How to Use Bear Spray – Banff National Park

How to Use Bear Spray – Banff National Park

Script [TEXT TITLE] How do I use bear spray? Anytime you’re in bear country, you should have bear spray with you Whether you’re trail running, biking or hiking… whether it’s a short hour long hike or a multi-day backpacking hike, you should always have it readily available. [Text] Dan Rafla – Resource Management Officer – Banff National Park Don’t have it in your backpack. Have it on your belt or on the loop of you backpack. If you’re mountain biking, you could put it in your water bottle holder. Two really important things to look at is the expiry date. If they are expired or close to expiring, do not use them. Make sure that it does say, “Bear repellant or deterrent”. It doesn’t repel the bear if we spray it on our clothing or tent; it will attract the bear. You only use it if a bear is approaching you and at close distance. Make sure also that the wind is in the right direction. If a strong wind is blowing in your eyes, chances are, the bear spray will work on you. In the event that the bear is getting very close, you want to make sure your bear spray is out. The effective range is five metres. Let it know of you presence. “Hey Bear! Hey Bear” Flip off the safety and simply press the trigger. And give short little bursts. Two seconds. Directly in the face of the bear. It’s very effective. In, I think, over 90 per cent of the cases, the bear spray has deterred an attack. More effective than any other deterrent. So there you go! [TEXT] After a bear encounter, leave the area as calmly as possible. [TEXT] Please report all bear, cougar and wolf encounters and sightings to: Banff National Park Dispatch 403-762-1470

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  1. As a biologist Bear behavior is just one of those subjects that is hard to predict in terms of what works and what doesn't. Every time we feel we have a pattern of behavior we run across instances of the opposite behavior…Just try and be prepared as best as you can for every circumstance possible

  2. I just sling my 12 guage over my back loaded with 3 rubber slugs and 3 lethal slugs if it wont go away

  3. Bear spray purchased in Canada has proven to be effective in a number of cases and is a standard piece of safety equipment we recommend for travelling in bear country. The most important thing to try and do is avoid an encounter in the first place. See our description for a link to more information.

  4. So what does the expiry date actually indicate the expiry of? The pressure, or the potency, or what?

  5. I have two expired cans of Bear spray that I never used. What should I do with those cans? What's the correct procedure?

  6. Expired cans are best dealt with in a "Toxic Round-up". Both the pressure and the contents are a significant safety issue. Check with the local municipal recycling authorities for how/where they would like to deal with such items.

  7. The expiry date is from the manufacture, they will not guarantee the product after that point. If cared for properly and not exposed to extreme temps, especially cold, it could be viable after that date – but no guarantees! As both pressure and potency are required to be viable, the date relates to both. At the start of each season, it's worth while to at least check the pressure with a quick spray – in an outside location, away from people and buildings and not into the wind!

  8. I don't think it matters what you use to deter a bear just remember taking away it's SIGHT is the top way to quickly end an attack . 

  9. Well done video on using bear spray.   Although I wouldn't suggest you test your own can of spray, it would be helpful for folks who carry spray know what the effects are going to be like when they themselves get contaminated… Many people have slightly different reactions.  Also be certain to carry fresh water with you in case you get some blow back into your eyes and on your hands.  

  10. I was at a surplus store in Quebec buying one of those cans. One of the employees tried to talk me out of it saying I did not need anything to defend myself against bears while hiking, saying I would be just fine. Moron.

  11. this is solid advice but also get proper bear spray and learn to use it and have it at the ready. were I live there is a 100 miles between my back yard and the next paved Road. we only have black bear in the area for the most part along with cougars but I wouldn't trust bear spray to protect me my the people with me on 10 Mile hikes Into the Woods. I have ran into cougars 4 times in the wild and bears several times most likely they're not interested in attacking and all you need to do is slowly walk away butt bear spray can save your life better than a handgun. having a AK-47 at the ready at all times on a long hike is kind of
    thanks for posting this video

  12. I was just reading a book that discussed bear attacks, but the interesting part was the investigations after the bodies were found. They mention this park, but make it sound so commercial rather than about the wildlife with apartment buildings, shopping malls, etc. One person even referred to it as the disney of the north. Very disappointing to hear your national parks are that bad.

  13. The imaginary bear will meet you 20 yards down the imaginary road and rip your face in half and you'll be in imaginary Heaven.

  14. Banff National Park personnel who work in close proximity to bears day-to-day use non-lethal deterrents. They are effective. They are also safer for both bears and people. These include paint ball guns equipped with chalk balls, noise makers, and bear spray. Wildlife personnel do have access to shotguns and rifles for emergency purposes but they are rarely, if ever, used.

    Why? Bears do not generally behave aggressively unless they feel that they or their young are threatened. So in the majority of circumstances a negative encounter can be avoided in the first place by giving bears space, recognizing bear habitat, scat and tracks, safely storing food, and making noise especially near streams and meadows.

    If all else fails and an encounter with a grizzly or black bear happens, studies show that bear spray is effective and safer than a firearm – even when used at close proximity (as required). Bear spray is also inexpensive, lightweight, easy to use, and less likely to cause serious unintended injury to the user and the bear. It may also deter the bear from approaching people in the future.

    We should note too that carrying unencased firearms in a national park is prohibited under the Canada National Parks Act. It is also illegal in Canada to carry restricted firearms, other than transportation to and from a pistol range.

    The bottom line? Firearms are not essential for safety in bear country. Bear spray and bear awareness skills produce the best outcomes with grizzly and black bears. For this reason, they are the recommended tools for bear safety on the trail in the mountain national parks.

    More details about that on these pages:

  15. Where we have FAILED is that we no longer used dogs, etc to hunt and chase bears causing them to FEAR Humans. Same can be said of Mountain Lions. I am NOT saying to kill or harm them, just make them KNOW that Humans are TROUBLE they do NOT want. A bear or a mountain lion should have a Natural FEAR of humans,,,it would make it better for the animal as well because then Officials would NOT have to Dispatch them after they attack and/or kill a human. this should be done Only in national parks or where Humans hike, fish or sight see

  16. Yeah right, always control the wind. Bear spray is not likely to be very effective if there is any wind unless the bear charges from precisely downwind of you. If there is any wind, the fogger sprays will deflect at about 3 feet.

  17. Well, as they say in Pinedale, Wy. ,,,, the diff. betw. black and grizz scat is that black bear scat has rodent bones and berry seeds,,, grizz scat has pepper spray cans and bells.

  18. He said 90% of the time effective! So, what about the %10? Did they still get attacked???
    1 out of 10 does not instill confidence in me.

  19. Ah…ok it works in 90% of all attacks……..easy math : per 100 attacks there are roughly 10 fatalities-right?

  20. This piece looks very nice but in my country this is very costly around 100 dollars a big amount in india, i want to know can i refill it again for reuse with little amount of investment? how many times i can use this lethal weapon….? how many sprays and how to refill it. Must answer. Note : I didnt like the pepper spary its not strong and also covers less distance, 5 meters is too close, chances of death very high.

  21. It's got too be too close to count.. I choose orine bear hand flare. Bangerz are to unpredictable. Bear spray you have too close. Ill still use these products as listed but i go too banger first , then the handflare then bear spray if charged.

  22. I would carry bear spray on my belt or a chest type holster, not my backpack even if it has an open side net pouch as shown in this video. Having to pull it out of any part of your backpack may not give you enough time to use it. Nor would I carry it on my bicycle. If you somehow are separated from your bike you won't have your spray.

  23. Bear spray works on Black bears who are mostly curious. Browns are not going to stop a change because of bear spray. You might as well just spray yourself as flavoring for the brown.

  24. What good does it do to say, "Make sure the wind is blowing towards the bear." How are you supposed to do that?

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