How to Run a Political Campaign: Political Campaign Fundraising

How to Run a Political Campaign: Political Campaign Fundraising

10 thoughts on “How to Run a Political Campaign: Political Campaign Fundraising

  1. I know every campaign and office is different, but do you have a general guide for how much you should seek to raise for any given office?
    Obviously, the Mayor of New York would be different than the Mayor of Monroe Louisiana. But you said one should expect around $250k for a State wide office, Senate or Congress seat.
    I would naturally think it would cost more to campaign for Senate or Governor than it would for US Congress. Especially if you have 30+ districts covering about 1 million people vs 2 seats representing 39 million.
    Your videos are awesome and incredibly informative.

  2. I'm seriously thinking about running for the Green party here in Scotland and everyone needs to start somewhere right? This translates well here in the UK (bar certain laws) and this has really inspired me to actually do it instead of just seriously contemplating it. I doubt running for the Greens will ever get me anywhere but that's not the point. If and when I ever write my memoirs I will be sure to give you a name check Jay haha I promise you that Sir 😀

  3. Thanks Jay, you are a lot of help. It still seems so big though. All I know is that our County is corrupt and I talk to people everyday who are fed up. Our Sheriffs Department rapes prisoners and the people get stuck paying the $13.5 Million judgement in the form of increased sales tax. A halfway constructed bridge stands as a monument to the corruption of an official who wanted to make his land more valuable while a far FAR smaller bridge necessary for many to travel in the area will never be replaced (washed out) because our County doesn't have the money. Over 100 G's gets embezzled….. the Public dumpsters are removed resulting in inconvenience for many and increased dumping on the back roads whilst the Commissioners reject a new proposed Waste disposal option that would have saved the county thousands. The police are largely viewed to be revenue thugs filling our jail so much that a cell with 4 beds has 6 men crammed in it. And I believe these people could be a lethal threat to me if I challenge them. But someone has to do it. This has to end.

  4. Me and a group of friends are trying to reclaim and old football/soccer stadium and this video has helped to inform me about fundraising thank you.

  5. do large corporations donate to political campaigns?  Do they donate directly, or through a political party?  But if they donate directly, there may be conflict of interest?

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