14 thoughts on “How to Start a Social Enterprise – Greg Overholt at [email protected]

  1. You just suggested to kids that being the ceo of McDonalds was a good idea. You just lost me. Did you get paid for that little plug. Promoting McDonalds to children is fucking horrible.

  2. I saw a mobile game startup called vidribute. They share their profits with ngos. Look it up n please support them on facebook.com/vidribute or on instagram.com/vidribute

  3. So many of these social enterprise videos just talk a whole lot of nothing. A lot of I's and personal stories. Need the way to employ unskilled people and produce income.

  4. I'm working social entrepreneurs to help them tackle world problems and the Global Sustainable Goals through their profitable social enterprises. So your concept of leveraging commercial principles to maximize social impacts is right on the money.

  5. an organisation that leveridges commercial principles etc etc

    the only problem i have with social enterprise as i do with private sector business, too much 'business speak' why cant we just speak in spade is a spade laymans terms for those of us with some brain cells missing, it would attract more people to social enterprise if we were just more clear and simple.

    Having said that, as one of those with a brain cell or two gone AWOL, im really into social enterprise and really want to immerse myself in it as much as possible.

  6. Great work Greg!  Glad to see you've been able to expand the impact of SOS and to share your vision more broadly.  Loved the shout out to Stew!  Keep it up!

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