How to Pay Off Your Student Loans by Volunteering for Nonprofits

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans by Volunteering for Nonprofits

hello everyone this is kanesha grayson from the art of applying and i'm really excited today to introduce you to my new friend ray Mar hampshire we actually met really recently through a mutual friend and as soon as he told me about his business I was just really excited or his social enterprise let's say so I wanted to just ask Raymar a few questions today so that you can meet him and fall in love with his social enterprise like I did recently so hi I'm Arne good morning I'm doing great so go ahead and just tell us about you know your your social enterprises called sponsor change so what what is it first of all thanks for having me on this is the great opportunities definitely but a pleasure meeting you sponsor change and and the purest form is really about helping individuals who want to give back to their community helping them to get connected to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to do skill based work and in exchange for that we also allow them to raise funding for their student loans so it's all about helping individuals who give back pay back that's awesome and it sounds like you've had to say that many many times so like just to clarify for people because I was just like blown away when I finally really understood you know what you were saying is that like basically I think it's people in the u.s. right I think it's right now you guys are just in the u.s. yeah focusing on the home ground and then we can expand into world domination but anyway so people in the US you can basically find projects that nonprofits have that they need just kind of like a consultant for and then you can kind of apply to be the person who does that project for them and basically in exchange for volunteering your time you get paid money that goes straight to your student loans absolutely we we allow individuals to crowdfund in a similar fashion to Kickstarter so Kickstarter you can upload a project and you can raise money we think that you know if giving back to your community and you're serving in the capacity of you know a consultant doing a skill based project we think that you should also be able to be able to crowdfund resources to support what you're doing so horrible thing is trying to remove some of the obstacles the financial obstacles that stand in the way of individuals who want to volunteer and get involved their community but simply can't because they can't afford to give up that time and so we're working with individuals who you know first time you know first-generation college students working with individuals who you know have to go work two and three jobs we're looking at working with individuals who are currently unemployed they're looking for people who are underemployed so the whole thing is trying to mobilize people who have skills to organizations that need the skills and like I said if you can if you can fundraise and you can raise money on Kickstarter you should be able to fundraise and raise money for your service yeah I remember when we talked yesterday you were saying that a good comparison is the way people raise money you know for marathons or some guys raise money for Movember so yeah in the same way raise some money to work on a nonprofit project so that you can I mean it is amazing to me basically volunteer be a volunteer consultant and get paid so as of now I remember you were saying that each project is bounded to about 50 hours of work yeah so that's great yeah mini hyper AmeriCorps right so you're you may be familiar with with the mayor a lot of a lot of your your your your customers may have been you know AmeriCorps members or Teach for America and they're looking to apply for business school now and public policy school but really it's a condensed version of AmeriCorps you know you think about the the year commitment you have for AmeriCorps you get a stipend along the way and then you also get the Education Award at the end of your term what we're doing is we're conditioning and saying you don't have to commit a year yeah a lot of people can we're saying you just need to have 50 hours set aside and you can work on a project of your choice something that you're passionate about something that you know connects with with with your skills and you can do that and you can do multiple events over the course of a year that's awesome and this is really exciting to me and to share this with my community because I have a lot of consultants that you know have these really great skills that they could really use to and apply those skills in the nonprofit sector but I also have a lot of social entrepreneurs people who have started nonprofits people have started for-profit social enterprises so this would be a great resource for them to go ahead and become a partner of your organization make their nonprofit one of the projects that can you know be be worked on by the these smart people so I think this is really cool for my community in all sorts of ways and also for those of you who are unemployed this is a great way for you to use a lot of that extra time you have right now and those skills you have to find a non-profit and work on a project in a function that is very similar to the kind of job that you want so that when you go on job interviews you can say like oh actually I've been working on this this this and this so I I don't know this is just like a wonderful wonderful thing or you know my community of the art of applying so right now let me just start sponsor change how'd you get the idea I was in the financial services industry I was a wolf manager working with high net worth clients and I was at the time I was helping up set up you know 529 accounts 529 accounts are or college savings plans so I was done a lot of that I learned a lot of financial literacy for for students and in low-income communities so my passion has always been in finance and I'm just wondering you know how can i how can I use my passion for finance for financial services to actually stem from my passion in financial services for my with technology and also my passion for our demographic I understand that our demographic where a lot of us are crippled and we're not able to were crippled by our financial debt and we're not able to explore the things that really want to do we're not able to you know we're putting off having families we're putting off you know buying our first home we're putting off going back to graduate school yeah as individuals who want to go back and get their MBA they want to go back to you know pursue a professional degree but they have so much deaf undergrad that they can't do that they want to volunteer but they can't afford to work for free and so my my whole passion it kind of came together and I was like wow what if we created a marketplace where people can explore their passion and be rewarded for it it's simple I love it I love it so how can my people get involved with sponsor change well today so part of applying we're going to be reaching out to our audience and letting them know about art of applying because we want to change to know about you know tips and coaching on how to actually you know fill out applications how to how to put yourself in a position where you can be competitive you know for admissions to MBA and policy schools that's number one thank you coming up in February so we're gonna be releasing a private beta and so I'm releasing it to a select number of people and I want to release this to to your customers it's like if they're interested in being a part of sponsor change quick email to info act sponsor that's info at sponsor and just put order of applying and in the subject line and then that'll let us know that that they're part of your group and we'll put them in the private beta the other thing is if you want to have more information sponsor change just go to WWE and search an org if you're really feeling lucky can go out and type in sponsor change into Google and to see what we've been future than CNN Black Enterprise and then this fleet Business Week so there's a lot of coverage for organization that is outstanding and phenomenal this has been a great short chat with you Ray Mar and I'm so glad that we met and I think we're gonna partner and collaborate a lot in the future so thank you so much for your time thank you ditto all right

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