 3 way _ are rated 8 ohms and my amp is rated 8 ohms. Thanks for your help.

  34. hey. i have a GM-D9601 pioneer 1200w RMS 1ohm stable and 2 dual 4ohm 600watts RMS pioneer,i have wired them in parallel and about one month later they blow off the amplifier.can you help me if there's a risk the sub blow the amplifier or another problem.?

  35. Want to explain how to do it when the box is sealed cause I am not trying to wreak my box by drilling a hold unless I have too. Thank you

  36. So if you originally have 2 svc 4 ohm 12” subs rated at 150w rms on a 2 channel amp. If you wire it in parallel at 2 ohm would it still require the same amount rms or more?

  37. The dual 4-ohm subwoofers included in my enclosure are pre-configured and wired up inside of the subwoofer enclosure at a 1-ohm final load. My amp is 1 ohm stable how do wire the box terminals to amp?

  38. I have 1dvc 4ohm 400w rms sub and I’m looking at buying an amp that has 1200w rms at 1ohm, 800w rms at 2ohm, 500w rms at 4ohm which for the 1 sub I have I would just wire it in series for a 4 ohm 500w application, but my question is if I was to purchase a second sub exactly the same a 4ohm 500w wouldn’t be enough but would it be ok to wire it for 1ohm 1200w? Or is that going to be too much power and damage my subs? I’m like an advanced beginner and just trying to learn thanks in advanced

  39. So what coil do we connect to the amp ?? Do we connect coil 1 to coil 2 x coil 2 to coil 1 and iim guessing it don’t matter what speaker 🔈 do we connect to the amp.. do happend to know what amp will make 2 kicker L7 15 4ohm bump pretty good they going on a crew cab s10

  40. The question I'd really like answered is how can I do this when my speaker cable is too thick (12 gauge)? If the answer is "get thinner speaker cable" – epic fail.

  41. Hello, I was hoping you could give me some advice, I have an old Rocford Fosgate Punch 201s 2ch 600w amp (amp says it's 4ohm stable bridged) and have been runnig it bridged to a 12" 4ohm alpine type-e sub and now I want to add a 8" dual voice coil sub under my trucks center jump seat, Can I just hook each sub to each channel, or wire them in series or parallel with amp bridged? Thanks, love the vids you guys put up here

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