34 thoughts on “How to Win a Political Debate in 5 Easy Steps | Joshua Thompson | TEDxWWU

  1. Fair tax. Equality not caving to different groups !! Government stay out of marriage tax credits etc even the Big Bang religion and the Darwin religion that was a total raciest !!! Know the truth and be free !!!
    Yeshua Come

  2. This is the reason politics causes so much harm, that being right is more important than the truth.

  3. Watch this guy, then go watch a video of Christopher Hitchens debate and you tell me which one has your confidence.

  4. If he said one thing the “opponent” actually said, “ya ya”. Maybe I’d believe his message more. He clearly was just speaking at him and not having a dialogue.

  5. Has any of these "debaters" ever addressed the the REAL issue? The woman's uterus is the REAL problem! You want to save the planet, forget paper straws and start passing out condoms. I'm all ears for a better argument…

  6. What a condescending speech. Essentially you claim to have an open mind, but decided that you needed to get his attention with a dramatic response, then talk about how superior your win was over his response that he was going to pray about it.

  7. How do you ‘win’ a debate? It depends on the standards for victory are. If you’re goal is to convert others to your ideas, it involves a long suffering process of vetting the subject in your own mind, sharing it without fear, enduring ridicule of those who put very little thought into the topic, listening to criticism, and realizing ‘victory’ can be won only by the consent of others.

    If your goal is cheap ‘burns’ designed to give you a dopamine rush and self affirmation; hashtags, meme images, and other forms of comforting reductionism will do fine.

  8. These ideas are so factually inaccurate I'm going to just point out my favorite 2 to save time.

    1. EMOTIONS are not the first thing you have after an outward experience. The first thing reaction you have is a THOUGHT. This thought then determines which emotion it is that you'll have. This guy doesn't like to think that a thought comes before an emotion because he prefers to believe that it's our emotions that form the base of our cognitive makeup, when in reality it's our thoughts which are.

    2. The BINDING FOUNDATIONS that are supposed to describe rightist leanings can apply to both ends of the political spectrum. Liberals are just as easily swayed by a political or kingly demigod that's enforced on their minds so by the oldest of fake news, propaganda. Fairness and reciprocity which he tries to say are purely liberal values, fall away when despite getting taxed an equal amount as the left, conservatives still stay more likely to give to charity than people of the same income on the left. They're more likely to prefer keeping their extra money for themselves than give it away. Also the in-group loyalty is far more exemplified by the left now than is to be found in the right, who believes in the supreme being of the individual rights for each person. Look at the parroting chants at a liberal rally to tell you that everyone there only ever feels accepted when they've first made their opinions to be in uniform synchronicity with their peers. Internal debate on the left hurts.

  9. The whole idea that you can engender a logical discussion by first insulting the other party to elicit an emotional response is preposterous. I am now questioning TEDx and their integrity as an intellectual platform.

  10. Love wins?? No, rebellion against God wins…temporarily, that is. Appeal to their sense of morality?? Seriously?? Galatians 6:7,8 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting."

  11. No clue who this guy is or how he got a speaking gig at all (let alone Tedx) but you absolutely SHOULD NOT engage folks in this way.
    This is not in any way how you 'win a debate' or 'how to debate'.

    He's missing the greater point. Social media discussions (arguments) are NOT about the person you are talking to. They are about the thousands and thousands of eyeballs on the debate. Win the hearts of the people watching, and there too, will be your victory.

    I literally laughed out loud for his last step (be open minded) when he CLEARLY was not open minded to the beliefs of 'Little Facebook Guy'.

    He just erased everything he said prior in showing that he couldn't adhere to his own rules of engagement.

  12. 1) Insult the other side
    2) Selective and misleading "facts"
    3) Appeal to emotion
    4) Draw on morality, even though this opens up its own can of worms
    5) Provide anecdotal account to back up position
    Summary: yep…that's how you argue like a liberal…he's spot on.

  13. God will have his victory over you and your beliefs along with everyone else who doesn't believe in God! Time is very short and all will know the truth in the comming years!

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