How to Win an Election: Political Campaign

How to Win an Election: Political Campaign

50 thoughts on “How to Win an Election: Political Campaign

  1. Stand-up & to New INDIA polls 2019..Campaign Day #2..New India is rising, invincible and decisive. love you. Thank you. God Bless You.

  2. Good evening, I aspire to run for politics in the future. I know how to appeal to a younger audience being in my teens, but how can I get through to the older generations?

  3. Thanks I need this for the year 2040 right now I’m 16 but I’m going to run for republican office

  4. I am interested in running for WA State Rep. I am in business school and psychology. What’s the first step I should take sir? Thanks, Thomas

  5. i am 20 and currently studying chartered accountant. sir i had involved in the politics before 2 years and from last 2 years because of my study i cant give time in politics but i want to be the great and helpful politician . can i get your tips sir?

  6. The readers of today, will be the leaders of tomorrow. If you want lead your people and become a successful politician, the secret to do all these is to just read and then to read more and even more…..

  7. Thank you for your great free advice, I googled you and it was fascinating to see you ran for the New York Senate. Why did you however, when it looks like it was doomed from the start?

    Also sent you an email about my own personal issues with a planned upcoming campaign, please reply as soon as you can.

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  9. Thank you very much Mr. Townsend. This video was very informative, and I can tell that you have a lot of experience in this field. Your channel is a brilliant resource to use for anyone who believes they have what it takes to enter the political spectrum. I will definitely make my campaign team watch this many a time during my current campaign to become my county's Chief Magistrate Judge.

    Thank you, and a great day to all!

  10. I have spent time in jail for charges I pled guilty to. Would this implicate me besides slander from opposite party?

  11. A friend sent me this video link yesterday and its really amazing why people think they can easily win an election without a proper spiritual backing, politics is not a lucky game, when you have no spiritual backings you will only end up being a money squandering machine

  12. In Nevada it not difficult to get on the ballot; but in California, it takes a lot of signatures or a big sum of cash. Good message as usual.

  13. I don't wanna be President like many of y'all.. I just want to make it into the House and vote against spending bills.

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  15. I'd like to be an MP or local councillor over here in the UK. Best tip I was ever given was getting involved with a party I believe in. I'm a member of the Conservative party over here and I help my local MP canvass his constituency. Building connections with politicians and the public and also learning the job. Also I want to make sure I do something on the side, something genuine. No one likes career politicians. Thanks for the video.

  16. Thank you so much. Im a sixteen year old student who competes on my debate team and I realized from that that I want to hold office and help people. I eventually want to become president, although that is a long way out. I realized I love policy and I want help people and help lives of people become better. I want to run for public office as soon as I can, and this video really helped me with that.
    Thank You

  17. it's the ideal campaign model in an ideal world. But in the real wall street owned world, elections can be won with love for money and the love for people who love big money. what is required is democracy with the help of Information Technology. countries should be run using Big Data rather than representative systems in parliament.

  18. i find this has helped me a lot i want to in the future become a county councilor and change my local area for the better i have all the needs to become it i care for the people i agree with what has to be said i already do debating in famous universities such as trinity college ive been debating for 3 years ive been in the student council in my school 3 years in a row and ive also been involved in in a youth council in my county to improve the youth facilities and to have a say on what would be best and what we as teenagers want so thanK you a lot THIS HAS HELPED

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