48 thoughts on “How To Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety

  1. this video really motivates me. i'll start going out more and going less on social media and on my phone.

  2. OMG i can relate to this…that was me still struggling now and then with confidence. i was always a shy guy and the fear of being judged, but thank you for the advice…this was really helpful!

  3. I always knew i was shy but never really understood why or what caused it, I believe it is the fear of what other people think of you. This was a spectacular video easily one of my favorites. I will be attending my first toastmasters club meeting on tuesday, hopefully i dont back out wish me luck guys, thanks.

  4. OMG! I thought I was the only one who skipped class to avoid giving a presentation due to shyness. Thank you so much for sharing this I now feel less alone

  5. My anxiety comes from not feeling confident in myself and not having high self esteem. So when I have to give presentations at work or give my opinion I always shake and blank out and even get vertigo. Toast masters sounds so frightening to me but it seems like the only way to really help with my debilitating anxiety.

  6. I liked even before watching immediately I saw the topic, am ready to take a bold step thanks for this awesome video ❤❤❤❤❤❤ from the side France

  7. Bro I really appreciate feeling like you reading my mind you are super
    Please do not stop….. 😉

  8. i'm shy and still in high school can't approach girls nor express myself. but after watching this video it really helped. thank you for the motivation.

  9. My problem is I will talk and take control if I know I am cooler/better higher up the leaderboards
    But when it comes to new people or cooler people then I am so quiet for example I could be playing football with the hardest kid in the year but if he is trash then I would call for the ball shout etc but if I'm sat next to him I wouldn't say a word so annoying

  10. This is exactly what I am going through right now. I can relate to everything you said in this video, afraid to be judged and being in an English speaking country with English as my second language. Thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Nice video. I thought I was going crazy at first, then learned that it was anxiety. Having a panic attack in a social situation is VERY unpleasant! It's cool to listen to other people who have anxiety and get some advice!

  12. Thank you so much for making this video. It has made me feel more hopeful that I can overcome social anxiety. I have improved a lot this year and I think your points will help even more.

  13. I keep nodding my head like "yeah, this was exactly what I needed to hear". Everything you say are things I have told to myself at some point or another. There are also really good points you are making I haven't thought about before but that I really agree with. I came a long way since I decided to stand up in front of a room full of people to help the professor, the very first day of College. Now I moved to a new city and I need to find a job before my saves dissappear completely, and I'm struggling with going into shops to hand out my resumee. I just keep walking in circles without actually going into any place. Gotta change my mindset and try again!

  14. Thank you so much … this video actually helped me
    Although my problem is a little bit more bigger because I'm living in different country and I'm Learning their language
    Thanks allot

  15. Thank you for this video! You gave very nice tips on overcoming social anxiety that i hadn't really thought of.

  16. Man, I'm almost 26 and struggled with this. I wish i forced myself into situations like you did. All i do is sit in my room and game on my days off. I wanna become a better person and connect with others.

  17. omg thank you. i havent even gotten to the half of the vid but finally someone relates to my experience in school. made me feel much better

  18. I live in a small city and there isn't a very busy area. I also work a lot and only get to practice on weekends and I feel terrified to approach people

  19. Thank you so much for makeing this video. It help me a lot. Im crying but this is me, i have to face this shit state of shyness that i cant take It anymore. Thanks once again

  20. OMG, I am like you now. I think at least 40-60 if not 300 times before asking a question. Especially asking a question or doing something, I judge whether it proves that I am a foolish unlettered idiot or whether I am a smart guy who at least knows how to multiply if not do more stuff. I think whether I want to live a life where people think stuff that are horrible and make comments and jokes around it or whether I would be praised or remembered for what I did in a good way!

  21. This video though.. I feel so much more confident after absorbing everything you've discussed here. Bro TY so much for this video fareal..

  22. Not too far in. This video has already helped me feel relief after overthinking about a conversation I had earlier today. The overthinking was so draining, I wanted to take a nap. Even that was made difficult & woke up still overthinking.

  23. I have the same issue. I joined language course I have to speak to them , do group work and presentation. It's very hard for me but I keep attending classes.

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