How to Run a Political Campaign: Campaign Strategy

How to Run a Political Campaign: Campaign Strategy

31 thoughts on “How to Run a Political Campaign: Campaign Strategy

  1. Hi Jay. I want to run for US president. Would you take the leap of faith to be my advisor and campaign manager?
    Slogan: Rejuvenate America
    Who am I fighting for: for my friends, my family, the American working class, and myself
    My qualification: an Average working class American computer scientist who has worked for Google, Apple, LLNS, Boeing, Lockheed, US Air Force, etc.. possessed top secret clearance.
    Nationality: American
    Name: Lincoln McCain Lee

    I can tell you more when we hold a conversation.

  2. I like this gentleman, who calls it, as is. Politics shake with your right hand and hold a rock with your left hand.

  3. Thanks. I have been doing alot of thinking over the last 10 years. Im 48. Im thinking of running on the Democrate party for the senate when Patty Murry retires. I voted for her. Love her. My platform is gun control, raise the taxes on people making over 100 thousand a year, cut the taxes for the working class, Total seperation of church and state, more security and oversite on banks and big money, Pro union Pro worker. Housing and UNIVERSALE medical for everyone!

  4. Dear Jay I really appreciated your presentation and it is very helpful for me. I will run a municipal election compaign for the elections of October 2017 in my country, so please is there any special advices for municipal campaign?

  5. thanks for enlightening me with your presentation . in fact I wish to contest for Parliament seat from my native place. that is in India. the elections would be in 2019. I wish to acquire some qualities and would see more and more your presentations on you tube. thanks
    [email protected]

  6. You talked about how a candidate's positions on the issues can influence the election, but what do you do if your beliefs are the unpopular opinion? Do you compromise your ideals to gain support? Do you try to switch the focus to other issues where your stance is the popular one?

  7. That is good politcal strategies "You are what you are " That means, Building the ground it must be periority first! Thank you for your giving us your time Mr. Jay Townsend

  8. This was very well done. A concise and well prepared presentation that truly inspired me to move forward with my dreams of running for public office, big or small!

  9. This was absolutely brilliant introduction to the world of campaigning and politics in general, even though there are many many aspects to the word "politics" which I don't mean to use so broadly here. I was interested in Campaign management (still am in some respect) before deciding to do a Masters program in political science with concentration in international relations. Still, great knowledge Mr Townsend, sir. Will definitely look forward to watching other videos by you related to this topic. Cheers!

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