22 thoughts on “How To Overcome Social Anxiety – Quick & Lasting Impact

  1. I thought this SA would just go away as I got older but it’s still just as bad, maybe worse. This video is definitely gonna help me overcome this once and for all, I’ll keep you all updated.

  2. Thanks! This one I think is the real key for me: not to be afraid to react spontaneously, and say or do what I want…in my case usually as what would be a natural reaction to someone's  words or action, because of fear of confrontation, me being impolite, and causing bad feelings in group (and judged for it), so instead I swallow, and get anxious, and lose balance, which in long term doesn't serve anyone, specially not to the group. So better speak ones mind than lose the balance, and better be you than act, when it is possible

  3. I have the social anxiety around men I find attractive, and I always get self conscious , nervous,around them ., and when I do, they give me this rejecting look, whenever I get that way, since they can tell I "like" them. If you say some people are not the right fit for me, how come I get a rejecting , bothered look which happens with ALL men, from all my experiences around them ? I don't understand that since all men I find attractive act like this around me, how can they ALL not be a perfect fit for me?

  4. Hey.. thanks for creating this video. I wish I had seen this video earlier. Anyhow, the issue that gives me society anxiety is my sexual orientation. I’m a girl and I cut my hair short because I couldn’t live pretending to be straight anymore, I didn’t give me happiness. Then the looks of others on public transport and just the presence of my family members give me anxiety because I’m afraid of their opinions of me. My family is very homophobic, I know my relationship and having a talk with my family members is a way to solve this but, how do I feel better using your concepts in this video? You said the way to overcome social anxiety is to realise that people’s opinion may or may not be true and so what if it’s true? In my context it’s true and it matters a lot to me.

  5. what about if think people are watching me. Is that to with my self image or to do with what I believe about others?

  6. well I feel like i dont know what to do next, seems like improving the opinion of others about my self was my main drive to do things

  7. I like to thank for video to over come shyness it really helped me a lot thank you thank you, life changer

  8. The best way to reduce social anxiety is for society to change some of the undesirable and unhealthy cultural norms that produce bad environments (government, businesses, religious and education institutions).

  9. Well, at this point "My new Jesus" (Noah) has me finding him generalizing in order to feel better. I mean, of course if a homeless man tells you that you stink at your job, it won't have an effect on you. But if your boss says the exact same thing, per Noah, same feelings & thoughts should result??? If my boss tells me I stink at my job I find it almost if not impossible to take it with a grain of salt, & instead better start looking for ways to improve! What am I missing? NOAH!!!?????

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