How to Win a Gun Fight

How to Win a Gun Fight

I’ve watched thousands of armed robberies,
car jackings, muggings, stabbings, home invasions. I don’t know anybody who has put as much time
into dissecting actual caught-on-video violence like I have. My mission is to help the regular good people
of our world to recognize where the danger could be and respond to it appropriately. So this is where the magic happens – in my
home office. It’s not maybe the most glamorous place
in the world but this is where we do it all. My name is John Correia, I am the founder
and owner of Active Self Protection. Active Self Protection exists to help people
in all walks of life to protect themselves and their families by building their attitude,
their skills, and their planning. So what we do is every day people send me real
videos of armed robberies, carjackings, muggings, stabbings, home invasions, sexual assaults sometimes, defensive encounters of all kinds, and i do after action reports on them. So I tell people what happened and what lessons
we can learn from them as self-defenders. Every day on the main channel on YouTube we post a narrated video of a real-life defensive encounter. Combined we have about 1300 narrated self-defense
videos. A fan of the channel sent this video to me
today. This is his self-defense encounter. He is on duty at a pawn shop and he is just
putting merchandise out and these guys are going to show up and stick guns in his face and so he ducks into the back here and draws
his firearm. He knew that he had to get his gun in the fight. He knew he had to wait his turn. He said that very particularly, the guy put a gun to my face, and I knew I had to wait my turn, but when he said “get down” I knew I had to act, because if I didn’t in that moment, I would have been killed. And he said I knew I had to launch a counter ambush. So it was very gratifying to hear him using
the terms that we use on the channel all the time, and to hear him use the principles that
I teach and that he remembered them in the moment and he used them in his self defense. Quiet on the set … here we go. Hi everyone this is John with today’s Active Self Protection lesson out of bountiful Utah in the United States. Out of this particular video we have a whole
bunch of lessons that we really need to think about. Chief among them, about carrying your force
multiplier, secondly we see something new and different here – this is the very first
time I’ve seen someone drive in to someone who is actually shooting at them. So we are going to talk about shooting at
a moving target. And third, we are going to talk about the
importance of emotional fitness when the fight for our lives is on. He ended up shooting the guy four times, and the guy died at the scene. I heard that the clerk had trained and prepared for this day. I know that in speaking with him he’s deeply saddened that this had to occur. He said, “I watch your channel and a couple of others, and that really saved my life.” I get messages like that often, now. At least weekly people say, “Hey John, you saved my life.” I was a pastor for 14 and a half years. The church that I pastored, it closed in June. Which is really hard for me. But you know, ecclesiastes says there is a
time for everything. So there is a season of life and a time to
let it go. and so that’s what I feel like the Lord has asked me to do – to focus on the ministry I have through Active Self Protection. On serving him in the real world. I used to think that he was really paranoid. So he would go out and he is constantly like
scanning places and being super observant about stuff and where he wants to sit at the
table so he can see both doors you know. And now I realize that thats just how his brain works. So I’ve been able to see that. I don’t tell him to chill out anymore. I don’t tell him, “Gosh. Why do you have to sit in that one seat? Does it really matter?” That’s just who he is. Okay. Which seat do you want to take? John makes me feel safe. Well it’s important to me to make you feel
emotionally safe. Because I don’t want to make you feel emotionally
safe, I want you to be emotionally safe. I guess I feel like in reality i mean around
Jesus you are safe and so that’s… if I’m trying to imitate him then i should be safe. And that means, you know… We have this joking saying the self defense
community. If you can’t be safe be dangerous. So this is I really feel like the biggest indicator that active self protection is kind of making it. this is my 2017 Mustang GT. It’s an eight-year story of me getting this car. Eight years ago I fell in love with them, couldn’t afford it at the time, and now Active Self Protection is grown to the place where its providing full-time for us. It’s a blessing. We have enough and on Fathers’ Day my wife said, “Go buy your mustang.” We’re out here today at the Ben Avery shooting facility in Phoenix. We’re filming videos for the active self-protection extra channel which is where we teach firearms skills as well as empty handed skills and so we’re gonna get some footage have some fun, do some shooting. I’m gonna draw and then I’m going to try to
put one shot in each of these one-inch circles in a par time of ten seconds or less. I watch all of his videos everyday; I subscribe
to both channels of course. I watch it to gain skills. You know I’ve got multiple sclerosis so I’m
disabled and that makes me a target in a way. So the more skills, the more training, the
better you are. So i think the audience of active self-protection
is mainly people who are patriots. People who love their country… people who
love their country, people who want to protect not just their country but their family, the
things that they hold dear to them. If you’ve learned anything from watching Active
Self Protection it’s probably that evil exists and that we need to be on guard against that. We reach 25 million views a month. We’re averaging 2500 to 3000 comments a day. Now certainly there is going to be a subset
of people who they just like violence. I actively discourage those people from watching. There have been three or four times I have
actually alerted the FBI and gotten calls back from the FBI on it. Some people might say I’m promoting violence but I’m not. I don’t promote violence at all – In fact I promote peace. When I first decided hey, let’s put a few of these up so people can see real-life attacks, I had to really search for them. And today, I mean… They’re ubiquitous. They’re everywhere. The ability to do this and to have the information we have, is now today, even on what I have available thirteen to fourteen hundred narrated videos, as of right now, is a database that we just didn’t have. Oh my gosh here we are everybody, hey. So I’m just doing this as we go. I just thought I would live stream us going
over a million subs. Somebody asked me what the deal is and where
are we going from here. Number one I mean we are going
to keep doing what we have been doing right thats the big thing there. But we’re also looking at streaming services. I’m also considering Netflix, Hulu, uh Amazon
Prime, those kind of things. There we are! A million and three woo, I’m going to show
you guys this. Social blades, boom right there, live count, a million and eight. We just did it. Yes, violent crime in America is down, in fact we’re near historic lows, and that is fantastic I’m excited about that but it still exists and statistics are great until you are the one that gets chosen and we see that every day and our goal is to help that to not be you and if god forbid you are selected as a victim to be able to protect yourself and I think thats a good and helpful and necessary thing in America today.

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  1. God and guns, this is the most American thing ever. Pure hero fantasies of disgruntled men who feel–correctly–that their lives are void of meaning and importance. This is what happens in a system who just doesn't care anymore for those in it, but still tries to convince them they are the top of the pyramid.

  2. Buried in this video is a gold nugget of advice, or a warning, be thoughtful, careful what you say in the comments on social media, esp YTube.

  3. Whoever said that you are promoting violence is clearly not listening to you. You are constantly teaching the viewer how to AVOID VIOLENCE FIRST!

  4. If more people would think like John, there would be less victims in this world. I am 25 yr Police Sgt, retired. And I am glad that John takes the time to warn, teach others about being aware of others that look for weak openings. Why make a honest man a thief? Thanks John.

  5. Wow, I've been watching ASP for the last year or two. I think I've learned so much, and as a subscriber I click on your every new video. Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes. Your clerical background didn't surprise me. Keep up the great work John!

  6. it must make u feel good to hear u have saved lives, i think its awesome! congrats on getting the 5.0, u definitely deserve it, John!

  7. Very nice profile of a genuine public servant. I was surprised at how fairly John was treated. John Correia has help me keep my family safe.

  8. Wow! The Atlantic showed a piece of self-defense especially with a gun in better light compared to their printed articles of the past. A shocker I tell ya🤤!

  9. I found asp when john posted his third narrated video, watch them every single morning. I can't believe he has over 1200 videos and I've seen them all.

  10. Love when he said about spiritual fitness and how important it is in our daily lives. Cannot believe theres someone from US would say something like that because many of us in third world country always tought most US citizen are atheist…

  11. I feel like, in a way, gun lovers and these types of guys that train ahead of time for any violent and dangerous situation, are the same as the people prepping for doomsday. Sounds ridiculous, but they seem trigger happy or even at the slightest hint of violence, they will shoot and kill a person. I don't disagree with protecting yourself, but imagine having a gun on yourself at all times, you won't stop thinking about it, or thinking if you can use when mild situations arrive.

    In the same mindset, I might aswell have a knife or gas mask on me at all times, never know when a dog wants to attack me, or a chemical substance is released and I would need a gas mask. But thats fine if people want to carry such a life ending weapon on themselves at all times, but look at the videos for example where a white guy shot a black person because he got punched, and he got punched because he was harassing his wife near the car, JUST because they parked at a diabled parking spot, and the white man decided his life was in danger from a punch? So he just fucking ended a person's life? Thats the big concern here, some folks dont know when its necessary and become corrupt cops themselves, shooting anyone for minor things.

  12. Hey John. Where are you located? I’d like to visit you for a friendly chat!!! I found you very interesting that I think I can learn much. At Last an hour with you, if you are not too busy. I’d like to be your friend. I live in El
    Paso, TX. Let me know.


  13. His channel shows how the gun laws work, wish we had the right to defend our selves. The crook always wins in England.

  14. Not only in America….all over the world !! You are the best!! Thanks for a great channel and being a great person…the way you present yourself,your channel and your faith are the secret of your success.!
    Greetings out of South Africa 😎

  15. Sirs,
    I don't agree with most of what the Atlantic publishes. But you represent a bright light in the world of liberal publications. I like to tell people that you need to accept bias. Balance what you watch and read. My recommendations are to avoid crap like Breitbart and Vice. Instead, read The Atlantic, New Yorker, Reason, National Review, and The Economist.

    I applaud you for this fair representation of Mr Correira. Although you did neglect to mention a couple points.
    1) He often talks about things you should do to avoid places likely to result in an assault. Avoid the problem in the first place.
    2) If violence is present, he advocates retreating first, if it will allow you to avoid conflict.

    These ideas are not unique. They are integral to the philosophy of the firearms community. In other words 1) don't do stupid things with stupid people at stupid places. 2) Always retreat or flee if possible.

  16. Best gunfight are the ones that never happen, that being said. Better to be trained & repeat various training techniques for different situations just in case.

    Same reason to do BJJ, or MMA in general & make yourself look grey as possible while being the most dangerous man in most rooms you enter.

  17. John, first let me congratulate you on passing 1000000 subscribers. I must tell you after viewing several of your videos, I was hooked. I couldn't put my finger on what drew me to your videos except for the fact you always mention to get right with the Lord. Today I now know why. You are being lead and you followed. With the evil in our world today, you found your calling. Thanks for the lessons John. I'll be prating for you and your family.

  18. I hope it never happens but if it comes to my turn I know I have been taught well and will be able to defend my self and loved ones if it comes to it. It is all thanks to you John.

  19. I watch all his videos. He does NOT promote violence. He promotes keeping yourself and your loved ones safe in a potentially violent world. He clearly states that once the threat is over you do not run after the offender, continue shooting, or anything that would be needlessly violent. Very educational. Love the lessons I learn from this channel!!

  20. Can you post a link to where that one guy ended the fight with the bullets that were in his gun an explaining that you have to utilize the amount of ammo in that specific gun. Believe it was a single stack an the perp had a motorcycle helmet. The victim also threw his gun at him after it was empty after they both shot each other an be was laying there and the bystanders didnt help him. I need this video cause someone was arguing with me that they needed more ammo in their gun to feel safe when I told him whatever you have in your gun you should ve confident that it will end the gun fight with the amount of ammo in that specific gun. Be it a revolver or single stack or double. The maim question was do you carry a single or a double. I say whatever you can shoot well. Accurate shot placement is key.

  21. And John also stresses if you're going to carry a fire arm to get the proper training. I'm 63 yr old female and became more aware of my surroundings by watching the channel. From going to the atm, sitting in your car waiting for someone, simple transitional spaces, these lessons are invaluable. Thank you John and others.

  22. This man's work has made me a safer person and taught me many valuable lessons about protecting myself and others. I try to share his wisdom whenever I can

  23. I watch active self-protection several times a week and I feel like I'm in a much better position to defend myself than I previously have been. You know I'm a registered nurse for 31 years and in the last two years in Kentucky 10 nurses have been murdered on the job. It's gotten quite rough people would think that a nurse would not have to carry a firearm but I've had to fortunately I've never had to use it and I hope I never have to. I think what I like best about Jon videos is the fact that he wants to mention people have in their spiritual Fitness because that's probably more important than having good firearms training I enjoy his videos and appreciate them.

  24. P.S. Nice Mustang.
    Glad to see you enjoy some rewards for the time and hard work you put in to give us the knowledge to make ourselves and families as safe as could be with all the REAL EVIL that walks amongst us. The devil is real folks.

  25. It seems like John Correia watch these videos and think knows what hes doing. But when it happen in real life hes going to get shot right away. 😂 #Joke

  26. What if you can’t have guns but you live in a country where everyone has guns like a lake has water? Can a bow and arrow win a gun fight? I wish someone would do a YouTube video on it but they never have.

  27. I always scan the area and sit in the best spot to see all angles it's not paranoid it's being smart and safe.

  28. He sounds like a good husband… he's more than likely the breadwinner in his family and could've bought his dream car sooner but he waited until he had his wife's blessing

  29. Fighting is inauthentic and it always will be.
    It’s all the Ego self, a complete mask a person wears to hide from their true selves.
    Ego self Vs Soul self (google it).
    We are not 1 but 2 (the ego and the soul) but only one of them is real, and you can only ever be living in one or the other.

    The most cowardly thing there is is creating distance and disconnect between you and others; fear: inauthenticity
    Eg hate and war (increasing the distance of the kill throughout history) – went from fist fights, to sword battles, to guns, to now drone warefare that can be controlled from another country
    Vs the most brave thing is being as intimately close to somebody as possible;
    Love: Authenticity

    You want to see true love, true bravery and true authenticity. Take a look at Eckhart Tolle on YouTube – Ego vs healthy self esteem, gender, breaking excessive thinking. He is braver than every soldier in the British army combined. Love is the most bravest thing on this planet and it always will be. Fuck praising ‘war heroes’, praise those who are brave enough to live life as they are, rather than as they want to be.

  30. how can I contact the author of this channel I want your permission to translate your videos into Spanish

  31. Was looking for video on how to defend against snuff nose concealed in a hoodie, pockets, or sleeves. This specific video wasn't helpful. Please direct me to the link

  32. I'm into self defense, You don't promote violence you promote THE REAL WORLD ppl out here hungry… must stay prepared

  33. it's definitely unhealthy obsessing over violence and gore online, but for people who've been subject to these kinds of crimes and the perp got away with it… watching the blood spew is therapeutic and you know it 😉
    I was too young to own a gun when it happened. but now, I'll never let anybody hold someone up if I see it.

  34. I get one notice every day and I watch one every day I learn something new every time, so I say thank you .

  35. This guy is super informative and really emphasizes safety. Not just about protecting yourself in a self defensive situation , but regarding the safety of others around you. Read the room , if there is a gun drawn on you do not engage and comply, make sure the assailant is clear of innocence bystanders if you engage, constantly train with your firearm and maintain your firearm.

    This video makes him look paranoid… despite having fans of his channel using his techniques to save their lives, loved ones, and property …

  36. Ridiculous, you are not serving in any way or saving lost souls, by teaching them about self defense and how to kill other human begins with guns. Very delusional and wicked. All of this is only bringing attention to YOU, money for YOU, and gathering a following for your own benefit. Since when did killing others and practicing self defense every save a soul? Turn from your ways, the church shutting down with so excuse, you just went your own way and didnt want to do that church stuff anymore. Lukewarm is just as bad as being atheist, we can't serve two masters.

  37. I’m sure this guy has studied his stuff and that he’s a good bit older than some of us, but does fitness not make a difference? This man isn’t terribly unfit but idk i just assumed that having a fit body would be important in general for any type of survival or self defense

  38. The point is that nobody should have to die in the first place. Why bandage the problem by taking the life of the gunman, when you can prevent him from ever commiting the attack?! That's what I still can't understand about the "gun owner's" view. Aside from selfish enthusiasm. I realize that when nothing is being done about a problem, it's important to protect yourself, but while protecting yourselves, you should be trying to find a solution to stop the attacks. We all have different view points and ideas that may be helpful.

  39. Mr. John Correia was one of our Instructors and Keynote Speaker at our training conference last year. He is a wonderful man, with a BIG heart. You can find us on FB at Texas Concealed Handgun Association and join us on our website:

  40. Well done man! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Well done from rising up after being knocked down and making such a huge success of your channel! You are a champ.

  41. It's awesome to see someone who is pro 2a being presented in a fair manner! This is coming from a peace loving liberal/centrist.

  42. I love how this guy provides safety and is a pastor…seems so right to look for a pastor when your looking for safety….

  43. Someone once said “knowledge is power.” John is a wonderful source of knowledge that if properly applied, may save your life.

  44. Love Your Hard Work and Service John. Thank you for doing it for all the "WE THE PEOPLE" Families in America. You are A True American Patriot and Hero. You are truly doing God's work by helping families protect themselves. Many would have never had a second chance without your enlightenment and service and you truly are Thy Brother's Keeper. Prayers and Blessings to You and Your Family.

  45. John. Your channel is great. I became a subscriber about a year ago. It’s very helpful. Thanks and God Bless.

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